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A watch inspired by the rugged and beautiful nature of Alberta, with an optional locally made Horween leather strap.
A watch inspired by the rugged and beautiful nature of Alberta, with an optional locally made Horween leather strap.
521 backers pledged CA$ 53,616 to help bring this project to life.

Most watches are in the air!

Posted by Alberta Watches (Creator)

Hey everyone, 

I can't even tell you the amount of spreadsheets we have going on around here... three massive lists, each one 26 pages long! But one by one, the orders are getting crossed off. 

Thank you so much for your patience in this process. We are ALMOST DONE! All the orders will be shipped by the end of the week. 

But, it's not all rainbows and unicorns. 

The U.S. orders seem to be taking a really long time to clear customs. Not a single watch has landed there as far as we know. Please let me know when those American watches start landing! 

Also, a lot of people have been asking for tracking numbers. That is unfortunately not possible. Because we couldn't use a fulfillment centre (due to the backer numbers), we couldn't get access to bulk courier shipping prices. This means we are using regular Canada Post. We are filling out all the paper work diligently, so I'm confident everything is going to arrive safely. 

I know so many of you are patiently awaiting your watches. It shouldn't be too long now, and I really appreciate your understanding. 

When your order arrives, I'd love to hear what you think! If you have any problems or concerns at all, don't hesitate to drop me a line. 

Thanks so much,


I really wanted to have the watches ship in Mountain Standard Time. They're Alberta Watches, after all! Buuuuut, this guy over here forgot about daylight savings. Not my finest hour (excuse the pun!). 

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    1. Ramli Yusoff on

      Hi Leo,any update on shipping to SG..tks

    2. João Miragem on

      Hey Leo, how is it going? Just got my watch here in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and it looks amazing. Really happy to be a part of the project. Congratulations and thanks, it´s beautifull. A big hug to you and everybody in the team.

    3. Alberta Watches Creator on

      Hi Filomena and Birgitte!
      Thanks so much for the kind words - I love hearing stories of the watches as gifts. it's such a personal thing and I'm really humbled, thank you!

    4. Alberta Watches Creator on

      Hi @Muhammad,

      All the watches were shipped as of last Friday! The international shipments take up to 8 business days + customs, so you should get it next week :)



    5. Missing avatar

      Muhammad Naeem Akhtar on

      i haven't recieved my watch so far. I live in Dubai, can you please let me know if it has been shipped or not yet.

    6. Missing avatar

      Filomena Gomes on

      My husband is really pleased with his watch. It's such a beautiful timepiece and its face is sublimely minimalist. The best! Will there be a woman's version? I really want my own :)
      Great job on the design, Alberta Watches!

    7. Missing avatar

      Birgitte M.Torsvik on

      Yey - the watch I ordered arrived in Norway yesterday, and my husband is really pleased with it (I am too!)! Bought it as a gift for him for our wedding, as our relationship started with 2 years of long distance dating Calgary - Norway 10 years ago. Thank you - it's beautiful!

    8. Alberta Watches Creator on

      Hey @Sami,

      Not worries at all. Glad you like it :)

    9. Sami Najm on

      Thanks, Leo. Sorry for the confusion! I must have forgot what I put on the survey. Love the watch and thanks for a great design.


    10. Alberta Watches Creator on

      Hey @Sami,

      I just checked your backer survey, and you asked for a black in the survey. I'll PM you and make sure you end up with the combo you like!


    11. Sami Najm on

      Just received it in California! Its great...... but I received the wrong color strap. I ordered the saddle maker strap in light brown, but I received the black saddle maker strap.

      Not a huge deal, I know you had a lot of orders to fulfill and there was bound to be a mixup. Just wanted to bring it to your attention. Otherwise, I love it!

    12. Lance Henie on

      Safe arrival in Seattle. The watch is beautiful. Thank you.

    13. Missing avatar

      Sidney Overbey on

      Received mine in Chicago today. Very nice looking watch. I prefer the original strap over Horween leather one. Much cleaner look. Good job! Thanks.

    14. Missing avatar

      Emil Andersson on

      Was surprised yesterday when my watch arrived, But it lives up to my expectations! Im from Sweden :D Good work Leo!! maybe later i order one more to my girlfriend :)

    15. Matt Hughes on

      Got mine in sunny Los Angeles today! Thanks for a great campaign!

    16. Kate Andrews on

      Got it, looks fantastic! Hyped to gift it to a special albertan (kind of - we've been here for 9 years now) this Christmas! Great job getting a lovely product out on time.

    17. Missing avatar

      Todd Coles on

      Watch arrived today.Great looking,high quality watch. Wish I could post a pic here. Might need to order another in a different colour - mine is the blue face with brown strap.

    18. Missing avatar

      Matthew Renz on

      Got my watch, looks incredible. Well done!

    19. Alberta Watches Creator on

      @Tanner, those instagram photos look great!

    20. Alberta Watches Creator on

      Very sorry about that! Most post-campaign orders were shipped out with the original orders, but yours somehow slipped through the cracks. I'll ship your 3d watch right away!

    21. Missing avatar

      Chris Berry on

      Got mine today — love it. Congrats, Leo!

    22. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Carson on

      Just arrived, LOVE THEM! Even better than I thought they would be. I am super excited to give them to my sons for Christmas. One thing, I ordered a third watch and it did not arrive, how could I get that one as well?

    23. Missing avatar

      Tanner Oscapella on

      Got my watch Monday. Super happy about it! It's up there on Instagram under #albertawatches. Thanks for all your work on bringing this to life. Please let people know if you move forward with any new designs!