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A high fantasy themed 2-4 player non-elimination Battle Royal featuring strategy, tactics, high artwork, cards, dice & epic miniatures.
A high fantasy themed 2-4 player non-elimination Battle Royal featuring strategy, tactics, high artwork, cards, dice & epic miniatures.
A high fantasy themed 2-4 player non-elimination Battle Royal featuring strategy, tactics, high artwork, cards, dice & epic miniatures.
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    1. Incarnate Games 2-time creator about 4 hours ago

      Hey everyone,

      I heard back from the manufacturer and they are shipping the new hard copy proofs to us. I will be posting an update to include these hard copy proofs once they arrive. Stay tuned!

    2. Incarnate Games 2-time creator on May 14

      @Van Der Veken
      I am waiting to hear back from the manufacturer. I will let you know what I learn from them this week!

    3. Missing avatar

      derek on May 9

      Any news since the April 17 update?

    4. Missing avatar

      Tim Roy
      on April 27

      agree with the others, communication is always appreciated, totally cool with delays. cant wait to play :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Derick Dancer
      on April 18

      Thank you for the update. That sounds like a lot of frustration to deal with. If you ever make anymore projects, then it might help to look at different manufacturers. The current one sounds a little incompetent to say the least. I can't believe they didn't check with you about anything before going full steam ahead. They definitely don't sound like good business partners.

    6. Ethan Storeng on April 17

      Glad to hear you have a better liaison now - sorry to hear the manufacturer has been so regrettably lackadaisical in incorporating your requested changes and furnishing you with production samples.

    7. Incarnate Games 2-time creator on April 17

      Oh yes! It has been much better working with Lisa. I think Lisa is much more experienced and reliable than Jane. I noticed that right away with how she handled communication and information. That said, yes I believe she clearly understands the requirements, but I cannot say if they have had issues communicating these requirements with China as effectively or not. For your last question, yes I believe that she has communicated with me in a timely matter with issues as they would arise (much better, yes), however, I feel that it seems the manufacturer has been dragging their feet through this process which has made the lack of communication noticeable.

    8. Ethan Storeng on April 17

      It's fine if you don't feel comfortable answering, but I'm curious - how has working with Lisa compared with working with Jane? Do you feel she has better understood the requirements as you've stated them? Has she been better at communicating issues as they arise?

    9. Incarnate Games 2-time creator on April 17

      Mega Update #18 is live. It is a lot of information, and I am here to answer questions.

    10. Missing avatar

      Derick Dancer
      on April 16

      Sounds great, I will wait patiently.

    11. Incarnate Games 2-time creator on April 16

      I am working on the update now. It may take me a day or two. If I finish it today I will post it tomorrow morning.

    12. Missing avatar

      Pope J-rod on April 15

      Thank you for your candor and I look forward to both the update and getting to play your finished product down the road.

    13. Missing avatar

      carlos g on April 14

      Well, an update doesn't need to be good or bad per se, it needs to be new and informative.

    14. Henry So on April 13

      I personally would like to know about the problems you're having and wouldn't mind more frequent updates even if they're only about the problems.

    15. Incarnate Games 2-time creator on April 13

      @Ken; @Jared
      I will be compiling together the information that I have about the status of the project into an official update next week. I would prefer that updates have substantive information in the form of actual progress, this is why there has not been an official update yet, i.e. I do not want to waste any of your time explaining all the problems, rather, I would like to only be presenting the solutions. I agree, though, that the lack of updates is less than ideal. I do not want to disappoint you all by providing the excruciating details about the delays and the reasons behind them, but I will present it to you all, such as it is, beginning next week. FYI the manufacturer is still unable to give me an ETA until the issues are worked out, which I will demonstrate in the update, BUT I will also be sharing some fun news as well.

    16. Missing avatar

      Pope J-rod on April 13

      Incarnate games, I appreciate that you are having delays, and that you are being diligent in making sure the product is up to standard. I am however not encouraged by your lack of announcements to your backers about these delays. I understand that you may not have an ETA for us, but I feel like I should not have to go digging in the comments section to glean nuggets of information. It has been close to 4 months since the last update, and this seems excessively long for a project that is now in its second month beyond the announced delivery date. Can we please get an official update on this project?

    17. Ken Hawkins on April 12

      Any chance of an update soon?

    18. John Tucker on March 30

      Absolutely. The quality of the miniatures and the other components should be the highest priority. Thanks for staying in touch. Can’t wait to see what all of the components will look like!

    19. Incarnate Games 2-time creator on March 28

      Hey everyone. The manufacturer has been dragging their feet while getting the production of the game just perfect. We will not accept anything less. That is why it is taking a little longer than we anticipated. In the end, we want this to be an exceptional quality, premier game. We feel that is what our backers want and deserve.

    20. Ethan Storeng on March 27

      Enthusiastic backer over in Western Colorado - looking very much forward to seeing some of the final components for this game! Hope things are still running smoothly with the manufacturer. I can't wait to get this game to the table at my weekly game night!

    21. Missing avatar

      James Larson on March 20

      Thanks for keeping us up to date! It's very appreciated.

    22. Incarnate Games 2-time creator on March 20

      Hey everyone. Yes, as far as an update the most I have right now is that I spoke with the manufacturer again yesterday. The contact for the manufacturer that I speak with helps me communicate with the factory, and she assured me that she is emailing them every day (and I email her every other day or third day).

      As of now, the manufacturer is working out some matte finishing issues on the character boards. I feel that they are close to sending me the final production sample. I am very eagerly awaiting for this to occur so that I can finally show you guys the final components and packaging. I appreciate all of your patience during this time, I am hoping to hear again from them this week. I will let you know what they say!

    23. The Laughing Man on March 20

      Third Derek here...can you give us an update? Just any information.

    24. Missing avatar

      derek on March 20

      Any update?

    25. Missing avatar

      Derick Dancer
      on March 18

      Hopefully all is going well. Realistically, this game will be worth the wait but most can be impatient, myself included.

    26. Henry So on March 13

      I hope they are giving you the attention you deserve as their client.

    27. Incarnate Games 2-time creator on March 7

      @Henry So

      I am still waiting to hear from the manufacturer. I set out to make this as smooth of a process as possible but these delays have made that difficult. I hope to hear from them soon. I emailed them again today!

    28. Henry So on March 7

      That said, have you heard anything from them?

    29. Incarnate Games 2-time creator on February 27

      Hey everyone. The manufacturer is back from Chinese New Year today so updates should be incoming soon!

    30. Missing avatar

      Pope J-rod on February 23

      Here's hoping that the New year festivities are wrapping up and Monday sees a message in the Incarante Games Inbox. Eager to hear an update with a revised shipment timetable.

    31. John Tucker on February 14

      Sounds good. Yeah the Lunar New Year is well known to cause delays.
      Happy Valentines to all!

    32. Incarnate Games 2-time creator on February 14

      Hey everyone. So I learned that our manufacturer's observation of Chinese New Year began 4 or 5 days ago, and will cover a span of time during which their factory is shut down. We won't have an update until after their holiday (even though I anticipated to have already learned the answers before said holiday). These delays have been unfortunate, I know we all would have preferred to be more informed at this point. I have decided to remain calm and refrain from ranting, but I will keep you posted! :D

    33. Incarnate Games 2-time creator on February 12

      @derek I am waiting to hear back from the manufacturer. I appreciate your patience, I hope I get some answers this week!

    34. Missing avatar

      derek on February 9

      Any information? No update since December.

    35. Incarnate Games 2-time creator on January 29

      Hey everyone, the delay to learn when the projected shipping date from the manufacturer is taking longer than I had expected. I am in communication with them though, they have actually finished producing everything but there is a final piece which keeps everything in place inside the box that is holding up the process. I have everything else ready for the update, I'm just needing to hear from them about the dates so I can post the full update for you all. Again, thank you for your comments and I will hopefully be posting this week (fingers crossed!).

    36. Missing avatar

      Derick Dancer
      on January 27

      Yeah, I'm looking forward to an update as well hopefully it will be soon if they were expecting an update about a week ago.

    37. Missing avatar

      derek on January 24

      Any update? Has manufacturing been completed? Since February is out, how long of a delay are we looking at?

    38. John Tucker on January 23

      Thanks to the Creators for staying in touch with us in this comment section! Can’t wait to see the update when it’s ready. Especially excited to see any new photos of the components or etc. :)

    39. Incarnate Games 2-time creator on January 18

      Hello again everyone, I heard from the manufacturer this morning. They are getting the final touches finished right now and will have the projected ship date available soon. It is this information I want to include with the update because it goes with the new stuff that I want to show you. There will be new images to show you, and more. Everything is coming together, I appreciate your patience with me!

    40. Incarnate Games 2-time creator on January 17

      Hello everyone, the update for today was delayed unfortunately as the information I was waiting to share still has yet to be sent to me from the manufacturer. I am sure they will have the info sent to me in the next day or so. I will post the update as soon as I have that information and answer your questions. Thank you for your patience, I'll talk to you soon!

    41. Henry So on January 16

      Update coming today! Can't wait!

    42. Incarnate Games 2-time creator on January 9

      Hey everyone, I have a new update coming on January 16th. Please stay tuned.
      @derek I will have an answer to your question on Jan 16.
      @Wassim Saati The Kickstarter surveys/Backerkit manager have not been sent just yet. This will be available as we draw nearer to fulfillment.

    43. Missing avatar

      derek on January 4

      Are we still on track for February? If not, can you update on how far back the date has been pushed?

    44. Missing avatar

      Wassim Saati
      on December 24

      merry xmas for all, i sent from 20 days a message to you thru kickstarter and NOONE replied me yet

    45. Incarnate Games 2-time creator on December 23

      Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! I posted new content for you guys in the new Christmas Update! OH, I almost forgot you have to check out Rob Oren's youtube video (as Your Pal Dan mentioned) where he shows off our miniatures! He's going to be painting them soon :D

    46. Missing avatar

      Fatlad on December 22

      It may still be a couple of days out but Merry Christmas to one and all!!

    47. Your Pal Dan on December 19

      Another video from Robert Oren. I was in the live chat and dozens of folks were drooling over the game.…

    48. Your Pal Dan on December 11

      Robert Oren favorably mentioned AK on his "Top 10 Hidden Gem Games of 2017" that came out today! Check it out:…

    49. John Tucker on November 7, 2017

      Honestly I’m so glad I backed this. The components are all so cool and the price was very reasonable! Hoping that the devs have another update soon, very excited fo this game.

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