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By Vaesoft
$0.00 pledged of $100,000 goal


Hi I'm Allen Edmon CEO at Vaesoft, I'm a computer science engineer and MBA candidate at MIT. I start the project like a personal need with the pass of the time was growing up every time that I see that my close friends have car accidents and the emergency services don't have the right location of the collision zone, other friends had one and died interstate highway he, his sister and mother died too, a high school and college friend had a accident too she has to wait around four hours for the 911 aid services get the right zone of the car collision. We think in a real time geolocation service that help the Aid services to geolocate the victims and help them too find and attend more fast, terrorist attack like Boston, Paris, Turkey and Belgium , Natural disastre like Japan Tsunami, Ecuador 7.8 and Chile 6.5 earthquake where you don't have signal about who is alive yet, facebook is doing well with his save button but it's not enought we need more and Vaesoft has more, the problem it's that we are at the 21 century and many countries and cities don't count with the right technologie for optimize their services, for this we give you Doc Cloud for save more live and help more people. Other of the characteristic of the app it's find medical supplies in every pharmacy store with our geolocation retail and recipe services for save more time in search. We need be financed with 100,000,00$ or more because we don't count with a Angel investors yet, we are under building the platform yet and the money we will use for pay the servers and pay for the news domains, the app will be free for everyone, even if we don't get the goal of the crowfunding round, the funds will be used for finance the start of the app. If you can't help us by a monetary way, you can help us sharing our information across any social network.  Thanks for your help.

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