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Bogg's first album is in the making right now. Vinyl pressing is expensive, three poor musicians need your help!

Who Is Bogg?

Bogg began as a collaboration between Michael Bone (drums) and Joshua Hegg (piano), two Chico musicians that met each other in college and fell in love, musically that is.

In the summer of 2012 the two songwriters decided to dive in and create their own flavor of jazz music. Soon after, Gavin Fitzgerald, who's impeccable timing and sense of melody is heavily R&B influenced, was introduced on the bass. Bogg then was able to compose heartfelt, rhythmic and interesting tunes like never before!

The group has been hard at work since their formation learning, writing and recording original tunes and cover songs for gigs that span from intimate breakfast cafe performances to amped up shows for people to dance the night away to.

"So Happy, It Hurts", the groups debut album, is a perfect indication of the music and the people behind it. Three guys (and their friends) playing and writing music that brings joy to themselves and can then be felt by all who listen.

Why is Bogg asking for your help?

We are so happy to the have the ability to give you music we feel so strongly about. These tunes bring us joy and we want it to do the same for you. To do this, we want to take the same time and energy we spent recording and rehearsing the tunes, into the packaging, medium, and artwork.

We went all out with this album, in addition the Bogg trio, we utilized the help of 3 horn players, 4 different vocalists, and a violinist.

The main thing we want to do is release the album on vinyl with original cover artwork and a booklet with lyrics and a piece of art for every song from local artists. 

To press vinyl it will cost just over $800 with our printing and artist costs amounting to $200. That's where we get the $1000 we are asking all of you to help us obtain.

If you feel so inclined and like what we're doing. We would be forever grateful for your help and support.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The biggest potential obstacle is delays in production, artwork, or duplication. If this happens we will push our release date until have a successful product that's as put together and thoughtful as we originally intended.

This record, and this group, follows a complete DIY aesthetic. Because of this, we don't have the financial backing or distribution tours that a label would provide. We are completely reliant on the genuine interest of people in our music. With this being said, we then run the risk of delivering a product we are unhappy with or having a record we do love sit dormant because we lack the tools to get it out in the world.

To overcome this, we take it upon ourselves to put in the extra time and effort to well-verse ourselves in all the fields of promotion, duplication and PR. It is no longer satisfactory to just write and record tunes.

We know its hard to part with your money, especially to three jazz musicians who you may or may not know. But we promise we will work hard for the money and not let you down. We appreciate that you have enough faith in us that you feel that you can give us your hard earned cash so that we can realize the album we so desperately want to release.


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    If you are developed enough in yourself economically that you can contribute this much money to Bogg's album crisis, then the least Bogg can do is come play you a private show, and you choose the set list! (Please don't make us drive to far, 100 miles or so at the most!) Plus you'll receive all the other rewards from the price levels.

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