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This is the first high resolution custom Tile Set for Terraforming Mars. Printed with DLP 3D printers and shiped all over the world.
681 backers pledged €42,355 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Markus Geiger 2-time creator

      Try some free ZIP software/app you can find at the internet. Im not using a MAC at the moment so im not sure whats best, but theres a lot out at the web see:
      It seems like with windows, mac can only unpack unprotected zip files.
      But close all free zip software will do the job.

    2. Magnus Jägerström on

      Hello Markus, the zip file gave me an error when trying to unpack it (not allowed). I am on a macOS Sierra computer. Please advise.

    3. TomP on

      Hello Markus,

      The zipfile gives an error while wanting to unpack.
      Also I haven't received a password (backer nr 408 here).


    4. Markus Geiger 2-time creator

      Whats your backer number or emailadress? so I can check and send it again. And if you using different mail addresses for kickstarter and to get the links please tell me both. Best you mail directly to Cheers. Markus

    5. Rickard B

      Hey mate.

      I never recieved the password to the zipfile :S
      could you please send it again? :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Mr.Green on

      Use The Unarchiver from the AppStore or use the Terminal.

    7. Markus Geiger 2-time creator

      Please try a free zip tool, im just not sure whats available for mac but for sure theres some tools like 7zip, winrar, winzip available for MAC too. I guess I already seen winzip for MACs.
      Cheers Markus.

    8. Becca on

      Hi! I downloaded the zip and tried to open/unzip it from Finder (MacOS), but it said that the "Operation [was] not permitted."

    9. Markus Geiger 2-time creator

      Hello Christopher, I resend it to your mail address. Please check your mailbox and maybe your spamfilter too.
      And Hello Scott, thank you for your feedback, Im glad printing runs well. The double tile inside Ocean7.stl I already corrected yesterday after somebody told me. Now everything should be fine if you download it again.
      In fact I never printed these tiles with PLA because it just make to much work to clean up and the quality is just no comparison to resin prints, but for sure you can play with, why not. Good luck!

    10. Missing avatar

      Christopher Sean Fuentes on

      Hi Markus, I haven´t received the password. Could you resend it to me? Thanks

    11. Scott Whittaker on

      I've been printing non-stop since yesterday on my Ender 3 - PLA at 0.1mm layer height with the default 0.4mm nozzle. So far I've printed the ocean tiles and forests, currently printing the first batch of cities. Everything looks great! I'm really pushing my printer to the limit, but I don't think I'll even need to switch to the 0.2mm nozzle.

      So far the only problem I have is the Ocean7.stl which has 2 tiles in it (but I only need 9 ocean tiles anyway), there is a little bit of cleanup to do removing tiny blobs of plastic from the forests, and the trees are a little bit fragile, but should be fine.

    12. Markus Geiger 2-time creator

      Hello Pedro, I send it again to your hotmail email address. Maybe check your spamfilter.

    13. Pedro Bao López on

      No he recibido la contraseña para el archivo ZIP

    14. Markus Geiger 2-time creator

      the Acrylic overlays will following soon. In about two weeks I can print them, looking forward to that day.
      About the STL files, i corrected the error of the double tiles, its already uploaded new.
      And about ordering the other digital 3D files, Im sorry but it makes just to much work if everybody just order 2 or 3 of them. I have to zip multiple variations, communicate, make prices every time again for each combination and so on. Sorry I need my time to prepare factory and produce the sets already ordered.
      If you want more you can take the extra buy and get that big pack of awesome models onto your hands. Bye the way, I will upload them a bit later, I guess in about two weeks.

    15. Scott Whittaker on

      Tile STLs look great! There is an error with the tile ocean7.stl which appears to contain 2 tiles, one floating above the other.

      Also I am interested in getting the STL for the player track marker rovers, and possibly the track markers. Can I PayPal you for those?

    16. Missing avatar

      Etienne BEUREUX

      So we will get an option for Acrylic overlays ? I'd be interested in those. I didn't select the overlays in the PM because I already own some 3D-printed ones, but acrylic overlay on the original cardboard ones would be a different story...

    17. Missing avatar

      Nate on

      I was able to open it with 7-zip.

    18. Harry Lee on

      I was able extract using winrar. But with windows explorer it gives the error.

    19. Markus Geiger 2-time creator

      You can also use free WINRAR. You will find that programm in a minute and can use it for unpacking this zip file.

    20. Markus Geiger 2-time creator

      Wait I try out if other zip programms working to. I was using winzip

    21. Missing avatar

      Mark H.

      Markus, I am unable to extract all of the files from the zip file. Please advise. Getting a 0x80004005 error. Possibly how you encrypted...I have no 3rd party compression software and using Windows 10 extract feature. Thanks!!