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More episodes of the award winning online comedy series MY GIMPY LIFE!
More episodes of the award winning online comedy series MY GIMPY LIFE!
883 backers pledged $59,289 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Julien Ailh on

      Fantastic show, just like the first season :-)

    2. Kirk Brownridge

      Let the awesome begin!

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      Theresa Szymkiewicz on


    4. Stephanie Alves on

      Congratulations, Teal! Really happy for you and can't wait to see new episodes.

    5. Missing avatar

      Fay Onyx on

      So exciting! Congratulations Teal!

    6. Mattieu Horak on

      So happy season 2 is coming out way to go

    7. Kirk Brownridge

      Guess we all wanted the cartoon!
      Almost to $60k!

    8. Missing avatar

      Colleen on

      I'm sincerely gutted that I'm too broke to donate more. You're a wonder and an inspiration. Thank you for existing.

    9. Missing avatar

      Fay Onyx on

      Hope we make it to 55K. I'd love to see the catroon!

    10. Missing avatar

      Shauna McKellar on

      Yay! I am so excited you reached your goal! Really looking forward to season 2.

    11. Missing avatar

      Fay Onyx on

      I mean, for example, if we raised an additional $10,000 could you do an additional episode in season 2?

    12. Missing avatar

      Fay Onyx on

      Also, since there are three days left, now might be a good time to roll out a stretch goal or two, just in case. :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Fay Onyx on

      Things sure happen fast in the last few days of a kickstarter! So glad you made it! Now any extra money we raise in the next few days can go to making it that much more awesome!

    14. Stephanie Phillips on


    15. Kirk Brownridge
      on fly to LA and the next thing you know BOOM a backed project gets funded!
      Glad I checked in!

    16. Missing avatar

      Bill Curran on

      Huzzah! You made it!

    17. Catharine Riddiford on

      Whoop Whoop Less than $1500 to go ... SEASON 2 HERE WE COME!!!!

    18. Dani Figueiredo on

      Can't do a big number, but since we're so close, I doubled my original pledge! Hope you get to 50k!

    19. Catya Campbell on

      As s person with a disability it's nice to see a show like this. I applaud Teal for putting herself out there and taking a risk that so many of us wouldn't. Don't be afraid to be different. Find ways to follow your dreams. Can't wait to see season 2 you are well on your way to meeting your goal.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Burkhardt on

      Hi found you on Apparylized thanks to Doug and am an instant fan I made a pledge but couldn't stand seeing a figure not rounded out so I increased my pledge,I am looking forward to seeing season 2 and will be asking friends and family to check out the site sometime today.

    21. Missing avatar

      Doug Wilson on

      I've just posted in the charity/fundraising area of the forums. Included a link to the Season 1 playlist as well as a link to the main page for this project. I also took the time to send a message to the same people that run the FaceBook page for the Apparelyzed site. Hopefully they add it to the FB page. I've also doubled my personal pledge. I soooooo want to see this project go forward!

    22. Curtis Empson on

      You're SO close. I'm upping my pledge. Hope it helps. =)

    23. Marco Pasqua on

      $9,787 in 5 days to go...I believe! We just need 1 Executive Producer Backer and you're good as gold

    24. 8 Bit Pxl Games on

      So close, I hope you make it! Your show is unique and funny and we need to get more seasons.

    25. Kirk Brownridge

      Just need to average $86/hr until the end to make it.
      So close...

    26. Adam Malle on

      Reddit seems to be where these things go viral. I don't use the site much, but if someone that knows how to get attention can post something there.

    27. Teal Sherer Creator on

      Thanks, Doug! We would love to hear ideas.

      Teal might do an AMA on Reddit. She's doing her research now on "Reddiquette." Are any of you guys regular Redditors?

      Another possibility: we're not endorsing Twitter spam, but if any of your favorite holy and verified Twitter leaders are looking to do a good deed, maybe ask them politely to share the KS (or share it again)?

      - Gabe

    28. Missing avatar

      Doug Wilson on

      @Kirk, I totally get where you're coming from. I have a similar sense of fun when it comes to word play.

      On another note I've been wracking my brain to come up with ideas to get the word out about this so we can get it funded. So far I'm coming up blank and that bums me. Anyone have any ideas on how to reach an even larger audience?

    29. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    30. Kirk Brownridge

      @Doug, I have no doubt that Teal is genuinely an inspiration to many people in the truest sense of the word.

      But as someone who appreciates ironic coincidence it tickled my punny bone a bit to see the "i" word used in the comments given its comedic pseudo-negative use in the episode (which was genius BTW).
      I am sure that everyone who used it meant it sincerely, and did not intend to impugn negative motives or condescending intent. I'm just easily amused by word play and hoped someone else might share that coincidental amusement.
      Thus the winky smily face in my previous comment and this one.

    31. Missing avatar

      Doug Wilson on

      Kirk, I watched and understood that episode perfectly. I've been in a wheelchair for 29 years and have talked to Teal directly about being an inspiration. She knows where I'm coming from when I say it and that it's in no way meant as a condescending thing, even unintentionally. She's been a part of a paradigm shift for me over the last couple years concerning what I can continue accomplishing in life, even with an injury that's quite similar to Teal's.

    32. Kirk Brownridge

      Not to stir up trouble...

      But seeing how many comments include the word "inspiration/al" I wonder how people actually watched the series and are making a facetious callback, and how many didn't understand that episode...


    33. Missing avatar

      Rick Dance on

      Doubled my pledge as well. Would like to see a second season.

    34. Catharine Riddiford on

      I loved season one, Teal you are a comic genius! and it takes REAL guts to portray the dramas of ones life into a comedy such as this, TEAL you are an inspiration to us all xx wishing you all the best love!!

      Now common peoples only $12k to go ... time to get on your social media sites and see what we can't all stir up for her !!!! K- GOO!!!

    35. Kirk Brownridge

      Okay - you got me.
      Doubled my pledge.
      Gotta do it now, since I'll be on vacation in LA next week and can't guarantee I'll be online.

      Can my wife and I buy you a beverage of your choice?

    36. Marco Pasqua on

      Hey Teal,

      I totally believe in you! I've upped my pledge because 1) You deserve it and 2) You are shedding to light a lot of the scenarios I've been talking about for the industry and otherwise. It's a shame I missed out on the 1 hour session with you and Felica, but I'm pumped to chat with you one-on-one once the campaign is over.

      Talk soon,


    37. Christopher Schiller on

      Okay, after that heart wrenching video update I started to go and get my own glass of wine. But I stopped myself first (yeah, I know, surprised myself too,) and decided to put my money where my heart is. I've upped my pledge. If those of us backers who can afford to do the same do likewise, we just might be able to push her past her goal.

      And at least spread the word to everyone you know. Use reverse psychology if you have to (I tried that on my Facebook post about this.) But get the word out. It's a worthy show from nice people with good intentions, which is rare in this business.

      I'm still rooting for you Teal. And NOW for that glass of wine...

    38. Adam Malle on

      Love your show, push girls got nothing on you. Quad from Big Stone Gap, VA. Pledged what I can and FB shared. Hope you make the goal. Your show has given me all the inspiration, drive, fulfillment, and dare I say the will to move on as a person with a disability in this world that just wants to hold m.... Lol sorry, just kidding. I'm a perfectly well adjusted cripple and I like your show for saying what we have all wanted to at least once. I really did pledge though. Good luck, we need more of you.

    39. Missing avatar

      Doug Wilson on

      Theresa, Teal inspires me to be a better person as well. She'll never know how much she's influenced me to get off my butt, get myself in my wheelchair, and get out and exercise and start looking after myself better. I've got goals and things I want to do and it's time to get myself into good enough shape to do them.

    40. Missing avatar

      Bill Curran on

      If it weren't for Two Guys SpaceVenture kickstarter (who mentioned this kickstarter in an update), I never would have heard of this series. As much as I enjoyed it, I was very surprised that it doesn't seem to be very well known, as it seems well written and is very entertaining. As much as I want this project to fund so I can see another series, I'm not sure if enough people know about the series to make the goal.

    41. Missing avatar

      Theresa Szymkiewicz on

      It's About Time People With Disabilities get Air Time...
      Come On Donate ONE DOLLAR and TELL YOUR FRIENDS and FAMILY to donate too!
      Support "My Gimpy Life" Season Two
      Teal Sherer is a Real Life Hero...sorry Teal but it's inspire me to be a better person.
      Thank You

    42. Kirk Brownridge

      Loved you in the Guild!

      I also appreciate the sense of balance in the series.
      There's humour, addressing the accessibility problems our society imposes on people, and straight up real world problems we've all faced.
      Yet, each element isn't over the top or in your face, they all harmonize well, allowing each a voice without screaming at you.
      Well done, my dear lady, well done!

    43. Marco Pasqua on

      Hey Teal,

      As a fellow Actor / Entertainer who uses a chair, I really can relate to every scenario you've pointed out in Season 1. I wish you the best of luck with all of this. I've got a few things going on here in Vancouver that I'll be emailing you about in the future.


    44. Robin StCharles on

      I first heard about My Gimpy Life at Geek Girl Con.

    45. Julien Ailh on

      I discovered your Webserie thanks to this kickstarter.
      Watched the entire season 1 tonight. Absolutely loved it!!

      Good luck for the Kickstarter Campaign!
      Your rewards are very cool.

    46. Christopher Schiller on

      I really hope this campaign is successful, Teal, because I totally enjoyed your first season and I think you have a unique voice in this industry. Good luck.

      A little Kickstarter research suggestion: since the average pledge is usually around $45 it might benefit you if you added some pledge levels around the $35, $40 or $45 levels. That would hit the sweet spot and get you a few more bucks from those who want to give at that level but can't right now. Just a thought.

    47. Travis R. Ray on

      Thank you so much for creating such a funny and amazing show, Teal. I look forward to helping fund seasons 3 and 4 and 5...

    48. Chris Morley on

      Very excited for Season 2!

    49. Jareth McBrehon on

      Good luck Teal and the MGL crew.
      Wishing you all the best.

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