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A classic retro-styled point and click adventure/role-playing game.  Take a walk on the dark side and see how you fare.
A classic point and click adventure/role-playing game.  Take a walk on the dark side and see how you fare in this paean to the classic adventure games of yore.
A classic point and click adventure/role-playing game. Take a walk on the dark side and see how you fare in this paean to the classic adventure games of yore.
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The Great Summer 2013 Update

Hello Backers of Quest For Infamy!

Well - I, for one, can't believe it was a year ago that we completed our Kickstarter and began working on Quest For Infamy in full.  It seems like yesterday and at the same time, a world away.

It's been an amazing experience, and we're feverishly working to get this game out here very soon.  It's shaping up to be an amazing experience - and I want to share some of the things we've been working on!


The Valley of Krasna has many interesting locations to explore - here's a little smattering of some places you'll see in your travels.

The forest is old and many hidden groves just wait to be found!

The Dwarves were once successful miners - what drove them away?

A sketch of the Necromancer's Lair - for more on this, see the video below!

The Grasslands takes up much of the west side of the valley - and you'll find enemies, friends and lost stories in your journey there.

You'll visit mysterious places, and discover the secrets of the ancient and abandoned areas.

The Port City of Tyr lies beneath the valley, on the edge of the ocean - and it's great protective outer wall is also an aqueduct that carries the Great River to it's final resting place, in the ocean.


Jenny Pattison has been cooking up amazing portraits for the characters in our game.  Here's a sampling of some.

Rynn is a young boy who lives at "Hermit Homestead", a camp/village that you discover in your journeys.

Frederic is Rynn's grandfather.  He could be of help, if you could just crack his tough old exterior.

O'Burr - is he just another townsperson, or does he have a greater role to play in your time in Volksville?

Watch out for sneaky thieves who would deprive you of your hard-earned (er, stolen) items!

Roehm can master the mystic arts to aid him in battle.


James Mulvale, our composer extrodinaire, has cooked up some really great tracks that bring out the mood of all these areas.  You can visit Jame's Website for more music from him. 

Attached to this update will be several tracks for you to listen to!


Here's a video featuring art by Jon Stoll.  Jon is not only a great background artist, but his amazing animations have brought the valley to life.  Take a look at this video to see how he crafts a background.

This video is by Jeremy Kitchen, our Art Director and Background Lead - as well as being lead Animator!  Here, he makes battle sprites for a local heavy, Gorth - who picks a fight with Roehm early on in his stay.

Finally, this video is by Jason Lamb - aka Lambonius - he sits and talks about the production of a sketch for an area in the game.  This video is the short version, and is time compressed - but we'll have the full, 54 minute real time video available in the future those who might want to learn and get some tips from the man himself.


Now, you lovely people have already pledged your support to Quest for Infamy and Infamous Quests - but there may be people out there who want to get in early and get a copy, and get access to the backers forums.  QUEST FOR INFAMY is available for pre-order on our website now - so if you see anyone who asks about it, send 'em here - to get their copy!

Well, all I can say is that everyone is really hustling right now - I'm just as excited to play this final game as much as you all are now!  It's been an incredible experience so far - and I really look forward to providing you all with an amazing adventure gaming experience.  You know, we all love these games so much - and it's been a year of ups and downs with them, but again - I have to thank all of you for your support.  It means everything to small, indie developers like us.  There's a bunch of us out there putting our blood, sweat, tears, jokes, laughter and talents into these kinds of games, and it's really amazing to know there's still people out there who love them as much as we do.


SUPPORT INFAMOUS QUESTS by visiting GoG and buying games from them by clicking this link -,

Whew.  This update took me a while to assemble, and I'm sure I forgot some stuff. As always, I am your humble servant - I'm not perfect, but dammit, I'm trying!  If you need anything from me, please drop me a line - here, on our forums or via email.  Whatever you need - I love hearing from you.  Yes, even if you're screaming at me.  But I much prefer the non-screaming emails.


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    1. ThomasN on July 12, 2013

      Wow Bt, you got all kinds of magicians. You must have some strong black magic to rule them all ;)

    2. Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander 3-time creator on July 9, 2013

      Aint no summer like a Northern Hemisphere Summer! Thanks, RSF - you've always been a big supporter, and it's always good to see you around, and hear your very vocal support, sir. Thank you master, err... backer.


    3. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on July 9, 2013

      Oh sweet northern hemisphere summer update. Everything looks and sounds amazing! You're all doing wonderful work. As one of your 1,656 Kickstarter Masters ehh Backers, I have to say, you're managing everything just perfectly BT. ;-)

    4. WP - Member, Mutant League on July 8, 2013

      This is amazing work, well done !
      Just visited Spain for vacation, but would so like to go to Volksville to :)

    5. Jaesun on July 8, 2013

      AWESOME update!! And that music is just FANTASTIC! <3

    6. Valeriy on July 8, 2013

      Looks wonderful!
      Hand made 2D art is incredibly rare and immensely expensive nowadays.
      Now I'm really excited!
      Keep up a good work!

    7. Ilias ThE RetrospecT on July 8, 2013

      Super update ! !
      The locations screenshots are more than awesome.
      Especially the Port City of Tyr and the stone arched abandoned area ....whoaaaa !

    8. Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander 3-time creator on July 8, 2013

      Thanks Blake - it's all due to our amazing art team. Seriously, everyone on the art and animation team has kicked all kinds of ass to make this game a visually beautiful yet retro experience.


    9. Blake00 on July 8, 2013

      What a great update BT! I love those screenshots.. your world looks bigger than a QFG game, your forests backgrounds are unequaled, your western grasslands remind me of my favourite Hero6 area, your port city at night from the hills above shot is beautiful and reminds me of something out of my dreams. Awesome job guys!! :)

    10. Dablue
      on July 8, 2013

      Wow awesome locations BT. You and the crew do wonderous work!