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A classic retro-styled point and click adventure/role-playing game.  Take a walk on the dark side and see how you fare.
A classic point and click adventure/role-playing game.  Take a walk on the dark side and see how you fare in this paean to the classic adventure games of yore.
A classic point and click adventure/role-playing game. Take a walk on the dark side and see how you fare in this paean to the classic adventure games of yore.
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The Order of the Thorne: The King's Challenge Released



Our new game, Order of the Thorne: The King's Challenge has been released!  Some of you may already know, but some may not - so I'm sharing here as well!


In a world far away, a tale of great adventure is coming to the land of Uir. Join Finn the bard on his quest to write 'the greatest ballad ever' as he undertakes "The King's Challenge".

Every ten years, the ruler of the Faerie Realm, King Quilhairn, offers up his latest challenge to those brave enough to undertake the quest. Their prize? One wish, any wish that is within his power to grant, and the prestige of being lauded as "Hero of the Faerie Kingdom".

Do you have the will and determination to guide Finn on his quest? Play your magic lute to discover the secrets of the land and entertain its people. Meet all kinds of interesting creatures, and prove your worth in this classic point and click adventure.

Be a Bard! The challenge awaits!!

Order of the Thorne: The King's Challenge

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QFI Boxes and Shipping



Hey friends & backers!

Shipping for QFI items continues - but it has been at a much slower pace than I would have liked!  However, I've been backed up because my wife and I had our baby boy on December 13th!! Here he is, wearing his Infamous Quest onesie made by Team Member, Chucklas.

Items are continuing to ship out now, and we should be able to get more and more out the door as the weeks go - I've got some family and friends helping me package up and send out our stuff!  Sorry for the delays; it has been a very crazy time with the baby and the production of our upcoming games.  I really feel that the boxes (and especially the QFI Companion, if you purchased it) came out great, and I hope they earn an honored place in your collection.  This is something you can not only display, but you can say "Yeah, I helped make that!" because you absolutely did.

We couldn't have done it without you, and I am always and forever grateful to you all for joining us on this.  It's been one of the coolest experiences of my life, and now - someday - I'll get to tell my son how I got to make a computer game with thousands of people from all around the world. 

Hope the new year has been treating you all well!  I hope you all have your items in your hands soon, and they arrive in good condition, and that you're happy!  Talk to you all soon!


Delays in Shipping


Hey All,

A quick update from Steve - The rewards are all in, at my house - I had hired someone to help me assemble them for shipping and send them out - long story short, they basically went AWOL, and I've been swamped - not only working on the new game, but I'm expecting my first child in early December, so things have been crazy at my home.  They're coming, but it's taking longer than I'd like - I really, really sincerely apologize - getting these things out is so important to me, and I'm spread so thin these days.  I promise everyone will get their items, and I want to reassure people that it's happening.  It's hard because it's just me, at the moment, who can work on packaging and posting them.

I'm very, very sorry - seriously, this is giving me an ulcer, because this part means a lot to me - the items look great, but they don't look good taking up space in my house! I want them in your hands - so, please, I ask just a little patience and I try to hustle up on this.  Going to try and get some more help here in the next couple weeks, and we'll be sending out packages - I'll be taking photos and posting them so you can see them going out.

I really appreciate your support, and your continued patience and support.  This project has been a labor of love for all of us, and I definitely have a great appreciation for the major operations that packaging and distributing companies are!




Hey guys!

The DVDs have arrived!! I got a shipment of 10 crates, and with that - the QFI rewards will start going out!  We'll be sorting through the paperwork and printing shipping labels, but the first packages will begin going out next Tuesday!

Thank you, everyone, for your patience - we think you'll enjoy what we've made.  Here's a little preview image of all the items.

(The QFI Companion, with decoder, is pictured here too.)

Official QFI swag!
Official QFI swag!

If you haven't sent or changed your address, please fill out your surveys, or send me a PM to check. I'll keep posting updates as we send out packages, box them up and get them out!  I hope you enjoy them, and thanks for being a part of a classic, old-school adventure game.  It was an experience for all of us! I'm super excited to finally have this done!




Hey guys!

I've been getting messages from folks, rightly inquiring about their boxes and such, and I've been answering them - but I wanted to send this out just so everyone can get an update.

I have the boxes here - but I'm still waiting on the production of the DVDs and the foam inserts that will go in the boxes.

The foam inserts will fit inside the box, and securely hold the DVD case inside, along with all the other goodies included.  I've been witness to other box packages that have gotten crushed or ruined in the mail/post, so I've taken this step to ensure that the packages are more sturdy in shipping - and that all the items inside aren't just flung around willy-nilly.  They're being custom made, and it's adding a little expense to me personally, but I think it'll be worth it.  I mean, this is it for these boxes - when they're gone, they're gone - and I'd these to last on your shelves for 20+ years, in good shape, much like some of your other beloved boxes.  This may not be particularly economical, but screw it - live fast, save often and leave a good looking game box. Or something.

We've been editing the game and trying to fix some nagging bugs for the DVD version - AND put a special hidden feature in this version that is different from every other downloadable version out there.  This makes it more fun, but with production on three other games, it's been slower going than we like. I have to give thanks to our friend, fan, supporter and backer Goatmeal for playing, testing and reporting bugs to us like crazy.  He also made the font for the game, and a custom font for our upcoming Order of the Thorne game, and I can't say thanks enough. We want to make sure the edition pressed by the DVD manufacturer is the best it can be.

Broomie has finished the QFI companion as well, and that will be going to the presses very soon.  He spent extra time construction an amazing section of charts, lists, etc for the back of the book and, well, I think it looks amazing for an art book/hint book/strategy guide.

Thanks for being patient with us as we do this - I know it's taken a while, but dammit - we wanted to do it right. (Or as right as we can!) I hope the swag will be a treasured part of your collection - a game you can have on your shelf, be proud of, and when friends ask about it someday, you can say, "Oh! That was a game I helped support and get made."  I know someday I'll point to that box on my shelf and say to my son, "Yeah - heh, that's a video game that Dad made with about 2,000 friends.  Pretty neat, huh?"

And he'll say, "What I'd really like Dad is to borrow the car keys, see you later can I have them please?"


Anyway, thanks for your patience.  It'll be worth the wait.  When the packages start going out, I'll be posting updates full of pictures of them, and me looking like a crazy, smiling jackass.

Thanks again, everyone.  This has meant the world to me and the team.


PS - Here's some pictures of the boxes and a preview of the QFI Companion if you missed them.

The QFI boxes!
The QFI boxes!
Preview Images from The Quest For Infamy Companion
Preview Images from The Quest For Infamy Companion