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A classic point and click adventure/role-playing game. Take a walk on the dark side and see how you fare in this paean to the classic adventure games of yore.
1,656 backers pledged $63,281 to help bring this project to life.

Final 48hrs for QFI: Roehm to Ruin and The Order of the Thorne Games!!



Well, our successful campaign for QFI: Roehm to Ruin & The Order of the Thorne: The King's Challenge and The Order of the Thorne: Fortress of Fire is almost over!  We've hit our funding, but we're still pushing on!  You can get in on the fun!!

Patrick looks out over the blighted valley, hoping to rescue Sir Caradoc in "The Fortress of Fire"
Patrick looks out over the blighted valley, hoping to rescue Sir Caradoc in "The Fortress of Fire"
Finn the Bard travels through the Fairy Kingdom, looking to win The King's Challenge and write his epic ballad!
Finn the Bard travels through the Fairy Kingdom, looking to win The King's Challenge and write his epic ballad!
Just how did Mr. Roehm end up in the castle that fateful night he was chased out and driven to escape to the Valley of Krasna? Find out in Roehm to Ruin!
Just how did Mr. Roehm end up in the castle that fateful night he was chased out and driven to escape to the Valley of Krasna? Find out in Roehm to Ruin!

For just $25, you can get all three games - your pledge helps us create them, and you'll get to play 'em!  There's also other rewards still left - including Big Boxes for collectors who love them.

Thanks to all who joined up and supported us in our next three games!  If you haven't yet, get on board!


Physical rewards for QFI should be done being produced this month!  As soon as they are delivered to me, I will post an update, sharing pictures, etc - and then start sending packages out the door!! I'm just as excited as you, I'm sure!

Mock Up of QFI Box. Not actual Item.
Mock Up of QFI Box. Not actual Item.

Thank you so much everyone, always.  It's a pleasure making games for you.


The Order of the Thorne/QFI: Roehm to Ruin Update



The Order of the Thorne/Quest For Infamy: Roehm to Ruin kickstarter met it's goal less than three days in!! Thanks to everyone from over here who came over and supported!  Because that goal was met, we added a new stretch goal, and boxed copies of the games!

So, our big stretch goal is $35,000 - with this amount raised, we'll be able to put a team into production on the planned second chapter of The Order of the Thorne entitled "The Fortress of Fire".

The Fortress of Fire is the story of Patrick the Squire - affectionately called "Addy" by his knight, Sir Caradoc - the pair are waylaid by enemies on their way to investigate the happenings around the mysterious Fortress of Fire.  Sir Caradoc is capture, and Addy picks up his sword and sets off to rescue him from the fiends in the Fortress.  Along the way, he meets many interesting characters living in the desolate valley in the shadow of the great fortress.  He'll solve many puzzles and navigate his way inside the structure, to rescue Sir Caradoc and get to the bottom of why the Fortress is occupied again.

You can also support us by buying a shirt - wear your support on your sleeve, literally!  These high quality screen prints are bought, fufilled and mailed out by tee-spring. The campaign for shirts ends in seven days, and they go out very soon after it ends!  Every shirt sold helps fund our games.

Go all digital!  Pay an easy price, and get the game in just a few months, not years.  

$5 TIER - Pick up QFI: Roehm to Ruin right when it's released!
$10 TIER - Pick up "The Order of the Thorne: The King's Challenge" when it's released!
$15 TIER - Pick up both games when they're released!
$25 TIER - Get both games plus digital downloads of the Soundtracks by James Mulvale!

Click here to visit the campaign, and pledge to support us!

 Again - thanks to everyone who pledged to Quest For Infamy!  We're so proud that we not only raised the funds to make the game with all of you, but that we completed and released it!  We're looking forward to making more games, and we appreciate your support and patronage that allows us to continue doing so.  We're very excited about our upcoming games, and we hope that you'll like them too!

Remember - the biggest support you can give is that if you like what we do, tell others!  Word of mouth truly is a powerful thing.


Order of The Thorne & QFI: Roehm to Ruin Kickstarter Launched


Hey friends and backers!

We've just launched the Kickstarter for The Order of the Thorne: The King's Challenge and Quest For Infamy: Roehm to Ruin!  I talked about this in our last update, but the launch is here!

Click the image above to go to the Kickstarter, or click the link below!

I hope to see some of you over there! Thanks for all you support!


Shipping Dates for Physical Rewards/End of an Era


Orders have been placed, all the "t's" have been crossed and the lower case "j's" dotted - the physical items for Quest For Infamy will be completed and delivered to us for processing by Friday, May 22nd.  This means the first wave of packages with boxes, DVDs, etc - will be sent out to backers shortly after that. Packages will continue to go out until they're all delivered!

If you need to confirm or change your address with me, please feel free to send me a PM on Kickstarter here, or contact us via email - info at

This puts a final pin in this whole adventure with Quest For Infamy.  It's actually an amazing cap on this journey for us.  We learned so much, as a team and as a company, about working together and making a game.  We're really proud of Quest For Infamy; though it hasn't been a runaway best seller, it's been bestowed with some critical praise we're really happy about - IndieDB's Top 100 Indie Games of 2014, TIME's 20 games to watch out for Summer 2014 and recently, we won four AGS awards - Best Gameplay, Best Character, Best Puzzles and Best Music & Sound. 

We couldn't have done this without you all.  I really can't say enough thanks about that - what a crazy time it was in mid 2012 when we launched this.  The excitement about the whole adventure game revival scene was palpable and we were psyched to be a part of it. It's been interesting, seeing the progress of the whole scene, and on the whole - I do feel that adventure games and their fans are "back" (As if we EVER went anywhere...) and this has probably been one of the most exciting and fulfilling things I have ever done.

We're continuing on at Infamous Quests!  You have seen our announcements about our upcoming games - The Order Of The Thorne: The King's Challenge and QFI: Roehm to Ruin.  We're continuing to make games - and we have more planned beyond those two as well!

We're going to be launching a Kickstarter to help us raise the funds needed to finish these two games.  We've been working on them for a while, and they're quite close to being finished - but we need some additional funds to help finish them properly and in a faster manner.  With a successful crowdfunding campaign, we aim to have these games completed, released and available on Steam,, Humble and Desura by November 2015.

If you're interested in supporting us on that campaign, and would like to see a preview of the campaign, let me know and I'd be happy to share it with you.  Many of you are now close friends & confidants and I value your opinions.

We're all abuzz over at Infamous Quests; the art and music team are chomping at the bit to get going on this again.  They've been working up more sketches, assets and lists to prep for this - and the atmosphere is much like early 2012, when we spent the first half of the year working on the Infamy Demo.  They're ready to go.  I'm excited to not only work out the games, but to get out all this awesome QFI swag - I think it's all really cool, and I'm just excited for you to have it in your collections. I hope that the swag remains a cherished piece of your home for years to come.  I know I look at my old Sierra boxes, and I think about the time when I bought them.  Who I was, where I was... the thought of people all over the world looking at that Quest For Infamy box on their shelf and remembering how they helped make a game... that's pretty indescribable. I know when I look at my shelf for years to come, I'll remember everything... how I got to work with my friends, and how I made new friends, and we all made a dream come true.  Someday, when I'm old, ornery and crusty (even more than I am today), I want to look at that box, and remember the time when me, and 1,700 friends made that game. 

Thank you all.  My best wishes to everyone - this was something very special and personal to me, and there's a part of me that can't believe it's over.  Onward and upward.

Ave atque vale.


Previews of Big Box and DVD Case


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