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A classic retro-styled point and click adventure/role-playing game.  Take a walk on the dark side and see how you fare.
A classic point and click adventure/role-playing game.  Take a walk on the dark side and see how you fare in this paean to the classic adventure games of yore.
A classic point and click adventure/role-playing game. Take a walk on the dark side and see how you fare in this paean to the classic adventure games of yore.
1,656 backers pledged $63,281 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander on January 28

      Hey guys - I have been sending out packages, but at a slower rate - with the holidays, the birth of my son and the new game, The Order of the Thorne coming out, It's been busy - but I've started sending out the single DVDs - in the coming weeks more and more packages will be going out, including the larger ones that have boxes and some that have boxes and the QFI Companion. Thanks for being patient with me - I hope you enjoy your rewards!

    2. Creator Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander on September 10

      Hey Andrew - not yet. I'm still waiting for them to be delivered. According to the production company, the estimated ship date to me is -
      Est. Ship Date
      Sep 15 - 17

      They'll begin going out soon after that, along with the fully boxed editions on the heels of those! Very exciting stuff, really. I'll be glad to get these to their homes!

    3. Creator Andrew on September 10

      Have the regular Dvd versions been sent out yet?

    4. Creator Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander on September 7

      Hey Raven!

      If you didn't get it, try using the Humble Key Resender and entering the email address associated with your Kickstarter Account.

      You should be able to redeem your copy there. If that doesn't work, send me a PM and we'll get this taken care of.

    5. Creator Raven on August 22

      I'm a backer and I have no idea how to get the game. I still didn't get to play it. :/

    6. Creator Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander on August 18

      Hey Daniel,

      I would LIKE to get a Mac Steam version working, but it doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon. I hope it changes in the future - we have been working on porting the AGS engine to Mac natively for that, but work on that has pretty much stopped and out of our hands right now.

      Kevin - Yes! I should have a big update coming soon.

    7. Creator Kahuna Kevin on August 18

      Any update on the boxes/CDs shipping?

    8. Creator Daniel Osers on August 15, 2015

      Are there any updates on the MAC Steam version? It's not mid 2015 - are we to assume it's just not happening..?

    9. Creator Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander on July 22, 2015

      David - to confirm your address, you can send me a private message and we'll make sure.

      Roger - This may be an issue with the game engine, AGS. I'll keep looking into it now that I know your specs. Get back to you soon.

    10. Creator Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander on July 22, 2015

      Hey Jesse - yeah!! You should have gotten them long ago - send me a private message here, or an email - info at and I'll make sure you've got everything.

    11. Creator jessiebains on July 22, 2015

      Just wondering if I missed this information on an update, but I backed this project at the 30 dollar level and I am still waiting for The Full Digital Download Package which includes: the SPECIAL EDITION game (with behind the scenes footage, deleted scenes, game maker commentary), DVD art and digital copy of the official Quest For Infamy Soundtrack as well.

      Has there been an update as to when we are getting our digital rewards; have they already been given and I missed them? Thanks!

    12. Creator Roger van Velzen on July 21, 2015

      This is older i7 (Sandy Bridge) system running running windows 7 with 8 Gb memory. The video card is a GTX 700 series card and a Logitech MX500. Thanks for the reply. I tend to not be home a lot these days so I appreciate all the help I can get to get this running smoothly.

    13. Creator David B on July 20, 2015

      Is there a place where we can validate our shipping address to ensure the packages arrive to the correct address?? Thanks!

    14. Creator Kahuna Kevin on July 14, 2015

      When are the $35 CD cases shipping? Just checked my PayPal and I upped $25 from my $10 pledge here. Thx!

    15. Creator Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander on June 29, 2015

      Hey Roger, sorry you're still having mouse issues. What are your system specs - what kind of machine, OS, mouse, etc - we can start there and hopefully try and resolve your problems!

    16. Creator Roger van Velzen on June 29, 2015

      Had this game sit for a while hoping that possible patches along the way might solve issues I have with it. Tried again this weekend (26th of June) and it seems that the problem I had still is present.

      When I start this game it will somehow screw up my mouse control completely. My mouse cursor is jerky and seems to be glitching around instead of smooth usage. I have TRIED and play the game but it becomes very frustrating when you can't really click anything. It is like trying to park a car at high speed. :(

      So am I really the ONLY one that has issues with this? Is there anything that can be done to help me resolve these issues? I'd really like to play the game.

    17. Creator Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander on June 3, 2015


      Yes, of course! Just send me a message on KS here and I'll update your entry!

    18. Creator David Watson on June 3, 2015

      I've moved since I backed this in '12. Is there a way to change the shipping address for my physical order?

    19. Creator Andrew on June 3, 2015

      Have the physical copies gone out yet? Thanks

    20. Creator Kahuna Kevin on April 3, 2015

      Also waiting for the physical version. I upper my pledge via PayPal... Will you have a backer kit that let's us view our total pledged here plus additional PayPal?

    21. Creator Riggo on February 19, 2015

      Hi Bt! Hope all is going well.

    22. Creator John k Arpin on December 13, 2014

      How's the Steam Mac version coming?

    23. Creator Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander on November 17, 2014

      Hey Franz, Hey Christian,

      Sorry about the delay - I've been working on a KS update, and we've had a million things going on. Got a lot of info to cover, but I'll have it up soon, I promise! Thanks.

    24. Creator Christian Geiger on November 17, 2014

      Update? Still waiting for the physical copy, too ...

    25. Creator Franz Luger on October 10, 2014

      I am still waiting for the Physical Copy Of The Game - any news about our rewards?

    26. Creator Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander on September 13, 2014

      Hahha, thanks Riggo (Matchwick!) I was wondering when you'd see that. Hahah. Thanks for all your support on QFI! Glad you enjoyed it, man.

    27. Creator Riggo on September 12, 2014

      I finished the game and would like to thank my fellow AGRM members for helping to defeat the bad guys!

      Firstly, Mr Shaw thank you for providing the guidance down the path of light fingerness!

      Next I would like to thank my friend Nelson for providing me musical entertainment on the docks of Tyr! Although I thought his price for playing Freebird was a little out of line!!!!

      Most of all, I would like to thank Bt, Serena and SD for helping me free Tyr! I would like it to ne known that SD is not half the barbarian that his character in the game portrayed. He is really a very nice guy. :-)

      All in all, this game was great! I want to thank all of the people associated with Infamous Quests for a job well done!!!!!!

    28. Creator Riggo on September 12, 2014

      @Bt... Thanks for the Tyr shoutout... I must admit I was a little disappointed with the "Riggo Matchstick (or whatever it was) reference. I would have gladly donated more to be the author Riggo Redwood! ;-)

    29. Creator Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander on August 16, 2014

      Poop - don't worry; rest assured, you'll know before an update is released, it's not just going to be dropped like a bomb. There will be a way to ensure you can continue to use your saves and play the old version if you so choose.

    30. Creator Poop Office on August 16, 2014

      Sorry to sound like a whiner, but I don't have an option in Steam to disable automatic updates. The best option I've got is to only update upon launch of the game, which isn't that much better than automatic. Knowing that at any time, my saves could become worthless makes this unplayable. This seems like a game-breaking bug that you should find a way around, if not for this game than for future games. Or just don't send out any updates.

    31. Creator Poop Office on August 10, 2014

      Is it possible to build in some sort of password system, when an update is coming, you could open up your save, copy the password, and then enter that into the updated version to pick up where you left off?

    32. Creator Andrew Houghton on August 9, 2014

      @Daniel, its out on gog and the humble store. I think Bt said it was taking a bit longer on steam.

    33. Creator Daniel Osers on August 9, 2014

      any update on the Mac version?

    34. Creator Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander on August 8, 2014

      Hey Poop,

      Sadly, it's pretty much going to happen every time. There may be times when minor changes won't mess them up, but in general, any major changes will mess up saves. However, I'll be making custom saves to help people out, and perhaps recreate where they were, stats, etc. to make the transition easier.

    35. Creator Poop Office on August 8, 2014

      Are we going to lose our saves every time there's an update? Or is it just a special case with this v1.1 update that's coming out?

    36. Creator Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander on July 31, 2014

      I'm still working on something definitive, but I've read disabling the logitech control program SetPoint usually works.

    37. Creator Roger van Velzen on July 31, 2014

      Can see if I can get the GOG version to behave. I am playing the Steam version and it does not seem to play nice with the settings and the mouse sensitivity. Hopefully Steven will have some more info on this as well soon.

    38. Creator Gonchi on July 24, 2014

      Bit late, perhaps the issue has already been resolved, but could it be a problem specific to the Steam version? I use a Logitech mouse (nothing fancy though) and haven't had any issues while playing QfI, but I'm playing the GOG version.

    39. Creator Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander on July 19, 2014


      I've heard of problems with Logitech mice and our game engine, AGS - I'm looking into it further, and I'll try to have a solution for you soon! Sorry for the delay.

    40. Creator Roger van Velzen on July 17, 2014

      Well I should be home again tonight so I will send you my system specs. Though to be honext it is not anything special. A Windows 7 64 Bit install with an MX500 Logitech mouse with Logitech mouseware and a Nvidia GTX 760 graphics card.

    41. Creator Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander on July 15, 2014

      Roger, that is an odd problem - you're the first I've heard about with it! Tell me what system you're running, etc and we'll see if we can get to the bottom of it.

    42. Creator Roger van Velzen on July 15, 2014

      Having huge issues with mouse sensitivity in this game. In windowed mode it is unplayable as my mouse skips every few seconds. Then tried full screen and while it is smoother I need to move my mouse 4 table lengths to get from one side of the screen to the next. What the heck? Oh btw the resolution steam picked was kind of stupid so had to use the WinSetupQFI to fix that. :X

    43. Creator Sam Listopad on July 13, 2014

      Thanks for getting everything sorted Bt

    44. Creator Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander on July 12, 2014

      Hey Valery - yeah, the null pointer error seems to be a windows specific bug. It has to do with some directories being protected - and QFI keeps a .dat file in there for game information.

      I believe Humble is rolling out wide support for Linux in their store later this year. People can get the linux version from Steam and Desura too, as well.

    45. Creator Valeriy on July 12, 2014

      @Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander:
      So, is this "Null pointer error" is a Windows-specific bug? If it is then one shall have no problems with current version (1.0.1) so long as (s)he does not use Windows. Right?

      P.S. I received my copy (Linux) from Humble Bundle (Humble Widget to be specific) but it seems there is only Windows version at their Humble Store. Is there any specific reason why it is so?

    46. Creator Jimmybee on July 12, 2014

      "It's a door, dumbass!" :) Loving Quest For Infamy!

    47. Creator Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander on July 12, 2014

      Hey guys! Few things:

      Null pointer error can happen with the game being installed in a protected directory: try installing it in a different directory than "program files" or right click the icon and select "Run as Administrator" to make it work properly for now. We're looking into an update to help you automatically solve this problem. @Anthony - the error in picking resolution happens because of this too - run "WinsetupQFI.exe" as "Run as Administrator" as well to solve that.

      MacOS version is coming - we're sorry about that; there's been some last minute bugs we have been trying to iron out and we'll get that rolling out soon. It's coming and has not been axed! Everyone needs to be infamous!!!

      Updates on Physical Rewards will happen after the furor surrounding the release!

      Riggo! Hahah, you're a class act. Did you see the shout out to you in game? Talk to Garyeth in the library of Tyr sometime.

      If you were supposed to get the soundtrack but didn't, send me a PM and I can help you out.

    48. Creator Riggo on July 11, 2014

      @Bt... Got my game, all I need. If you can take any physical reward and turn it into a donation to worthy charity, I am good brother...

    49. Creator Sharjeel Shafiq on July 11, 2014

      MacOS X version not out yet? I don't see it on Steam or Humble Bundle site.

    50. Creator GuitarAnthony on July 11, 2014

      I got an error just trying to pick the resolution and only got as far as the title screen to choose a new or old game before I got hit with a script error.

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