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A classic retro-styled point and click adventure/role-playing game.  Take a walk on the dark side and see how you fare.
A classic point and click adventure/role-playing game.  Take a walk on the dark side and see how you fare in this paean to the classic adventure games of yore.
A classic point and click adventure/role-playing game. Take a walk on the dark side and see how you fare in this paean to the classic adventure games of yore.
1,656 backers pledged $63,281 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Chris 4 days ago

      Anything new about the shipping. Just a little update on what is happening would really be nice. Thanks

    2. Andrew on May 20

      Still waiting on the standard dvd edition.

      Sorry but this campaign has really soured pledging physical on software projects for me. Think I'll be only backing digital delivery from now on.

    3. eXoScoriae on May 15

      Correction, here is the proper email:

    4. eXoScoriae on May 15

      It pays to be vocal. Everyone who pledged for this should care about their money and where it went. It always amazes me the number of people who say things like, "Oh well, I just wanted to support them. I'm fine if I don't get anything." Or even worse, "You can't actually expect to receive anything, Kickstarter is not a store, it's a donation."

      There *is* an obligation to be filled. And some people need motivation to fulfill that obligation.

      For those who haven't received their items yet, email and post to the forums over there.

    5. Insert Disk 2 on May 14

      I guess now that you've dealed with the more vocal people, the rest of us are not going to ever receive anything, are we ?
      Sorry if I'm being rather blunt, but I've also pledged for "Order of the Thorne" & "Roehm To Ruin" physical copies, and I'm very worried I'll never see any of the 3.

    6. themisGR on May 12

      Any chance for an update? It's been TWO months since some of the backers received their physical rewards. How's the shipping process going?

    7. Missing avatar

      Christian Geiger on May 6

      Update please!

    8. Andrew on April 27

      C'mon fellas, by the time we get the physical orders this game will be actually retro.

    9. Missing avatar

      Christian Geiger on April 25

      Still waiting ...

    10. Benjamin Penney on April 22

      I haven't received my physical reward yet either, but it's nice to know that things are being sent out. Steven, when can we expect the next shipments? Can you provide rough numbers of how many have been shipped and how many are left to be shipped?

    11. Missing avatar

      Chris on April 12

      Hi there, I have not received the game or companion so far either but reading that people start to get theirs makes me really happy :) Looking really forward to get my items and will let people here know if I get them

    12. Andrew on April 12

      What's happening, anybody?

    13. Andrew on March 22

      Does the shipping update apply to the standard dvd box edition too? Still waiting on that and surely a standard mailer was all that was required?

    14. Paskarl (k0SH) on March 14

      Received my box too (Germany).
      Unfortunatelly it got a bit damaged on the long journey :(
      Box content and companion are GREAT!

    15. eXoScoriae on March 13

      My copy of the game arrived today.

      Thanks to BT for following through. It's nice to see this Kickstarter through.

      Oh, and groovy dad. Go fuck yourself.

    16. Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander 3-time creator on March 13

      David! Good to hear, glad it arrived safely.

    17. Missing avatar

      David B on March 10

      UPDATE - I GOT MY REWARD TODAY! I did in fact receive my physical copy of Quest for Infamy. Also included was a sheet print that looks a lot like Creepy magazine. It shipped out from Minoa, NY on the 7th and I got it on the 10th. Thank you Steven and the Infamous Quests team!!!

    18. Dablue
      on March 7

      Speaking of hot air... Stephen, either post news on refunds or on shipping orders.. because if I am reading one more word about Disney world I am going to flip.

    19. GroovyDad and the Slap Me Some Skin Kids on March 5

      Well eXoScoriae it looks like you have become a broken record at this point. At least we all know that you are full of hot air at this point.

    20. eXoScoriae on March 4

      Hey GroovyDad, seriously, go fuck yourself.

    21. Fien on March 1

      Mr Blackthorne. Three weeks ago, you said you would post a detailed update about the physical rewards "in the next couple of weeks". Still waiting...

    22. GroovyDad and the Slap Me Some Skin Kids on February 26

      Well eXoScoriae I am guessing that you are a spoiled little child then. You do realize that in todays civilized world you are acting like a cry baby. All I am asking is that you act like an adult. But it is like you are incapable of doing anything more than making blank threats against people that you don't even know and screaming with vulgarity. Is this how you talk to everybody? Or just people that you will think that you will never come face to face with?

    23. eXoScoriae on February 20

      Hey GroovyDad, seriously, go fuck yourself.

    24. GroovyDad and the Slap Me Some Skin Kids on February 15

      Dude, your anger, frustration, and irrational ommunications is all on you. I just called for calm and clear heads and you freaking verbally attack me. I'm guessing that you're an adult but you're acting like a psychotic little child that screaming and yelling because he doesn't get to play with the toys when he wants to. I am also waiting on the collector's edition and the hint book. But I'm just going to ask again and let's discuss this in a civil manner and not use vulgarity and threats. We can actually get along but you have to try man.

    25. eXoScoriae on February 10

      You have no idea how long I tried to be nice before I became frustrated.

    26. eXoScoriae on February 10

      Hey GroovyDad, go fuck yourself. If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't even have an update.

    27. GroovyDad and the Slap Me Some Skin Kids on February 8

      Thank you Steven, we are all very excited to get the physical goods to the game. And we all know that you have been going through a whole lot in the past year. Sometimes we forget that other people have lives, ups and downs, successes and tragedies. And you especially have had those in droves in the past few years. I know that it gets frustrating waiting on that collector’s edition and guide book. But in the end and to us backers including eXo, it is just a box to an awesome game. To you it is a part of your passion and your life. Don’t let the angry mob sway your actions and life. You have come a long way doing what you wanted to do and accomplishing more than most. Hey eXo, honey works way more than salt man. I know you are frustrated but please man. Calm down because we are all in the same boat.

    28. Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander 3-time creator on February 7

      Hey Guys, obviously I haven't checked this comment section in some time, so I apologize. eXo has contacted me on other venues and informed me of this, so I'm by here to try and respond to you.

      I will be posting a much more detailed update in the next couple weeks, hopefully with pictures and such to help assuage fears, but I promise you - your packages will come. I understand people's frustrations here regarding the physical rewards, and honestly, it's a big black spot on this for me - as I'm proud of the team's work on Quest for Infamy. I think we created a great adventure game, and I'm proud that we created and finished it. Being held back on the physical rewards is something that weighs on me, and definitely adds to my personal stress. I do want you to know that I care, I'm not some guy who is laughing at you or running away - you will get your items. I'm sorry about the delays, I've had many things holding me up. I understand why eXo is so mad, and I'm doing my best to try and take care of things. Again, if anyone wants to talk to me personally about anything, you can send an email to and it'll reach me. I check my email often, sorry about forgetting the comments section. You are important to me, please know that.

    29. eXoScoriae on February 7

      For those keeping count, Steven has been claiming since September of 2015 that items have been sent out every week. At one point he claimed he was sending about 3 packages per week.

      Basic math says that there have been 69 weeks since October 1st, 2015. At 3 packages per week, that would have been 207 packages.

      There were 174 backers who pledged for the basic physical DVD.
      68 more backers pledged for the special edition DVD.
      148 backers pledged at a tier that would include the big box.

      At 207 packages, every single backer who supported at the basic DVD level should have received their item, as well as nearly half of the "special edition" dvd backers.

      And yet, not a single person in the comments has ever claimed to have received anything.

      Meanwhile, over in the dozens of other adventure game kickstarters I have backed, backers are quick to post pictures of their goods and share news that they have received their items.

      Steven however claims that everyone who has received items here must not be posting about it. He is lying about shipping and then pretending to place blame on backers for not posting about the packages he hasn't actually sent out. How delusional is that?

      At this point I am moving forward with legal action. Considering the amount of money I have tied up in this project as well as the other kickstarter, it pushes it out of small claims court.

      My lawyer will be contacting kickstarter and requesting a list of contact emails for all backers who had physical items in this kickstarter. He will also be requesting a list of all backers in the other project who either had physical items or had pledged for the undelivered game, Roehm to Ruin.

      At that point backers will receive an email encouraging them to join in a class action lawsuit.

      Unfortunately Steven is not going to have much time or money for Disney World anymore after all this is said and done.

    30. eXoScoriae on February 7

      Steven is too busy going to Disney World and posting to the disneyworld subreddit to actually provide an update.

      This is what he has been spending his money on. Look through his reddit posts and you'll see he has been several times in the past year.

      So no, there are no health issues. If there are money issues then it is because he is spending it on stuff like this. And meanwhile, the co-CEO of this game, Shawn Mills,actively blames you, the backer, for their failure.…

    31. Missing avatar

      Helmishgen on February 3

      Seeing as how BT refuses to comment on the topic anymore we will never know.

      We made his game a reality and we can't even get a straight answer. Everything said up to this point is extremely suspect.

    32. Magne Karlsen on February 3

      It must be difficult to put those dvds Into those bubble mailers and send them.

      If he is not going to send them why just not say so. At this time there really are no excuses (except maybe health related).

    33. Andrew on February 3

      I'm only waiting on a standard dvd copy of the game. How many January's must come and go with the promises of "sending out soon"?

    34. eXoScoriae on January 31

      Time is excusable. Totally ignoring the project and all comments, messages, emails, and forum posts in regards to it isn't.

    35. Insert Disk 2 on January 28

      As Fidel Dahan would say : "Dis is taking much time"

    36. eXoScoriae on January 10

      Agreed on all levels Martin. I've positive he isn't happy with the situation. On the other hand, he doesn't seem to be tackling it either. Honestly, I'm afraid it's something deeper, such as depression. Which can be difficult to deal with by itself and without an overwhelming task on top of it. Some of the signs are there, such as loss of a loved one, having a child, and his company folding. And I hate the idea that if that *is* the case, I am contributing to it be being so forceful about this. On the other hand, ignoring the situation and just giving him time hasn't done any good so far. And the notion that something like depression may be involved is a total assumption on my part, and I could be completely wrong.

      So I try to walk the line of being understanding, but not being a total pushover and getting railroaded here.

    37. Missing avatar

      Martin O
      on January 9

      I've read about the bigbox mainly being an issue and at least some DVDs and single books were sent out.
      I don't know what it really is that it takes so long. Also I'm pretty sure he isn't happy about this situation either.

      I have no problem waiting longer. But I think it would be better for him to be able to send all this stuff out as soon as possible so he can finalise these two Kickstarter projects, freeing him from this burden (note that he should bear in mind that even then he will have to deal with returned packages etc. for quite some time).

    38. eXoScoriae on January 9

      Now he has begun to ignore the forums on his own website. He hasn't responded to the thread in question since December 13th. He has ignored the PM's I sent him as well.

      And yes, I am an "impatient brat" because I have question\frustrations over the status of something that Steven himself said would be shipping over a year ago. SO, by that logic, anyone here who has ever expressed frustration or dismay in the process is an "impatient brat".

      At this point, Steven doesn't care. He doesn't care enough to update. He doesn't care enough to find a simple solution to sending out the games. He has lied about how many games he sends out per week (hint: the truth is closer to zero than 3). He refuses to give proof he has sent anything out. And he doesn't respond to messages, PM's, or posts wither here or on his own website.

    39. Missing avatar

      Martin O
      on January 9

      I've read that one thread in the forum (…) and a lot of what eXoScoriae said (here and there) is reasonable.

      That said, I still have hope that I will get the packages eventually.

    40. Missing avatar

      Martin O
      on January 9

      @eXoScoriae: Some basically called you an "impatient brat" and "childish", there are people... unbelievable.

    41. eXoScoriae on January 5

      So I've been posting actively over on the IQ forums.

      Unfortunately it is more of a hostile territory over there. Ask where the boxed game is and you are immediately called "entitled" among other things. Then you'll get several people telling you that Steven is "doing everything he can" and "trying his best". Which, if they believe that, is really just sad.

      For those of us waiting on the big box, Steven still maintains that he is afraid to send them out because they will get crushed. I, and others, have given several suggestions on exactly how to send these out. It's not really a huge mystery. eBay sellers ship large old school PC boxed games every day.

      I've yet to get a response as to *why* a priority flat rate USPS box isn't a proper solution here.

      Occasionally he mentions it is time consuming to fold boxes. Or other various excuses. Honestly, when you add it all up, it really just seems like he checked out after they realized they wouldn't be making any more games.

      I brought up legal action (for which I was called entitled, lol) both here and on their forums. I was not making it as a simple idle threat. Nor did I bring it up lightly or out of nowhere. I, like many of you, feel that the amount of time we have been patient does not jive with the lack of updates and the continual excuses provided by Steven. It's not like I just jumped to legal action. It is very literally, one of only two options I have left. After all, I can either continue waiting, or begin legal action. I'm not aware of a third option here.

      As for me, I'm sad and I'm disappointed. I pledged for a big box here as well as on the OotT and RtR kickstarter. I did that for two reasons. One, because I wanted to support a group of developers who honestly seemed excited about what they were doing. Two, I wanted boxed copies of those games to sit on my shelves alongside all the other games I grew up loving.

      Since then there have been some major changes. The group of developers has disbanded, and possibly even left the third game unfinished. The few who are left no longer seem excited about any of this. That in turn changes the meaning behind a boxed copy.

      Now I have to ask myself, do I want a boxed copy that (if I ever receive it) simply reminds me of a 2 year period of excuses and disappointments?

      I'd encourage every one of you to take your thoughts, complaints, frustrations, etc over to

      There is a thread there about not receiving your boxed copy. You are much more likely to get a response if you put it in a place that Steven can't easily ignore.

    42. Missing avatar

      Christian Geiger on January 1

      Still no physical copy in my mail ...

    43. Bob Zygala on December 26

      Steven, this has long since ceased to be an acceptable delay. We are now several YEARS past the point the game was released, you've released SEQUELS to the game, and those of us who put up the money to make it possible have not gotten what we were promised in exchange for doing that. There is absolutely nothing that can justify this level of delay- if it's taking longer than you expected to pack things up by yourself, then you need to get help. You are EXTREMELY lucky that nobody has decided to turn this into a class-action lawsuit against you. Given the number of pissed off people in these comments, you're pushing your luck with that.

    44. Paskarl (k0SH) on December 25

      Any update, Steven?
      Another two months (!) with no news at all.
      1) "People who have gotten their items probably aren't checking this site any more, or the comments"
      People love to share. So they would proudly post what they got. So this is crap.
      3) "I will post another major update when more items are going out."
      Can you say WHEN this UPDATE will happen? And WHAT it will be look like?
      Please DON'T do another "I send 100 packages".
      If you want to be transparent share a list of backer names with the date and items you've sended them.
      4) "When I said a "few" DVDs and companions, I didn't mean a couple - I mean close to 100"
      Again, transparency would be appriciated.
      Who got what and when?
      How long did it take you to send out the 100. A month? A year? More?
      Last message from you "sending it to you" was May - 7 months ago.
      "I had sent out a few Big Boxes that got damaged in the process, and I want to avoid that for people in the future. This means extra time and effort on my part."
      Again, no one shared a pic of a damaged box - interesting.
      But even more, you shared this 'story' a year ago. So it's so hard to find a standard big box for shipping world wide? I don't get it! But I get big boxes from the US to Germany every two weeks in a standard parcel box and none was damaged so far.
      I like, I really do. But this still stinks a lot!

    45. eXoScoriae on December 14

      Until you have actually fulfilled the terms of this kickstarter, you owe it to every backer who hasn't received what they paid for to check these comments.

    46. eXoScoriae on December 14

      This is the page where you raised sixty three thousand dollars. This is where you should be responding to people, without them going months at a time without a response.

    47. Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander 3-time creator on December 12

      Hi - sorry, I don't often check the comments here anymore, at least on a regular basis.

      1) People who have gotten their items probably aren't checking this site any more, or the comments, so this is why they aren't chiming in. This is my estimation.
      2) Yes, I did not commit a specific date to you, Exo, because - as I asserted on my forums - I had done so in the past, with the best of intentions, and ultimately that wasn't met. At this juncture, I will not give an absolute date that people will hold on to, because I cannot offer one at this moment with any certainty. I just don't want to make a specific promise that will be held against me later.
      3) You will receive your items, it will just be a matter of time. I will post another major update when more items are going out.
      4) When I said a "few" DVDs and companions, I didn't mean a couple - I mean close to 100 of those. The DVDs and Companions, as individual items, go out in bubble mailers, which are much easier to fill and to send out. The Big Box packages are sent in assembled boxes, which are more complex to put together - and packaging up everything that goes in the package is time consuming. I had sent out a few Big Boxes that got damaged in the process, and I want to avoid that for people in the future. This means extra time and effort on my part. As I am the sole person doing the packing and sending, I have limited time to make packages among my other responsibilities. I'm not saying I have NO time, but yes - I have limited time right now.
      5) Since I check this section infrequently, if anyone has any questions, you can visit our forums as Exo has notes or send an email to info at and I'll be able to respond to you personally and quickly.

      Thank you. I love that you're mounting a revolution, but I am really not that hard to get ahold of if you need to communicate with me. I really don't think any Youtubers would bother with this little project - being that we did complete and deliver the game. If they really did, they can contact me as well.

    48. eXoScoriae on December 12

      Today I messaged BT here, posted here in the comments, tweeted to the IQ twitter account, and posted in their forums. I did get a response on the forums, so I would encourage all folks here who are frustrated to move the discussion from this comments page to the companies actual forums.

      Ultimately, BT admitted he had never gotten around to sending out those copies he promised back on Oct 27th, but claims he sent out "a few" dvd's and hint guides.

      I plan to continue moving forward with legal action, however that will likely only encourage him to *maybe* send mine out. It doesn't do the rest of you much good.

      The irony is, even with the threat of legal action pending, he still couldn't commit to simply getting mine out.

      I'm thinking getting the attention of a few well known youtubers to cover this might help bring some pressure in.

    49. Missing avatar

      David B on December 12

      I have not received anything either. If anyone had received a physical copy I'm sure they would have posted the update here. I'm under the assumption now that we will never see any physical copies.

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