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The next game in the popular Quartermaster General series: 1914 covering the First World War
The next game in the popular Quartermaster General series: 1914 covering the First World War
575 backers pledged £30,664 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Marcel Abt on


      A serious recommendation from a fellow backer:

      Reach out via stating your project plus backer number and let them know your issue.
      Will or Anita will respond and take care.
      Give those guys a fair chance to rectify any issues.

    2. Missing avatar

      Mark James

      Have not received my copy yet either. Any luck reaching out to Townshend?

    3. Missing avatar

      Geraldo on

      I don't receive

    4. Claus Glerup Nielsen

      Still waiting for metal pieces as well...

    5. Sebastian Hummel on

      Played QMG three times last weekend. Really good game - but i still wait for my metal pieces.

    6. Kenneth Law

      Please reply when could you send me the games

    7. Kenneth Law

      Sorry, I still do not receive my pledge, could you help to follow with me?

    8. Alexander Biela on

      I still don't get my metal pieces! Could you send them to me?

    9. kokalle on

      Big thanks to excellent posts below with Anita's contact info!!
      So ,if you haven't got the game contact Anita. It worked for me, I got my copy yesterday.

    10. Claus Glerup Nielsen

      No answer to my mail sent to them asking about missing metal parts which I was promised would be sent to me when I picked the game up at Essen.

    11. Missing avatar

      con mchugh

      Got my missing kickstarter metal pieces today.Thanks guys.

    12. Antoine Bertier

      Hi everyone,

      10 days ago I emailed Anita because I had not received my game. Anita replied the next day saying the game was shipped in december, but must have been lost, so she would send another game.

      5 days later I received my game with the metal parts ! That was fast ! Unfortunately one of the map panels was tearing apart : it was not unplayable but it would not be long before the map was severed at least in two parts.

      So I emailed Anita with a photo of the torn map, and she immediately replied that she was sending a replacement, which I received on Saturday ! Again she must have sent it the very same day she replied to me.

      The fulfillment of this campaign was not without problems, but Anita answered immediately and efficiently to my queries with the best possible answers. So in my book this is top notch customer service from PSC Games, and I will trust them for their future campaigns.


    13. Kuan Lee

      My KS set did not arrive with the metal parts. I have sent messages to you but there has not been any response. Can you please let me know when I can receive the metal parts.


    14. Missing avatar

      Ustas on

      Finally recieved full game )

      Truely speaking, I've recieved the game nearly a month ago, but without metal parts, just like many others. And finally metal parts arrived to me today, and they're so cool )

      Anita, thanks a lot for your kind support!

    15. Missing avatar

      Tim Gow on

      Still nothing. I'm not happy.

    16. Missing avatar

      Marcel Abt on

      I got finally the missing metal parts and the extra. Nice and friendly contact via mail with Anita and it was taken good care of my issue.
      For me, now, this KS is fulfilled.

    17. Matt Hiske on

      No calls, just emails.

    18. Michael Botterill on

      @Matt, have you tried giving them a phone call, that worked for me

    19. Missing avatar

      Jim K

      Thanks Ben. Anita replied quickly and was helpful!

    20. Matt Hiske on

      My last backing for anything from PSC. No response from months of emailing them and they don't check these posts either.

    21. Ben Ebrahim on

      If you haven't received it email:

      I hadn't received 10 days ago and emailed her stating it was a kickstarter pledge with my backer number and I had the game in my hands with all the extras a few days later. Turns out they'd sent it out early December but it had never made it.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jim K

      I never received the game. I have been messaging here and via email since early last week but no replies.

    23. Power Wong

      I have ordered 6 copies and did not get any SG: 3 metal markers, WW1 aircraft recognition poster and a mousemat. No response from them in KS messages.

    24. Matt Hiske on

      Where is my game? Many months have gone by and I still don't know what's going on with this.

    25. Jon Day on

      I received my replacement card and KS extras a couple of days ago after chasing up with PSC again. The little extra was a plastic spruce with a carriage gun and crew.

    26. Michael Botterill on

      Got an email back from them and mine was apparently put in the post yesterday.

    27. Michael Botterill on

      No response to any of my messages or emails so I have given them a phone call, spoke to Tim Harris who assures someone will get back to me soon.

      Sometimes things go wrong, so hopefully it will be easy to rectify.

    28. Missing avatar

      con mchugh

      I still hav'nt received my missing metal piece despite numerous emails..The last I heard was from Anita was that they would be sent out in two weeks.
      That was 3 weeks ago. :(
      Really fed up now.I

    29. PanzerRanger

      No problems ;)

    30. Riccardo Masini on

      I had a similar experience... Everything was in the box (including the metal parts), but I got two misprints on two German cards. After mailing PSC, I got the two right cards... and now I'm fine! Some of the British models have minor problems with their paint coverage, but nothing that a good spray primer can't solve in a couple of minutes.
      So, what I suggest is to check your cards and bits, and email PSC if anything is missing or wrong. Be patient (and don't forget, be nice! ;) ) and in the end you'll get what you need.

    31. Missing avatar

      Heikki Laakkonen on

      Got mine on Tuesday in Finland. VoD was in excellent condition, QG: 1914 also otherwise except that the game board was somewhat damaged in the fold that goes from Paris to Western Mediterranean. The strechgoals were included but not that "something little extra".

      I had contacted first PSC info (no answer) and then Anita (thanks PanzerRanger) from whom I found out that UPS had had difficulties in reaching me. But after contacting them directly (having received the tracking code from Anita) I finally got my pledge - and straight to our gaming night!

    32. Missing avatar

      Steven Butchart on

      Hi All, mine arrive in Australia 4th Jan after being posted on the 12/12/16....pretty good for xmas peroid.
      Mouse pad and poster included put no metal or "extra" parts.
      After reading some comments here I did a card count and came up 1 short in the britsh deck.
      card count as follows. Austria Hungary 38
      France 30
      Italy 12
      russia 34
      Brits 35
      13 trump cards(usa)
      53 German cards.
      No response from emails or Facebook page.
      make sure you check your games on arrival i guess....hopfully there will be a response.

    33. Matt Hiske on

      Very confused about this project and wth is going on.

    34. Missing avatar

      Sven Novak on

      Still nothing. A friend received his copy two weeks ago and I see here in the comments that some already recieved a replacement copy. Unprofessional to say the least.

    35. Missing avatar

      Ustas on

      Still have no game. Also there is no any answer from PSC side, That's annoying

      Did anyone recieve tracking ID for their package?

    36. Missing avatar

      Geraldo on

      Up to the present moment I have not received my

    37. Mark Turner on

      Replacement copy finally arrived today, with metal bits (the first never arrived). So hang on in there, they'll get round to you.

    38. Missing avatar

      Marco Koeder on

      Mine arrived in Tokyo finally. Still need to check for any missing or mixed up parts.

    39. kokalle on

      I am one of those who hasn't received the game. Very annoying.

    40. Paul C. on

      Thanks Panzer Ranger!

    41. Missing avatar

      chris greenfield

      I am also getting no response, I recieved a terribly incomplete game -missing 5 cards- and have not heard back. So while I got the game, i certainly can't play it in the current state

    42. Georgius Petronius Mutatio on

      I fetched the Game at Spiel in Essen. Will told me that the metal tokens where not ready made, but he promised me to send them. I wrote Mail no answer. I wrote message via Facebook, no answer. I recieved advertising mail, wrote mail via reply, no answer. Are you working so hard, that u are not able to answer mails?

    43. Михаил Бобов on

      I never received this game.

    44. Matt Hiske on

      Will we be notified when this ships, possibly a tracking number.

    45. Mark Turner on

      I never received this game.

    46. nathan on

      Woo hoooooo it arrived today excited to get to the table lol

    47. Missing avatar

      Marcel Abt on

      Hey y'all!

      Something to report: as with most of you, the metal parts were missing ;asked Anita about it via mail and just got my reply that they will be sent out early next year to all backers that are missing them. So this issue is known to PSC and they try to take care of it.
      I, for now, stop worrying, just await the extra stuff to arrive and enjoy the game.

      Well then, PSC, although deeds are mostly louder than words, it could not hurt to spare some of them with all backers sometimes ;)

    48. Jon Day on

      I think it's correct.

    49. Missing avatar

      chris greenfield

      is the card count on the play aid correct? if so i am missing 4-5 cards

    50. Galahad777

      Ohh...and none of the metal kickstarter exclusive tokens? Anybody get these in a separate package?

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