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Building an open source Bussard fusion reactor, aka the Polywell.
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79 backers pledged $3,785 to help bring this project to life.

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World's First Amateur Bussard Fusion Reactor

Posted by Famulus (Creator)

1 year, 4 months and 22 days ago we came together to fund the open source Bussard fusion reactor.

Today the open source Bussard fusion reactor is operational!!!

Together we built the world's first amateur Bussard fusion reactor!!!

Details of first operation:

History of this project:

This is just the start. Now we will run experiments and publish data.

This is a huge day for open source science!

Approaching First Light

Posted by Famulus (Creator)

The copper coil Bussard Reactor is approaching first light!

Look at the progress:

I hope to strike a plasma with this setup in the next week or so!


Posted by Famulus (Creator)

Big win today!!!

We just got the superconducting magnet to run in a persistent state:

I've been working towards this for a year!


Posted by Famulus (Creator)

Unless you just returned from a two week camping trip, you already know this.... but for the record... this project just received INSANE PRESS:

Hello world!

Neutron Club

Posted by Famulus (Creator)

Great news!

This project has been added to the official list of independent researchers to achieve nuclear fusion:

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