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The psychedelic tale of a young man who has been imprisoned for no particular reason and his dreams as he comes to terms with reality.

The psychedelic tale of a young man who has been imprisoned for no particular reason and his dreams as he comes to terms with reality. Read More
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Craig Mullins
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Craig Mullins

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NOTE: The title of this novel has been changed from "I Am Not John Hampton" to "Eternal Life Through Nanobots (ver. 2.6.331.1)"


"Bunk 23!"

The lights are on and a parade of orange misfits drudges in line to a manic beat, collecting breakfast trays and scattering. The elephant is already out of bed, but the blanket still hangs there. I push it out of the way, slip on my laceless shoes and join the parade. The imitation blue suede shoes groggily tap along to the spiraling beats of the jailhouse. This early in the morning, we are silent automatons, driven to our food only by the instinct to survive. The curse of life without freedom is the desire to keep living. Mrs. hands me my tray and a cup for the Kool-Aid. I've got a pear and half a cup of cereal. I sit at a round table.

"Man, I'd kill for a cigarette," says the guy who calls me John, the guy who beats his wife. I take a bite from my pear as the elephant hands over his tray to the homeless sleepwalker and heads back toward his bunk.



Sixteen minutes. Recklessly counting down to my own oblivion. Even Columbine lies silently in his bunk. The jailhouse is shadows, except for in the hall, where one lonely light peeks through the window, just enough to keep us awake. I can hear the clock ticking, counting the seconds just like the rest of us, counting to our court dates, our arraignments, to the ends of our lives, to tomorrow. Counting to the singularity where everything turns around and nothing matters anymore. John Hampton believes in two universes: one where we exist and one where we don't. They're both exactly the same. And he says that if you head west at just the right speed, chasing the setting sun, time will stop and you can live forever, always running, running, running, and the night will never come.



Hi, I'm Craig Mullins. I'll be devoting the next several months of my life to finishing my first novel in relative isolation. My novel is a psychedelic story about a young man who is thrown in county jail for a crime that may or may not really exist. His situation has left him with an identity crisis; he tries to sort out who he really is in a cascade of dreams and flashbacks. In its early stages, my book has been called "a noir story unmoored from time and consensus reality." It is heavily inspired by the beat writers of the 50's as well as the styles of Thomas Pynchon and David Foster Wallace, but this book is an entirely new animal. The characters shift back and forth between charming, hilarious and terrifying and the story seamlessly twists and turns through the corridors of the narrator's mind.

In order to make this book into what I believe it's capable of being, I'm going to need space and time (in more than a cosmic sense.) I'm going to be spending my summer in Alaska, where I can quantize my ideas in peace and finish this book that I've been working on for months already. During this time, my life will be entirely dedicated to writing and editing my work. 

I hope you, my friends on Kickstarter can help me reach some of my goals and turn this book into something I can be really proud of. It means everything to me. I've included some pretty awesome rewards to entice you to help me out ;)

Thanks for visiting my page! I hope to hear from a lot of you soon. ~Craig


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