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This system extracts 3-D data from ALL of your games and lets you play them in 3-D on ANY 2-D or 3-D TV for a better gaming experience.

This system extracts 3-D data from ALL of your games and lets you play them in 3-D on ANY 2-D or 3-D TV for a better gaming experience. Read More
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“In the unmarked office of 3-D Vision, Inc., you can see a television or PC display a videogame or movie with a convincing stereoscopic effect. That might not seem very unique. However, the television is a CRT from the 1990s, the video game is Super Mario for the Nintendo 64 and the movie is The Wizard of Oz, made in 1939.”

“It overcomes some of the other, oft-overlooked barriers to 3D adoption by creating 3D video from 2D content on 2D (or 3D) displays. On televisions, this is achieved via a small set-top box -- that plugs into the video source and the TV and converts the video in real-time with virtually no latency… It is impressive in both the quality of the 3D effect and the range of devices with which it can work. As for output devices, even analog tube-based televisions can display convincing 3D content from 2D films.”


“I was immediately doubtful when I read the pitch. After seeing it in person, my doubts were proven to be unfounded. This tech works. And it works exceptionally well.”


"Gene Dolgoff, CEO of 3-D Vision, developed a way to turn two-dimensional video content into 3-D imagery without the need for new televisions. Though his converter for homes is still in the prototype phase, he says a production model could be ready soon—with enough funding."


What could be better than playing your favorite games on a big screen TV ??

Playing them in 3-D on a big screen TV!! 

3-D that is so realistic, you feel like you're in the game!

Games on a big screen, with great quality stereo sound, add a lot to the gaming experience. Now imagine if, in addition, every game could also be played in really great 3-D too - Platformers, Shooters, Sports, RPG's, Adventure Games, Vehicle Games, Exergames, Indies - everything. Imagine if all games from every game system and platform (including Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, and Ouya), and from your computer and the Internet, and even from your smartphone and tablet, could all be played in 3-D. Well, now it’s all possible. 

So, how is that possible? 


Most games imitate the look of 3-D. But nothing played on a regular 2-D screen has the depth or the relief of real 3-D. We love real 3-D, and have been working for years to bring it to the world of gaming. 

Now, after years of development, our dedicated team has perfected a new kind of affordable gaming accessory that turns every 2-D game and game system into real 3-D. Not the simulated, random 3-D conversion that current 3-D TVs and other converters provide (which range from no 3-D at all to eyestrain), but a unique immersive and natural 3-D experience that is based on real 3-D data hidden in every game, and presented in a way that is based on exactly how our brains create the 3-D experience in real life. 

Our patented Instant 3-D™ Converter will transform your gaming experience forever. We expect to make it available to everyone at a retail price of only $299. But if you make a donation to help us get this product out, you can get one for way less. Nothing like this has ever existed before! It truly takes all of gaming to the next level. And the instant conversion provided is latency free, so the action on your screen tracks your controller movements exactly! 

Yeah, but who can afford to go out and get a brand new 3-D TV or projector to watch it on? 

Well, if you already have a 3-D TV or projector, our system will work great with it. But, with our unique converter system, YOU DON’T EVEN NEED A 3-D TV OR PROJECTOR TO SEE YOUR GAMES IN 3-D!!! Your good old 2-D TV or projector will show you the same great 3-D! 

No 3-D TV or Projector Needed! 

What ??? 

That’s what we said! You’ll see the same great 3-D on ANY TV or projector, even if it’s your old 2-D TV or projector. Whether it’s CRT, LCD, DLP, Plasma, LED, Laser, or whatever – it works on all of them! For the price of an iPod you can turn any TV or projector into a 3-D TV or projector! 

Our system comes with a pair of our special new, patent pending RF shutter glasses that let you watch any TV or projector in 3-D when using our converter. And, since our glasses use RF, you could even stick our converter in a drawer or cabinet and it will still convert your TV or projector to 3-D. Plus we also include a pair of our new patent pending FullColor 3D™ glasses for your smartphone, tablet, and your computer monitor. Now all of your viewing devices can be used to play any game in 3-D. 

And, if you’re a game developer, our SDK will make you a 3-D Super Star. 


If you already have the software and know-how to make a 2-D game, now you can maximize the 3-D it will display when played through our converter. We're including an SDK which is simple to use so that any game you want to make can be made with the best 3-D for our system. For the first time, there's no need for the added difficulty and expense of specialized 3-D knowledge or specialized 3-D programmers. You won't need an expensive 3-D dev kit or special 3-D credentials. You can start applying the SDK right out-of-the-box to your 2-D game. This provides you with a whole new business model, making games that are 3-D enabled at no extra cost to you. 

What will the product actually look like? 

Right now we have lab-bench prototypes that work great, but are big and clunky looking (as lab-bench prototypes tend to be). 

   This is our current working prototype

However, with your support, we will mass produce our Instant 3-D™ Converter in a set-top box size using a radical new design, conceived by us to be as unique as the technology inside. You’ve never seen anything that looks like this before! 

One side of the unit is somewhat conventional looking, with an LCD screen to display all of your settings, buttons to make all of your selections, and all of the input and output jacks, making it easy to connect to your game systems and other devices, as well as to your TV or projector. The inputs are Composite, Component, VGA, DVI, and four HDMI ports. This lets you hook up many different devices to your converter at once (each easily selectable). The outputs are Composite, Component, and HDMI, allowing you to connect to any TV or projector to watch 3-D easily. There's also a mini-USB for downloading upgrades and offsite trouble shooting. Any feature is subject to change.

But the top and other three sides look like nothing from this planet. Look at any one of those sides and you'll see different galaxies stretching back in 3-D into the vastness of infinity. Really. This is accomplished with the use of internal light sources, new image technology, and special optics. In addition, the galaxies' colors change over time, or stay in a constant color pattern, selectable by you, creating an eerie overall glow. You can even select black and white only, or no light at all.

Planned Design of the Instant 3-D™ Converter
Planned Design of the Instant 3-D™ Converter

But does it actually work? 


We’ve done a lot of demos of our Instant 3-D™ Converter prototype for a lot of people. People have used our system to play many games in awesome 3-D, including: Doom, Minecraft, Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong Jr., Kung Fu Panda, Off Road, Tomb Raider, Batman, Star Fox, Grand Theft Auto 5, Mortal Kombat, Star Wars, Halo, Medal of Honor, Wii Sports, Fruit Ninja, Battlefield 3 and 4, Spiderman, Dead or Alive, Assassin’s Creed, Angry Birds, Real Racing 2, Call of Duty, Powerup Heros, Gears and Guts, Ninja Fishing, Pirates Age, Darksiders 2, Madden 13, Fight Night Champions, Kill Zone, Watch Dogs, Motor Storm: Apocalypse, Bioshock Infinite, Star Wars Force Unleashed 2, and Resident Evil.

Here are some of the many reactions we’ve gotten from people using the Instant 3-D Converter:


“It makes you feel like you are ‘in’ the game. After seeing this technology, you can’t go back to 2-D.” - Member of the Sony Gamers Advisory Panel, which approves all Sony games prior to release


"It does a good job. You really don't notice it wasn't shot in 3-D." - Douglas Rousso, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, CBS Corporation


"Some of your 3-D conversions were better than  the conversions we saw from Hollywood studios." - Bert Collins, Director of Technology and Standards, 3Net/Discovery Communications


"It's remarkable...You've built a rocket that can go to the moon." - Bob Whitehill, Stereoscopic Supervisor, Pixar Animation Studios


All of the responses have been great. More of them can be seen in the video clips and articles that you can link to here:

More First Time Reactions to Instant 3-D

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Oh, and by the way… 

The system also converts any video into real 3-D. 

Cable, satellite, Over-Air-Broadcast, Internet, DVR, Blu-ray, DVD, VCR, Camcorder, Tablet, Smartphone – hit movies, TV shows, your home-made videos – all of them are converted into great 3-D when using the Instant 3-D™ Converter. No kidding. Watch Hulu, Netflix, Youtube, live sports, your favorite old movies, every gaming web site, etc., all in great 3-D, based on the real 3-D information that is really there. And you still don't have to get a 3-D TV or projector!

Just thought you might like to know. 

So, what is the technology behind this breakthrough, and how is it different from everything else out there today? 

Today’s 3-D TVs and other portable converters create an illusion of 3-D when playing 2-D videos by randomly horizontally offsetting different areas of the screen differently for each eye. This provides some feeling of depth, but has no direct correlation to the actual depth information in a scene. 

Our patented Instant 3-D™ Converter, on the other hand, is the only system available that instantly provides true depth information from 2-D video that was actually there when the videos were shot (or, for animations, when the animations were constructed within a computer).

This is accomplished by comparing two frames at a time inside of an internal buffer. Actual differences in depth within a 2-D scene can be detected because objects at different depths occlude each other differently when they move, have different vertical positions and sizes, and have different levels of brightness, contrast, color saturation, resolution, and sharpness, depending on where they are in depth. Using this information, coupled with the way our brains create the experience of 3-D from two different images at a time, our converter produces stereo pairs in real time that provide real depth experiences. For a more detailed understanding of how it works, see this podcast: 

The conversion steps are represented graphically in this diagram: 

Who has developed this awesome new device? 

The inventor is Gene Dolgoff, the developer and inventor of holographic printing (used on credit cards), the digital projector, which made 3-D movies practical (used in 75% of the world’s movie theaters), and several other neat things, with over 65 patents worldwide. Gene made his first 3-D TV at age 13, started making holograms at age 14, and shot his first 3-D movie at age 17. He also gave Gene Roddenberry the idea of the Holodeck, used on Star Trek. Gene started the digital projection industry, taking his company public on NASDAQ, and was the proponent of using digital HD TV in the US, which is the standard used today. He and his team worked for years to make this new product a reality. For more information on Gene Dolgoff, see the "bio" section of this Kickstarter page, or just put his name into Google. 

This is Gene Dolgoff, inventor of the Instant 3-D™ Converter, as the guest captain of the Starship Enterprise in a Star Trek episode rehearsal, featuring the original Star Trek cast. Gene Roddenberry arranged for Gene Dolgoff to play the first guest captain, and for shooting at Universal studios.

So why don’t we rule the world already? 

In time. In time. That’s where you come in. We need your support to get our final system (which already works great as a prototype) into large scale production. Help us now with your donation, and you’ll get one before the rest of the world, way below market price. Thank you for helping to make all of gaming 3-D. We love you for it. 

Why Kickstarter? 

We’ve come a long way, including perfecting the technology and making working prototypes, with our own money and that of family and friends. Now we need enough funding to begin mass-production. So, we’re going to you, the people who will use and appreciate this disruptive breakthrough. Kickstarter is the best, and most visible platform for us to let you know what we’re making available to you. 

Show the world, with your pledged donations, that you’re ready for a 3-D world. 

In addition to ordering one system for yourself, you could order another one as an awesome gift for someone you like or want to impress. 

Also, please tell at least three of your friends to check out this Kickstarter page. And ask them to tell three more. Let’s keep the chain going. 

The more you support us, the more we can develop for you. And we have some pretty awesome follow-on features in development now, that you’ll be able to download to your system. 

The more people that get our system, the more game developers (big and small) will produce 3-D content, and the more TV studios will produce 3-D shows, and the more 3-D TVs will be manufactured at lower and lower prices. Affordable, high quality 3-D for everyone is possible. Let’s make it happen!

Risks and challenges

Like with any new product, delays can occur in the process of final engineering and production of our Instant 3-D™ Converter. "Years ago, when I invented the digital projector, I worked closely with manufacturers and licensees to get projector products developed, mass-produced, and sold. There were many challenges to overcome then too, but I persevered through them all to reach completion, and started the digital projection industry. I will rely on my experience, knowledge, and commitment to success, as well as the support and competence of great team members, partners, and sub-contractors to get this important product out to consumers." - Gene Dolgoff

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • The Instant 3-D Converter comes with one pair of special RF shutter glasses and one pair of FullColor 3D glasses (a "pair of glasses" means the glasses worn by one person at one time). Both kinds of glasses are patent pending. Extra pairs of both kinds of glasses will also be sold separately. The special RF shutter glasses work with the converter to allow the viewer to see everything in 3-D on any 2-D or 3-D TV or projector. 3-D TVs and projectors will also work to provide 3-D with the converter when using the glasses that come with the 3-D TV or projector. The FullColor 3D glasses allow for viewing of 3-D content directly on the screens of computer monitors, tablets, and smartphones.

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  • We are making a SPECIAL OFFER during our Kickstarter campaign. Anyone that recommends someone else to our campaign who donates at least $149 will get an additional pair of our RF shutter glasses and an additional pair of our FullColor 3D glasses FREE. So, recommend more people to help our campaign and get more FREE 3-D GLASSES! The recommended person making the new donation should post a comment in the "Comments" tab (say something positive) and mention the name of the person who recommended that they donate to the campaign. That way we'll know who to send the FREE 3-D glasses to. Keep the chain going!

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