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A documentary to satisfy Reddit's curiosity on getting your curiosities satisfied.

Reddit recently had a hugely successful AMA (Ask me Anything) with Amy Page, a worker at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada. One theme that came up in the comments, was the want of an AMA done by a redditor who had visited her there.

I bravely seek to be that guy, and produce that AMA. 

This Kickstarter is for a Reddit conceived and funded documentary, in the Ask Me Anything format. I'll document and publish every piece of it that I can manage to get a camera in to, as it happens. When things are all 'wrapped up' (or done being 'wrapped up') - the AMA starts. I'm prepared to set aside as much time as is needed to answer your questions. This isn't a between-lunch-and-dinner stop on the media circuit - it's an entirely through question and answer session with someone who wants to satisfy your curiosity about having your curiosities satisfied.

For as little as $5, you can help be a part of this undertaking - not just as a backer, but as a participant through the inclusion of your question in the resulting AMA!


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    I will answer your question posted in the AMA (to the best of my ability), guaranteed. Your question is likely to get a bunch of karma, too. So you get to be an IRL karma whore.

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    Ask a question ahead of time, and I'll attempt to find out the answer while there and include it in the final product.

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    I will call you in the middle of the session, and answer one question (with Amy's input, hopefully). If you use Google Voice (or whatever) and record the call, I'll include in on the AMA.

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    I'll attempt to have an experience of your choosing (within reason), and answer a question about it. I'd say "don't make me regret this" - but I figure that's a pretty sure thing.

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    Platinum Diamond Angel Nuclear Level. If you happen to be some venture capital deity, with enough money that you just flat out want to see this AMA made - here is your option. I would invite you to have dinner with me somewhere near the ranch, and hold a private AMA. Also, I will give you the most gracious high five ever.

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