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Godeater Project Status(^^,)


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    We’re really hoping everyone will pledge at least $5 to get private access to the behind-the-scenes blog The Godeater Chronicles, for the making of the graphic novel, as well as the PDF version of the completed book.

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    Our upcoming website will list you as one of the supporters of the workshop. You get private access to the blog: The Godeater Chronicles, the pdf version of the graphic novel and a special sketch book of concept art and character designs of The Godeater Graphic Novel.

  • Pledge $20 or more
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    1 Hardcover copy of THE GODEATER Graphic Novel Volume One. While the website will feature a page a week of this 156 paged graphic novel, your book will feature pages of a special origin prologue. These exclusive pages will never appear on the website… ever.

  • Pledge $49 or more
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    You’ll receive all of the above, including the sketch book, plus your Hardcover copy signed by the artist, and you’ll also get two additional unsigned copies to give away to friends.

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    2 backers Limited (98 left of 100)

    All the above and your name is listed in the acknowledgments at the end of the book. Yes, as a very special thank you for helping us launch the workshop, and print the book, your name will appear inside.

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    For such a generous pledge you'll receive all the above, plus THE GODEATER CD Soundtrack. This features the original Music from the series of video webcomic episodes. You'll also receive a special autographed Godeater T-shirt.

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    All the above plus an Exclusive Original Art piece featuring Battle Maiden Asaana Vs. Your Favorite Character, Yourself or perhaps some Celebrity you love to hate. We don't care. Who do you want Asaana to crush? The approximate size of the art will be 11x17.

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    All the video webcomic episodes of THE GODEATER will be burned to dvd with extra episodes & bonus material that won’t appear on the website. You’ll receive 3 exclusive dvds with 3 cds and an additional 3 hardcover copies signed by both the artist and the author.

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    An Extra Special Thanks listed in the front of the book beneath the main credits and an Exclusive Original Cover Art Painted by the Artist Jerome Wheeler.

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    0 backers Limited (10 left of 10)

    In addition to the above Extra Special Thank You in the front of the book, our art presenters travels to your event, store or school, to give our creative arts workshop. This workshop provides a packet that includes 1 hardcover package of book/cd/dvd for up to 100 participants. You would have to cover travel, lodging and other related expenses. This reward is limited unfortunately to only 10 pledges. You’ll be contacted by email to discuss and schedule available dates. We promise it will be on the days Jerome actually changes his favorite Superman t-shirt. Lord only knows the last time he’s washed that thing.

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