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Mommy's Favorite Juice - a children's book about wine!'s video poster

How do you explain to your child that 'mommy's juice' is for 'mommy only'? A fun children's book for stressed out moms! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on September 20, 2012.

How do you explain to your child that 'mommy's juice' is for 'mommy only'? A fun children's book for stressed out moms!

About this project

The Book:

Mommy's Favorite Juice: why mommy gets thirsty when you misbehave 

Why can't children's books be fun for the parents too? Mommy's Favorite Juice is a 32 page hardcover book about a young mischievous child named Max and his slightly stressed mom. Follow Max and his mom on a journey that teaches your child important lessons, like the different colors of mommy's juice, where it is in the grocery store, and that mommy is not allowed any juice before dinner, no matter how thirsty she is. 

The illustrations are nearly complete and this book would be available in November in time to be the perfect gift for rookie (or veteran) parents.

The Team:

Mike Nemeth is a new dad frustrated with boring, sappy, and unfunny children's books. While his wife was pregnant, he reluctantly attended a new trend called 'couple's baby showers' - recognizing a lack of humorous baby books, he wrote 'Daddy's Favorite Juice: the bottles in the fridge that aren't for you' in 2011. Veronica Jane is an incredibly talented illustrator based in Columbus, OH that worked with Mike on his first book. She is returning to illustrate this sequel (again under her 'pen' name so as not to jeopardize her teaching career in case there's a parent out there that doesn't share our sense of humor). We're not backed by any big publishing company and I head out in my spare time to get copies of the books in local stores (often rejected by hospital gift shops with statements like: "You think we'd sell a book that promotes drinking with your child?!")

Why Kickstarter?

We're looking to raise $3,000 on Kickstarter to help us print high quality hardcover versions of our new book Mommy's Favorite Juice and our first book Daddy's Favorite Juice. I published the first book using a great on-demand printing company called CreateSpace and sold it on and my website BabyDaddyBooks, but it was only a paperback. Once I had a new baby, I realized that they destroy EVERYTHING, so paperback is out. 

Furthermore, I want to see this book in the big box bookstores and I can't supply them using on-demand printing. So I've turned to another great company, Mascot Books, to handle my hardcover printing and supply the book into the other distributors and companies that can help these books become available everywhere. 

To keep the book priced at a reasonable level (~$15) I've got to print quite a few, so all money raised through this kickstarter campaign is going toward the costs of the first edition printing. Once printed, it will be available again on Amazon, my website, which is powered by another great company called Shopify that helps entrepreneurs handle web payments, etc..., and I'll be able to supply interested retailers (big and small) with great merchandise. If you're a store owner, please contact me at or better yet, select the 'retailer' reward on this page.

What is Kickstarter? Where am I?

If you've found this page through a link from a friend, etc... and have never heard of Kickstarter before, here are the basics. Creative projects are posted on a page with a specific funding goal (in my case $3,000). The creators offer rewards (in my case signed copies of the books) in order to help them 'kickstart' their projects. You select how much you'd like to contribute AND ONLY IF I REACH MY GOAL, will your credit card be charged. So I have to raise $3,000 or I don't get anything. It's a pretty cool website, I've backed some projects, known other friends with successful projects, and done a lot of research into what makes a successful project. If you have other questions about Kickstarter, they have a more detailed FAQ section that can answer your questions.


Thanks for checking out this project - We really hope you decide to support it! Please share this with any friends who appreciate parenting humor and look forward to more laughs from Baby Daddy Books.

-Mike and Veronica


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    NO BOOKS - but a big thank you from Mike and Veronica in the form of a signed Mommy's Favorite Juice postcard - perfect for the fridge!

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    ONE BOOK - your very own hardcover copy of Mommy's Favorite Juice, signed by the author and illustrator, and a thank you postcard from Mike and Veronica.

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    TWO BOOKS - signed hardcover copies of Mommy's Favorite Juice and Daddy's Favorite Juice - great for switching off bedtime reading between parents - and that awesome thank you postcard.

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    TWO SIGNED BOOKS & WINE OPENER - signed hardcover copies of Mommy's Favorite Juice and Daddy's Favorite Juice, thank you postcard, and a Mommy's Favorite Juice logo wine opener.

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    TWO SIGNED BOOKS, WINE OPENER & ARTWORK - signed hardcover copies of both books, a postcard, Mommy's Favorite Juice logo wine opener, and framed 'mommy's juice is for mommy only' artwork.

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    RETAILER STARTER KIT - 10 copies of each hardcover book - perfect for small gift shops and stores - great new baby or baby shower gifts!

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    YOUR WINE IN THE BOOK - Are you a small vineyard or always wanted to be in the wine business? This reward lets your wine label be used as one of the wine bottles and will be featured prominently as its own illustration in the book. Great advertising opportunity. Includes signed copies of the book and a larger print of the page.

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    DADDY'S FAVORITE JUICE IS YOUR JUICE - The ultimate opportunity for a brewery out there. We're rewrite Daddy's Favorite Juice with your beer label. Appears on Cover, Back Cover, and throughout the book. What beer brand wouldn't want to advertise in a fake children's book?!

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