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A Deep Space Exploration box set for the new Traveller RPG, covering the Great Rift.
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Development Diary: 3rd November

Posted by Matthew Sprange (Creator)

Good morning, Gentlesophonts!

The Great Rift box set is... pretty much complete, actually. We are going to hold onto it for just a tad longer as we wait for the rest of the proofing and a few bits of errant artwork, but it is really just the last polishing going on now.

I would expect to be sending you all a copy via Drivethru perhaps around a week next Wednesday.

We have already started work on the three adventures, with the covers all commissioned and in progress, and main layout on them begins next week. We are still on course to get those to you by the end of the month, with the caveat that Deepnight Endeavour is a bit more ambitious than the others and if there is an overrun, that is where it will be (at least the ship now flies...).

At some point very soon, I will also be unveiling our plans for Traveller in 2018 to all of you.

In the meantime, I leave you with some previews...

This is the outpost on Wou'iwyar:

An Imperial patrol probing the shores of the Great Rift in Corridor:

Scout Ships in orbit around Farplace:

Finally, the Rolls-Royce of rift exploration: the Zarelinung Interstellar Vessel. You can download the complete PDF of the ship and its deck plans right HERE.

 More news next week!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Bill Sheil on

      Donald Johnson - I think you have it backwards - the "speed lines" are actually antenna protruding from the bow of the ship - the large tubes at the top right I assume are the engines.

    2. Matthew Sprange 10-time creator on

      Michael: Remember they have facilities in their own Staterooms too.

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Llaneza

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but the deck plans for the Zarelinung only show two freshers for a crew of 23...

    4. The Cifaldi

      <3 the art. Great update. Eagerly awaiting the ship date and can't wait to see whats in store for next year!

    5. Todd Stephens

      Oh... that outpost on Wou'iwyar looks like a place I need to visit. Looks like a place some old gods might hang out.

    6. Missing avatar

      Donald Johnson on

      In response to Tyson's comment, the jump system on the "ANNIC NOVA" (from the Traveller 1 adventure of the same name) had a similar jump drive, but I believe collected "solar power" (light, not helpful in case of a mis-jump into open space). The only "rules" for it was a time to collect sufficient power, but I don't remember it saying how close to a sun of a specific type you had to be.

    7. Missing avatar

      Donald Johnson on

      Is by any chance the "bow" of the Zarelinung class ship at upper right on page 46 (outer mold line picture) and to the lower left on page 47 (deck plans)? References: the "speed" lines on the mold line image, the location of the elevator shaft to the tower, and the placement of the hanger bay on the deck plans. I assume the 4 forward facing tubes are the "collectors"? Don

    8. Missing avatar

      Tyson La Tourrette on

      Where are the rules for an exotic particle powered jump drive? That is very cool!