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The classic RPG of a darkly humorous future; Rebooted by James Wallis to be faster and even easier to play!
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Boxloads and Cards

Posted by Matthew Sprange (Creator)

Good afternoon, brave and loyal Troubleshooters!

I have two bits of good news for you today. First off... the expansion decks have arrived at our office!

 We here at Mongoose really like these sets - and it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that they were way easier to carry up our stairs than the core box sets!

We will start to get these out the door tomorrow, but we expect to finish sending them off next week. There is no word yet on the US-based shipment, but it should just be a few days behind and the warehouse staff there are much quicker at getting them packed up and sent off, so everything should arrive at about the same time.

Second... we have just posted a brand new mission for Paranoia on Drivethru - Troubles by the Boxload, which you can grab right HERE.

Contained within this document you will find a Very Interesting Mission for a group of RED clearance Troubleshooters. In this adventure, the Troubleshooters will deliver some stuff to a warehouse and Everything Will Be Fine. There might be some minor hiccups along the way, but Troubleshooters used to defending Alpha Complex from the Traitorous Hordes will surely have no problem putting a few boxes on a shelf, right?

Apart from the possibility of being aggressively maintained by a deranged repairbot, conference-called into oblivion or terminated for tardiness, this mission is nothing more (or less) than an in-depth exploration of box-delivery in Alpha Complex, and thus perfectly safe for all participants.

We have more missions on the way for you, and we are 'this' close to sending the last supplements from the Kickstarter off to print - once we have all our ducks in a row on this, I'll give you all a shout for final delivery dates!

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    1. Michael Botterill on

      Got my cards today, very impressed with them.

    2. Missing avatar


      Woohoo! New powers and factions!

    3. Justin Beard on

      Has anyone downloaded Troubles by the Boxload? What are people's thoughts on it?

    4. Matthew Sprange 10-time creator on

      Carl: Send me your current address in a private message and we'll get you sorted!

    5. Missing avatar

      Carl Schelin on

      My address has changed but I can't find where to change it here. Anyone have any suggestions on where it can be updated?

    6. Matthew Sprange 10-time creator on

      Timothy: Of course - send me your current address in a private message and we'll get you sorted!

    7. Timothy Roller

      Can I double check my shipping address with you? I know the boxed set went to my previous address and y'all were absolutely stellar about sending me a new one, but I want to make sure that mistake doesn't happen again!

    8. Matthew Sprange 10-time creator on

      Dale: You can grab them from our web site right here -

      Hope that helps!

    9. Dale Friesen

      What's the best way to buy the expansion decks (aside from going back in time and backing the Kickstarter at appropriate levels)?