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The classic RPG of a darkly humorous future; Rebooted by James Wallis to be faster and even easier to play!
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Robots of Unusual Size

Posted by Matthew Sprange (Creator)

The first brand new Paranoia mission outside of the new box set is now available on Drivethru. We are proud to present: Robots of Unusual Size!

You can grab your own copy right HERE.

Contained within this document you will find an exciting(ish) mission for a group of RED clearance Troubleshooters. In their loyal service to the Computer they will venture Outside Alpha Complex (!!!) aboard a Robot of Unusual Size. They will encounter Treason, Self-Interest and Buttercups, all of which are bad. They will of course deal with these threats to Our Way of Life in the regulation manner. Not knowing the regulations for dealing with buttercups is of course treason. Thank you for your cooperation.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jerry Butler

      Just got the games today, Praise friend computer!

    2. Ian 'Smurf' Murphy

      I returned to work after easter to find the box on my desk waiting for me (I haven't opened it yet - computer says no) I shall look forward to exploring the details this evening!

    3. Ben Turner

      And, as if the computer were listening, the game arrives today!

    4. Ben Turner

      Hmmm, yeah, surprised to be upsold a product for a game I have no shipping notification for...

    5. Matthew Sprange 9-time creator on

      Volker: Not gone to print yet will be following as soon as they are done!

    6. Volker Greimann on

      I just noted that Ultraviolent and YCBBB were not included in my shipment. Will they arrive later or were they forgotten?

    7. Matthew Sprange 9-time creator on

      Andrew: We are looking into another run of Computer Dice.

      Stephen: Should be with you next week!

    8. Andrew Sirkin on

      So I think I'm in need of additional computer dice. I want my players to all have one. To play with it. To roll it when they aren't doing anything. To accidentally summon the computer while fiddling around bored. But I don't see any way to order more on Mongoose's site! I even tore open my copy of the Ghostbusters RPG and discovered that they replaced the 1 with the ghost symbol, not the 6. How can I give you more money?

    9. Missing avatar

      Stephen Burch on

      I'll be sure to check this out... IF YOU EVER SEND ME THE PRODUCT.

    10. Michael Botterill on

      I have purchased this and a quick look through leaves me quite impressed, yeah it would have been nice to get it for free as a reward for having to wait for so long, but you know what, its worth paying for.

      And @Art, there are only a couple of backers with quality concerns, I think you are mistaking the fact that you backed the directors commentary as meaning you would get a boxset worth £75, sorry dude but the boxset was worth £30, and thats before the £ crashed after Brexit.

      You have to look at it as if you paid £30 for it, and if you do that then I think youi would have to agree that its pretty good.

      Personally my only gripe from what I have seen is the dice, they were pretty poor, and the quality of the GM screen, but the content of the game is well worth it.

    11. Banjo Fox on

      @Matthew Sprange - Shhh.... just take my money already ;)

    12. Ryan Schmidt on

      Art, a kickstarter backer is not an investor in any sense of the term. You are a customer who simply preordered a product.

      That said, news about an updated PDF that fixes some of the issues would be nice. Many of them are just editorial in nature, but there is that while DAIV thing as well. I'm sure it's in the works, but is there an ETA of any sort?

    13. Matthew Sprange 9-time creator on

      Chris: Actually, this mission was a completely new commission, done after everything else was complete (also a new writer for Paranoia, M J Dougherty - a name that will be readily recognisable by any Traveller fans).

      However, the thought of giving you guys a further (free) treat has already crossed our minds :) It won't be this adventure, but please know we are mulling it over.

    14. Chris Fernitz on

      For as long as it took to get the product, I feel backers should be getting this for free! Especially, since this was probably being written and proofed with the core set! My 2 cents!

    15. Matthew Sprange 9-time creator on

      Volker: Potentially, it could be compiled into a book later down the road, but the current plan is for this type of mission to be PDF only.

    16. Missing avatar


      @volker, according to the release schedule (linked bellow), the mission will only be in pdf.

    17. Volker Greimann on

      Will there be a print version down the road or will this be fluidware only?

    18. Art Steventon on

      When will you address the quality concerns raised by several backs already?

      Or is this now where you start ignoring your investors as, as far as your bothered, you've 'delivered'?

    19. Matthew Sprange 9-time creator on

      David: I am afraid this one is not part of the Kickstarter.

    20. Missing avatar

      David Kessler on

      Do we need to pay extra for the new mission, or will backers receive it for free?

    21. Kaarchin on

      I received my box yesterday. I'm not ready yet.
      And it's Princess Bride's themed!