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The classic RPG of a darkly humorous future; Rebooted by James Wallis to be faster and even easier to play!
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Design/Development Diary

Posted by Matthew Sprange (Creator)

Good afternoon everyone!

If you have been following the Comments section, you will know we have been beavering away on a production schedule for Paranoia, now that we have the core text in.

Now, in the interests of honesty, I have to point out that Mongoose is a relatively small company, with just two members of staff who are capable of doing artistic justice to Paranoia (I really don't qualify, as my talents lie with the written word!). And, as things stand, we are right in the middle of the new edition of Traveller which still requires attention because a) Traveller fans want to see their books every bit as much as you want to see Paranoia and b) we have to, you know, eat from time to time. 


We have put together a schedule that means we can get cracking on with Paranoia while not unduly delaying Traveller books.

(I should also point out that, way back when, we had The Grand Plan where Traveller and Paranoia were being worked on at different times but obviously things did not go as desired on that front).

The short of all this is: you will start seeing regular previews of the work we have been doing after next week and, beyond that, we will be aiming for updates every fortnight at least and, most of the time, we should be able to do weekly updates (likely on Mondays looking at things, though please do not hold me to that at the moment).

Following this, we are currently projecting the core box set to be complete and ready for print at the end of April, which would mean getting a delivery from the printers at the end of June/beginning of July.

Now, please note, this does not take into account any approvals process or tweaking requested from the PTB. We are already running material past the PTB and making requested changes on the fly so, in theory, the approvals process runs alongside our art and layout and we can quickly get the green light when the files are complete. Therefore, again in theory, the approval process adds little or no time to development (this is the same process we ran for Traveller, recently re-released).

If the PTB request any major changes that will significantly affect this, we will let you all know through the forthcoming updates.

It occurs to me that I should introduce you all to the two principal designers now beavering away on Paranoia. Amy is the main interior and card artist, while Will is handling most of the layout - there will be crossover on both sides throughout though. You will be hearing a lot about both in the forthcoming updates.

One last thing... we have added a new face to the development and approval process, a gentleman who will be adding his own special kind of magic to the new Paranoia.

Loyal citizens, we are happy to announce to you all the return of Mendicant Monk and Designer-in-Exile, Ken Rolston! 

Ken has agreed to devote a little of his precious time to making sure the new Paranoia really does hit all the right notes for both veteran players and newbies alike. I am sure many of you here are very familiar with Ken's RPG work in the past and on Paranoia in particular, and are eager as we are to see what he brings to the game!

The current drafts are already in Ken's hands and he is plowing through them (as I type this, I believe!).

Anyway, I think you will all agree this is great news, and we are already knuckling down to get Paranoia ship-shape and ready for play. All going well, I will have another update for you a week on Monday.

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    1. Banjo Fox on

      Yeah... watching the Geek and Sundry video just made me want this version even more!....

    2. Rory on

      It's a fun watch - but it's the last edition rules they were playing.

    3. John Dodd

      Look on the bright side, Geek and Sundry just did a Paranoia session, I presume it wasn't this version...?…

    4. PGC on

      Like many of you, I've had some terrible experiences on Kickstarter, some experiences have been excellent. Of the bad experiences I've been lucky enough to get my items or refunds. Of all the items I've received all have been of good quality and design. Of the really terrible experiences I've had to do a lot of my own leg work, forming a group of people to go after the project creator and then file multiple complaints with multiple government entities. What a draining experience for all of us.

      However I'm not about to jump on the bandwagon and get all angry at these (Paranoia) designers because of delays or improper updates. Personally I'd prefer not to hear the messages which make me believe I'm about to get my copy of the game. I'd rather hear specifics, truthful statements, rather than falsehoods.

      If you are going to give updates it must be substantiated such as pictures of drawings, PDFs of rules or maybe a video of game testers. Please learn not to post updates which say that you are sending stuff off to the publishers. Learn to post messages after you actually have done something. "We just sent stuff off to the publishers and they are telling us it will be completed X number of weeks or days from now".

      Other than that I think it would be best to relax and wait.

    5. Missing avatar

      Dan McMahon on

      Ken Rolston! Called it!

      Obviously I'd like to have Paranoia prioritised over that silly space opera game :D But I've worked for a few small businesses in the past and I know how it goes sometimes... and the RPG market is virtually *all* small businesses. A couple weeks back I got my copy of Goblin Quest through; that kickstarter started a few months before the Paranoia one, and that was just one book. It was worth the wait, though, and I'm sure paranoia will be too.

    6. Susan Davis

      "Traveller fans want to see their books every bit as much as you want to see Paranoia." Yes, but Traveller fans didn't pay you in advance for products that you're now telling us will be a full year late. Diverting resources to a different product while you're on the hook for delivering one that's late, making the late project later, makes me strongly disinclined to back any project of yours in the future.

    7. Shervyn von Hoerl

      This is great news. Thank you for the update.

    8. Art Steventon on

      I'm glad Dennis said it before I get a reputation :-D

      However, I will reiterate it - the comment 'Now, please note, this does not take into account any approvals process or tweaking requested from the PTB' means that ANY OTHER INFORMATION in this update is worth bugger all.

      Whilst I welcome Mr Rolston's return to the game, I fear for seeing anything of this game physically before this time next year.

      Unless I claim to be running a game at a Con.... then I'll see straight away.

    9. Missing avatar

      Dennis S. on

      Delays are to be expected.

      I think what people are irked about is that the state of the project going in was misrepresented.

      Unfortunately, their above timeline reads much like their statement when they first started the campaign.

      "We are planning to send the game to print in February, expecting it back in March/April - however we have set the 'official' delivery date for June, in order to account for any mishaps or delays along the way."

      It's nice to get some hard dates but they're meaningless if we aren't actually told the truth or given a lot of hot air.

      The approval process will likely be their go to excuse since they emphasized how their dates include no leeway for it. Zero.

    10. Pauli Vinni on

      But what does the mighty all knowing Computer say about this?

      Nice to here this. I Rully Expect to see this released before the next christmast if everything goes smootly ;-)

      "Hey don't shoot me I am not a communist mutant arrrggghhhh...."

    11. euansmith

      Delays?! On Kickstarter?! Never!!! It must be Commie Mutant Traitors!

      All the best.

    12. Missing avatar


      @ Kevin Cook, from the previous updates, they already designed the dice and found a production company (update 26). Though I could be wrong.

    13. Aitor García Hermida on

      I was hoping that was going to be the name :) Glad to see Mr. Rolston aboard!

    14. Kevin Cook

      Any news on the dice? ...