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The classic RPG of a darkly humorous future; Rebooted by James Wallis to be faster and even easier to play!
4,380 backers pledged £217,517 to help bring this project to life.

Funded, Stretch Goals, and Thanks!

Posted by Matthew Sprange (Creator)

Well, what can we say?

We knew Paranoia fans were a loyal bunch (how could you be anything but with the ever present Computer?), but you have blown us all away. Not only funded in the first 24 hours, but the first stretch goal also unlocked.

Your support is dearly appreciated and quite humbling.

Now we have to work harder to make sure this is a truly unforgettable Kickstarter and a defining moment in Paranoia's illustrious history!

The Mutant Explosion

So, first things first - a stretch goal was unlocked, and we will now be working on the Mutant Explosion, a card deck that will vastly increase the amount of mutants in your games, as well as providing all sorts of mutant-related equipment, action cards and other goodies!

The Mutant Explosion will be placed in the Add-ons section on Monday, available to all of you.

Must be time for another stretch goal!

New Stretch Goal

You can never have too many forms to confuse and befuddle players in Paranoia - and the next stretch goal fulfils that in spades. This unlocks a Form Pack you can spring on your players whenever they start getting a little too comfortable. Best of all, it will automatically be included in every box set from Blue level and upwards. It will also be present in the Add-ons section, allowing you to pick and choose the goodies you are after!

Incidentally, we have been asked for clarifications on some of the pledge levels, and next week we will replace the current pledge level graphic with a chart that will show you exactly what you can expect and at which level. That should answer all questions!

Character Creation Preview

Next week we will be previewing the draft Character Creation chapter but, seeing as you have all been so wonderful in your support, I wanted to give you all this excerpt, straight from the desk of Mr Wallis:

Optimum Character Creation System
Arrange the players in a circle. Give each one a blank character sheet. The system works over a number of rounds

Round One 1A: The player to the left of the GM chooses one skill for their character (say ‘guns’, always a popular choice), and marks it on their sheet, giving it one point (‘melee +1’). Then they choose any other player in the group. That player gets the same skill for their character, but at -1.
1B (i): This second player swears a bit.
1B (ii): Once they have finished swearing, the second player chooses a different skill for their character, taking it at 1 point, and selecting a third player who has to take the skill at -1. They can’t choose a player who has already chosen a skill this round.
1C (i): Swearing
1C (ii): Then this player chooses... you’re getting the hang of it.
1D: The last player to choose a skill automatically gives the negative to the player who started the round. Are you feeling it? The sense of togetherness? The simmering cameraderie? The muttered expressions of gratitude? Can’t you feel how this is pulling all the members of the group into a single unit, united by common emotions? No? Perhaps we should up the stakes a bit.

Round Two 2A: The player to the left of the one who started round one chooses a skill and takes it at +2. This can be a skill they already have, either positively or negatively. And then, as before, they choose another player to take it at -2.
2B: That player chooses... yeah, you get it.
2C: And once everyone in the group has chosen a skill and received a -2 negative from someone else, we move on...

Round Three 3A: +3s and -3s. 

Round Four 4A: +4s and -4s 

Round Five 5A: Yup, you got it...

By the end of this every player should be holding three things: (1) a character sheet with a minimum of five and a maximum of ten non-zero skills on it; (2) a clear idea of what that character is good at and the things they should never, ever try to do at all; and (3) a selection of grudges against the other players and the characters they are about to bring to life. 

As I say, straight from the desk of Mr Wallis - and how cool is all that? In one stroke you have a completely balanced party, along with players who absolutely hate one another :)

We are experimenting with other character creation processes, and we may well be including more than one in the final book. But this one is, by far, my personal favourite at the moment :)

So, it is just left for me to once again thank you all for your support and to warn you that a lot of previews will be coming over the next 38 days, so please stay tuned!

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    1. Striker2054 on

      Nothing like a healthy dose of vitriolic anger to start off a game of Paranoia. Always makes Friend Computer happy to see such well adjusted Troubleshooters. Remember: Friend Computer wants us all to be Happy. Anyone not Happy will be sent to the nearest Happiness Adjustment Center for Happines Readjustment Courses.

    2. Christopher Mainwaring on

      Round One 1A: The player to the left of the GM chooses one skill for their character (say ‘guns’, always a popular choice), and marks it on their sheet, giving it one point (‘melee +1’). Then they choose any other player in the group. That player gets the same skill for their character, but at -1.

      Why does Guns give you melee+1?

    3. Matthew Sprange 9-time creator on

      Robert: The Forms Pack is physical at Blue and above (though you would be welcome to a free PDF of it as well at those levels!).

      Everything is on a case-by-case basis with regards to stretch goals - we'll have to see how things go but no, not everything will come in at Blue level.

      We may well do such a pledge level, but it will appear later on in the Kickstarter. We are only on Day 3 at the moment!

    4. RGC on

      Questions on pledge levels:
      Is the Form Pack included in Blue level a physical product or another pdf?
      Is the Blue level going to continue as the starting level for including stretch goals?
      Is there going to be a "single game box set plus all physical stretch goals" pledge level?

    5. Matthew Sprange 9-time creator on

      Rob: When I saw that creation process in the very first proposal of the rules, I knew right then this game was going to be a winner :) It is just simple, balanced, and Paranoia all over!

    6. Rob Farley on

      I haven't had a character creation process make me laugh out loud for a while. Love it!

    7. Hel Gibbons on

      I don't know whether I'm more excited about the collaborative character creation or the Form Request Forms.

    8. AJ the Ronin on

      Question: in round 1 the first player picks guns. The second player can't pick guns. The third player can pick guns?

    9. Missing avatar

      Arthur B

      I'm not sure the skill system as written does result in a minimum of 5 non-zero skills on it. If you aren't allowed to pick the same skill someone else stiffed you on, but you can make repeat picks of skills from round to round (the only way cumulative increases and decreases leading to a non-zero result could possibly happen in the first place), then you could end up in a situation where a player gets stiffed on (say) Guns every round and boosts Melee every round, to get Guns -15 Melee +15.

    10. Rosslessness on

      I am loving that character creation system. Making each character a true specialist, or just making everyone equally useless at everything.

      Plus as a blue level pledge I'm happy I'm getting forms. I thought I wasn't getting any stretch goals.

    11. AJ the Ronin on

      That clears than. From the mouth of the World Famous Game Designers themselves.

    12. James Wallis on

      That said, we're still playtesting muta-- er, variants, so it may well end up completely different by the time it reaches print. Nothing is locked yet, every idea can be improved. We're designing to what we called the 'BRING MORE AWESOME principle', which states that no matter how good we think a bit is, it can always be taken up another notch.

    13. James Wallis on

      No, it is cumulative. If you take a skill at +3 and two rounds later someone hits it with a -5, it ends up at -2. Apologies for the unclear wording: that's why it's still a draft.

    14. Missing avatar

      Arthur B

      @Elliot and David: I don't read it like you guys. It is fairly explicit in the text that within each round you have to choose different skills, but when you get to the next round you can pick a skill you already have if you like. And "takes it at +2" means fairly clearly to me that you set the skill score at +2, regardless of what it was previously, so it isn't cumulative.

    15. Matthew Sprange 9-time creator on

      Neil: We added a few lines in the FAQ about this, which may help - however, if you can give us just until Monday, we will be posting a whole new chart that I think will be 100% clear on what happens and where on the pledge levels.

      Sorry about the confusion, you are not alone, but we'll sort this out as soon as (ahem) I have a few staff members (you certainly don't want me doing anything graphical!) to lean on :)

    16. Elliot on

      My reading was the same as yours, David, but I also assumed you couldn't pick the same skill twice, so you wouldn't be able to add +2 to a skill you had added +1 to in a previous round, which would account for why you would always have more than five non-zeroskills. Just an assumption though, this doesn't look like ITT has the full fine print yet.

    17. David Crowell on

      I had read the skill choices as being cumulative, so if I have Guns +1 and the next player gives me Guns -2 I end up with Guns -1.

      If skills top out at +/- 5 I am not sure this works. It also creates a problem with a player who choose the same skill multiple times for a + rating. The result of choosing the same skill for a + rating in each of five rounds would be +15 if the player received no - ratings in that skill. The flip is also true a character could end up at -15!

      The text that characters end up with between 5 and 10 non- zero skills does require that each new skill level replaces the level previously help in that skill. If they are additive than it is fairly easy to end up with 0 or at least fewer than 5 non-zero skills. +1 being canceled by -1 etc.

      See, the Master Programers have 't even released the official playtest versions and already we are play testing. Efficiency! That is what being a loyal citizen is all about.

    18. AJ the Ronin on

      That's how I understood it too.

    19. Dr. Automaton (4" & 5" Round RPG Bases) on

      My read -- which could be completely wrong -- was that each new positive or negative value replaces the current value rather than adding to it. So you could start with Guns +1 on the first round, have no one touch it, then have your friend replace it with Guns -5 at the end of the process.

    20. Missing avatar

      Keith on

      Good point, Declan. You should inform The Computer of the error immediately.

    21. Declan Feeney

      Unless I'm missing something that gives you a character sheet with a minimum of ZERO and a maximum of ten non-zero skills on it....

      Since all the modifiers could potentially balance out - eg a -5 could be balanced out by a -2, +3 and +4 (which could all potentially be applied to the same skill), the +5 might balance out with -1 and -4 (which again could all potentially be applied to the same skill - with leaves +1, +2, and -3 which could all potentially be applied to the same skill.

      Hence you could end up with zeros across the board - highly unlikely though it is...

    22. David Crowell on

      The Computer is perfect. The Computer is our friend, Mr Wallis is a traitor! There is a typo in the example character generation text. At least I hope so. Round 1A the player choses 'Guns' as a skill, then writes it on their character sheet as 'melee +1'. Surely this is meant to be 'Guns +1'.

      I can see the fun of this excellent character generation system.

    23. Alexis Maes

      Great Character Creation system ! I love it

    24. Neil Crosby on

      Fantastic start on the campaign, chaps!

      Can I have a little clarification on how the stretch goals are working with this campaign please?

      * In the "pledges" sidebar, the only time pledges are mentioned is as "PDF versions of all versions unlocked by stretch goals". These start at the yellow £18 level.
      * In the main campaign copy, the "Box Contents" section ends with "This is in addition, of course, to the stretch goals we hope to unlock...". The "Stretch goals" section reads "The planned Paranoia box set is perfect. … With stretch goals, it will be even more perfect." Both these bits of copy imply that the stretch goals will be physical, as well as being available in PDF format. The main copy of the "Stretch goals" section implies that the physical stretch goals will be given with all boxed sets.
      * The copy on this update (and the new CPU form pack stretch goal) say that they're to be included in boxed sets from the blue £40 level and upwards.

      So, two things that would be great to clarify - 1. Are the stretch goals physical? 2. Do the green £30 physical box set backers really not get the stretch goals? If not, I think that should be very explicitly written on the pledge sidebar, to avoid disappointment.

      Looking forward to a marvelously successful campaign,

      Lots of Love, Neil

    25. Alastair Christie on

      What a wise, flawless and balanced character generation system you have created, Friend Directors! I'm especially enjoying seeing how my players take to that one...