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We are looking to expand the Judge Dredd miniatures game through the new Block War supplement and miniatures range.
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Rogue Trooper Meets Judge Dredd!

Posted by Matthew Sprange (Creator)
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We have just shipped the last of the Rogue Trooper sets out of the door - and good timing too, as Planet Mongoose's regular Friday game update provides all the rules you need to bring Rogue, Norts and Southers face-to-face with the toughest fighters of Mega-City One.

Who would win in a confrontation between Dredd and Rogue?

(My money would be on whoever has the homefield advantage!).

In other news, we have made the decision to do the Assassinator Droids in 3D, and Sandrine has just started work on them - will have a preview later this month when they are done, and then they will be off to prototype. She is also working on the Trike for Oz Judge Bruce, which will also be complete this month.

Finally, I leave you with a sculpt that has recently come in of an Acc-Div Judge, part of the unique Mayor of Mega-City One pledges!

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    1. Matthew Sprange 10-time creator on

      No release date set yet for the Acc-Div Judge, and the Mayor pledgee will be getting his first (including a studio-painted one!). However, I would imagine it will be somewhere around Summer when this chap makes his appearence for everyone else (along with the other Mayor pledge models, such as SJS Judge Ford, already previewed, and a forthcoming Long Walk Judge!).

    2. Mark Elster on

      Received the Rogue figures.... the souther is robotic and appalling posed.The nort has eyes on the side of his head for some reason, is he an alien ally from Horst? Re Rogue: where is the biochip on gunnar???

      Very poor and quite basic I have to say. And yes Matt I will be messaging you as you requested.

    3. Richard Davies on

      I'm so having multiples of the Acc-Div Judge :) - 1 for the collection/ games, and at least one for my desk as I try to bring the light of balanced budgets and following the Laws (or IFRS's) to my workplace.

      Any idea when the special sculpts will be available to the wider world Matt?