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Set in near future, our short film looks to explore multiple themes tackling euthanasia and the advancement of technology.
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Our Short Science Fiction film is set in the near future, before getting Euthanised, Eris is given a new drug that allows him to relive and experience his most treasured and emotive memories. During the process of this film we are taken on this journey with Eris, only for the ending to reveal it is all just one big advert / promotional video for Cognitive Industries commercialising a new technology for a peaceful death.

We are truly passionate about the project and the concept, we believe its unique themes touching on euthanasia, death and the ever growing presence of technology in the modern world is more relevant and relatable than ever before.  All these themes will be illustrated in a visually interesting captivating way, making use of VFX to really add realism and depth to the technological future we aim to create. 

We are all currently final year students studying Film, Television and Digital Production at Bath Spa University. This is our large final year production as such we really want to push ourselves to make the best and most powerful film that we can. Due to it being a student production we have a very limited budget, we are hoping to increase this through this Kickstarter page. All money raised will be used to fund and better the production, we will use the money to help fund actors, beautiful locations and to help us transport our cast and crew from A to B. We also believe that it is crucial to create a world for our characters,  money raised will also go towards funding for set design and costume. 

Attached below is a link to some of our previous work to give a hint of the styles and standards you can expect from this production!

2 Minute Short Documentary - Cotty -

3 Minute Short Film - A Part of Us -

90 Second Visit Bath Promotional Video -

If you have any questions regarding the project please email at -

Risks and challenges

We have planned and prepared as much as possible, however the main risk for this production would be not sticking to the time frame and ensuring we have high quality actors that will not drop out of the project. To tackle these issues we have created a clear schedule for the production that we are sticking too, ensuring the project is completed on time. In terms for the actors we believe it is crucial to have dedicated and talented actors as part of the project, as such as we have taken the step the cast professional actors in the film as well as ensuring we have back up options should any problem arise.

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