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World's First Hubless Smart Bicycle  - Electronic E-Gear Box - Fully Integrated - Space Grade Carbon Fiber - iPhone & Android App
World's First Hubless Smart Bicycle - Electronic E-Gear Box - Fully Integrated - Space Grade Carbon Fiber - iPhone & Android App
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Delayed shipping & Manufacturing Update

Posted by Cyclotron Cycles (Creator)

Delayed shipping & Manufacturing Update Hey guys,

we're sorry that we've not updated you last month, but unfortunately we've encountered a problem, that needed to be fixed quickly.

As we've already told some of you, there was an issue with the water/moisture proofing of the electronic controller board (PCB), needed for the bike's sensors, lights, battery and gear box. After carefully checking all the PCB units that had arrived for assembly, we also noticed that some of the sensors readings were not translated and displayed correctly. This issue prevented us from starting the assembly of the bikes.

On Sept. 21st our manufacturer told us that all the issue had been resolved, but until today we're still waiting for the fixed PCB to arrive from the factory. Unfortunately this delay also means we've lost our assembly 'spot' with our partner and have to negotiate a new timeline with them to get the bikes assembled, packed and shipped. We'll let you know asap, when we get the unit and are able to confirm it's functionality, and the new timeline.

Due to this, we've also decided to stop accepting new contributions for additional Cyclotron Bikes, until all issues have been resolved.

Despite this setback, there are also good news!

Carbon fiber & gear box manufacturing are running flawless and we're truly satisfied with the quality our partners are supplying. We're very happy having switched our CF manufacturer, as we've told you in an earlier update. (Please check the video)

Gear Box:

Gear box parts are made from high grade aluminum, to be lightweight and durable at the same time.

Although the gear box is not visible from the outside, we're paying attention to every detail. Starting from high precision CNC carving to a flawless and durable surface finish.

Carbon Fiber:

As you can see from the photos below, the Cyclotron's frame shape and the fully integrated design, requires highly specialized moulds and tooling. You can find some examples below and we think the results speak for themselves.

The journey from raw de-moulded carbon fiber parts to finished parts with satin matt surface:

The Mainframe assembly requires meticulous trimming and exact alignment. Here is how the parts look like before being bonded together. take note of the 'gear box pit' around the bottom bracket.

LED 'Halo Lights':

Last but not least we've decided to add a cool new feature to the 'Halo Lights' that illuminate the exterior of the hubless wheel's housing. You'll be able to pick from a variety of Animated Color Schemes (same is used in the more recent LED car lights)

(Please make sure to check the end of the video, to get a glimpse of what is possible.)

Thank you everybody for your passion, patience and ongoing support. We can't say enough how much we appreciate the fact, you're joining us on this amazing journey.

Please send us your feedback and don't hesitate to send us your questions or comments...

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    1. KB

      Hi creator it's 3 months from last update.. U r me making me nervous again.. Plz update

    2. Eike Hovermann on

      Unfortunately, this is just old pictures again. The old prototype frame, whose pictures were apparently made again on the floor in France ... Real professional shots!

      This update does not provide any updated information and is only a restraining tactic.

      And the beautiful pictures of any pictures from the Internet on the subject of LED help now not further.

      Should this be played again on time?

      On my mail regarding the repayment there was as expected no answer. But the deadline is up.