Regardless of the success or fail of this fund-raising, this project will be presented to SquareEnix and Don't Nod.

Warning! This project contains hella spoilers for Life is Strange!

Life is Strange will live on, even without Maxine Caulfied

So let's see how the situation is up to date and what games in the universe of LiS are on the market and/or announced. We have:

  • Life is Strange ( - Season 1)
  • Life is Strange - Before the Storm
  • Life is Strange - Bonus Episode "Farewell" (Before the Storm)
  • Life is Strange 2 (maybe WiP-title -- announced by Don't Nod)

LiS Before the Storm is a story about Rachel and Chloe developing their friendship. No Max here!
We will see Max one last time in the Bonus Episode "Farewell", setting the player to the past, right before Max left Arcadia Bay to explore and plunder the mighty treasures of Seattle. Aarrrrrr!!

Don't Nod didn't give a lot of information about LiS Season 2 yet, however it is very unlikely that we will see characters like Max or Chloe in Season 2. There are a lot of interviews and podcasts with the creators of LiS Season 1, where they don't answer the question "What is the canon ending?" Understandably they leave a lot of questions open, because the player himself decides the ending and everything beyond leaves a lot of imagination.
Developing a story after the events of LiS Season 1 would imply a certain ending, either sacrificing Arcadia Bay or sacrificing Chloe would be the canon ending. They officially mentioned they don't want to do that.

Ideas about 4(!) different games including Max (and Chloe) in the LiS series

While I can understand anyone's opinion of leaving the ending as open as it is, I gave it a lot of thoughts how to make another LiS game including Max without intervening too much in anyone's imagination of the ending.

  • Idea 1: Max struggling in Seattle (prequel)

You'd might think now: "Well, nice one. You see Before the Storm is a prequel. It's hard to get the idea of a prequel for Max, genius!"
Yes, you're absolutely right my friend :-)
However, the idea of a prequel showing Max in Seattle came up long before Before the Storm was even announced.
Players see Chloe grumble all the time about Max leaving and not even contacting her for 5 years. Yes, that sucks. Max shows a lot of regret during LiS Season 1. But let's see it from another perspective: Max (13 years old) leaves her best friend, going to a new town, new school and no friends for the moment. Being as shy as she is, I'm pretty sure she had a lot of problems beginning a new life in Seattle.

So a prequel, showing Max's struggle in Seattle, would be a perfect fit for the series. It could explain a lot of actions and her behaviour in LiS Season 1, growing up from teenage to (young) adult.

  • Idea 2: 2 games - sequel - events after Max sacrifies Chloe - events after Max sacrifies Arcadia Bay

As mentioned, Don't Nod doesn't want to set one of the endings as a canon ending.
There is an easy solution to that: Create 2 new games.The first one will be a story with Max when she sacrifies Chloe. The story could focus on Max's character - some years later as she is a well-known photographer. Sticking to her memories with Chloe she remains/returns in/to Arcadia Bay and realizes the Prescott family taking over the whole town, which destroys the enviroment and tear up society furthermore -- read all the info in LiS Season 1 about the Prescott family carefully!

The second game will be a story with Max and Chloe sacrifing Arcadia Bay. After losing a whole town, they don't just return to a normal life. I didn't came up with a lot story-related ideas here unfortunately. The eco-disaster could follow them, whereever they go and they investigate Max's power furthermore.

By creating 2 games, each set after a different ending, no ending will be set as a canon ending.

  • Idea 3: Sequel - Max drifting between timelines

If we think of Max's power and the (negative) influence on her so far, we just see her nosebleeding.
Passing out of the blue and visions of the tornado are past since the tornado is gone either due to sacrificing Chloe or due to sacrificing Arcadia Bay.

A story set after the events, Max living partly in the timeline where Chloe is dead, and partly in the timeline where she is alive, takes advantage of both endings.

Timeline 1 (Chloe is dead): If we go some years in the future, Max would be an awesome photographer. She is an adult, going to her everyday job, hang out with Kate, Warren and other (new) friends.
But "returning home" she would drift to
Timeline 2 (Chloe is alive) where she spend her time with Chloe like she used to. Of course things aren't as easy as it seems, but it could focus on their relationship as friends/lovers furthermore.

Think of all the possibilities:

  • Stuck in a timeline because she loses her powers
  • Ending up in a third timeline
  • Decides to finally stay in one of the two timelines
  • Distorts time totally and has to fix it
  • Prescott family shatters one of Max timelines to the ground

I'm sure that drifting between timelines has a lot of potential, regardless of which the focus is: Story AND characters (Max's power // behaviour between Max and friends/Chloe // Max's wish to become a photographer)

What is the money used for?

Sending an e-mail to SquareEnix or Don't Nod with my ideas wouldn't have any impact.

Therefor I want to start this project and want to show SquareEnix and Don't Nod that many players demand another LiS game with Max included.

Creating a game is business and business means money. If we succeed to create enough impact on SquareEnix or Don't Nod that they accept our request, we use the money to support the idea of using the original cast of LiS Season 1.

  • Hannah Telle as Max's voice
  • Ashly Burch as Chloe's voice
  • Christian Divine as writer

Regardless of the success or fail of this fund-raising, this project will be presented to SquareEnix and Don't Nod.

Risks and challenges

Unfortunately, everything is up to SquareEnix and Don't Nod. If it means "no", then there is nothing we can do due to copyright.
Unless we collect enough money to buy the copyright of course :-)

Bear in mind: Even if we succeed, it will take years before you are actually able to play a game with Max. Creating a game is just like creating a movie. It takes time.

Also it is possible that - for whatever reason - the original cast refuses to support another LiS game, so it may be we won't have any of the named voice actors or writer above in the next LiS game.

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