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Our Wargame Hab Block is a very versatile & modular product, an ideal piece of terrain for most 28mm Sc-fi gaming system you would play
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Delay Explanation

Posted by Mad Gaming Terrain (Creator)

Hello to our biggest pledge backers

As of Monday there will only be your pledges left to do so I thought I would post an up-date just to you guys to explain why this is. 

The number of Hab Blocks we have needed to produce is far more than expected but this we are now on top of. Currently the main delay is the Add Board Packs and the reason for this is I was not happy with what we had, it was far to basic and very unimpressive and so felt like I would be letting you guys down. Due to the success of the Kickstarter I have been able to have some professional images created which I have just seen today. I have been told that these will be completed early next week and I will then be able to show you what we have managed to get done. 

We know that we can't keep delaying your pledges so I have made the decision to send your pledges out minus the unique bit of it which in part is the add board pack. What we will then do is when they are complete send you the phase II add board packs which are much better than we previously promised and have designed. 

We hope that you all will be ok with this and will make sure we get some pictures online soon so you can see them. 




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