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Our Wargame Hab Block is a very versatile & modular product, an ideal piece of terrain for most 28mm Sc-fi gaming system you would play
Our Wargame Hab Block is a very versatile & modular product, an ideal piece of terrain for most 28mm Sc-fi gaming system you would play
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    1. Peter Wong on

      So, any update on the additional pledge specific items?

    2. Dustin Perry on

      still waiting on the pledge, checked the backerkit and says ready to ship but not shipped yet. any information on this would be great. looking forward to getting this they look so good.

    3. Missing avatar

      Oliver on

      @Mad Gaming Terrain. You resolved this through message a few days ago. Thank you.

    4. Mad Gaming Terrain 2-time creator on

      Hey Everyone
      All the first pledges have left us some time ago and we have always said that we wont start the second Kickstarter until this has happened. All the pledges should have gone although 1 or 2 of the unique items are still to come for the larger pledges.
      @ Dustin we have survey unanswered which is why it is not currently sent. Not sure what happened but we have finalised and will ship it within the next couple of days. We will add something extra for the error and delay
      @ James Hannon, Your items have been shipped so will investigate where your order may be.
      @ Peter Wong, I presume you have you order but are talking about the additional pledge specific items ? If so we are sorting them out as many of them have now been updated. Your main pledge has been shipped so we are hoping that you have received that ?
      @ Oliver; Have you got a few more details as all the Oliver's we have on our listing have had there pledge sent. Have you got a surname so we can investigate what might have happened to it.

    5. Dustin Perry on

      Also still waiting on everything i had pledged for.

    6. James Hannon on

      Still have not gotten any of my products.

    7. Peter Wong on

      This is not good, I know you are currently running Phase II, but it would be nice if you could complete Phase I.
      At the very least you should provide us with an update on the missing stuff.

    8. Missing avatar

      Oliver on

      Still haven't received my order or any communication as to it's delivery. Can I please have an update on missed packages. Not even considering backing phase 2 with such poor communication.

    9. Missing avatar

      Abraham M Luna on

      Any word on missing product? I'm actually considering pledging the phase 2 kick starter, but waiting on further info regarding my missing Hab block. If I knew for sure that the missing Hab block from phase 1 would be included in my phase 2 order, I would pledge an order.

    10. Mad Gaming Terrain 2-time creator on

      @ Elvin Paul Chan; I will send you an E-mail so I can get this resolved for you. Hope thats ok

    11. Elvin Paul Chan

      Received the package today and I must admit I'm quite disappointed. I haven't got a chance to assemble it yet as I can't even validate if I've got all the items I've pledged for (I've pledged for all-in mega pack and but none of the exclusive content was included in the package. Moreover, they don't even come with a box?! They were just warped with some paper? Do you expect us to assemble it and leave it on the table for display all the time? Sigh, I know I sound harsh but I sincerely hope you will put your phase 2 in a box so that people can actually put them away after played. I backed Battle System as well and with all respect I can't help but to compare you two, definitely they have given a lot more effort in taking customer experience into consideration.

    12. Missing avatar

      Oliver on

      I'd also like an update on missed shipping as I never received my pledge at all.

    13. Peter Wong on

      Any update when missing stuff will be shipped out?

    14. Missing avatar

      Andy on

      Hello Andy
      Yes, extra for phase 1. I have only recently started putting together what I got in phase 1, and 1 Hab block and 1 set of walkways in, have used about half my magnets. Have 3 hab blocks and 4 walkways in total. Don't know exactly how many I need, but definitely short.
      Do you have a number of magnets you send out per Hab block or walkway set?

    15. Mad Gaming Terrain 2-time creator on

      @ Andy - Magnets we will have on Backerkit to purchase if anyone needs any extra. Are you needing extra for phase I ? Regards the Pledges, I believe its only set up to get 1 pledge but any unlocks and none pledge unique items will be available again to purchase on Backerkit at the end of the Kickstarter. Hope that helps

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