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Our Wargame Hab Block is a very versatile & modular product, an ideal piece of terrain for most 28mm Sc-fi gaming system you would play
Our Wargame Hab Block is a very versatile & modular product, an ideal piece of terrain for most 28mm Sc-fi gaming system you would play
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    1. Missing avatar

      Mark Nowak on

      @Charles Did you get an email from Kickstarter about it shipping or from mad gaming terrain? I have heard nothing since getting emails about making sure the shipping address was correct. Thanks

    2. Missing avatar

      Charles on

      Just got confirmation that my parcel has been shipped to the US. Just fair warning for us stateside, the date is in day month year format, so don't freak out.

    3. Missing avatar

      Douglas Whittenberg on

      Still waiting in the USA

    4. Missing avatar

      Robin Nordström on

      Just picket up my package! (Sweden) looking forward to asembling it

    5. Missing avatar

      Steve Roesch

      The delays here while irritating, can be understandable on some level, but the utter lack of real communication is deplorable. Frankly if this isn't resolved fairly quickly, then I'm going to agree with Jeremy. Vote with the wallet.

    6. CK Lai on

      Still no word on "Rest of World" shipping?

    7. Julian Dillard on

      Also here in the USA, just checking on it...

    8. Missing avatar

      Guiot on

      I am in France too and i am waiting too.

    9. Missing avatar

      Gaschet Tugdual on

      I'm in France and i'm waiting.... No new's and i don't know who's deliverse my pledge.

    10. Mad Gaming Terrain 2-time creator on

      Hello jeremy
      I have really tried to get everyones out and we are almost there. The US, Canada and Austrilia has proved very challenging for us but they have been happenung. I will chase up where we are with your pledge. I kmow they are all packed ready to go though. Im realky sorry for the delay. Regards Andy

    11. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Stringer on

      So Christmas has come and gone without so much as a message from our humble creator. Something, anything would be nice. The saying goes, "vote with your wallet". Too much longer and I'm afraid I may have to cast my ballot.

    12. Missing avatar

      Douglas Whittenberg on

      Any ideas on shipment to the US??

    13. Tim Merrill on

      Pledge arrived today. Very nice to have it before Christmas, many thanks. The sweeties were a nice touch too, made my day. Cheers.

    14. CK Lai on

      Has RoW shipping completed on Dec 19? Or have more "unavoidable" delays cropped up?

    15. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Stringer on

      Would really love to see my pledge results before Christmas. Any idea of the ETA to Hawaii?

    16. Wartorn Games on

      Had mine delivered earlier this week and its awesome.

      Great job, thanks for getting it out so quickly.

    17. Tim Merrill on

      If EU shipping is starting now, does that mean that all UK shipping is complete?
      I ask only because I haven't received anything yet and I'm mainland UK. Perhaps it's the weight of the package as I pledged at a higher tier. Which carrier did you use?

    18. Missing avatar

      Oliver Vogt on

      Sounds good. Can't wait to get my hands on the stuff.

    19. Maurizio De Guidi on

      News of shipment ? I don't recived nothing

    20. Mad Gaming Terrain 2-time creator on

      Orders coming out to EU countries now which should be done by the end of the week, The rest of world to follow thereafter, all will be completed by 19th of December. Really sorry for the delays, nothing seems to go to plan.

    21. Wiccabloke on

      Received mine yesterday. Looks good... and complicated. I guess that's my weekend sorted.

    22. Missing avatar

      Michael Barrett on

      Has this been sent yet? I am a UK backer, and was expecting this a long time ago.

    23. Julian Dillard on

      Hi, just checking on shipping to the US... what kind of ETA are we looking at?

    24. Missing avatar

      Will Jones on

      I still havnt received my hab block yet in the uk. Has it been posted?

    25. CK Lai on

      Has Rest of the World/Asia been shipped yet? Got some games of Infinity I want to play with this! :-)

    26. Missing avatar

      Douglas Whittenberg on

      I hope it comes soon. I have a Dredd demo at a games day on Dec 3. I want that game to rock.

    27. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Stringer on

      Waiting patiently
      Waiting patiently
      Waiting patiently

      Are we there yet?
      Are we there yet?
      Are we there yet?

    28. Mad Gaming Terrain 2-time creator on

      Hello Guys, they are all being shipped this week and next. Uk is first as its the easiest for us and easy to fix any issues that may arise. Then its Europe and then the rest of the world. Everything should have left us though by the end of next week as we are currently almost half way through. Hope that helps, regards Andy

    29. Missing avatar

      Derek Brazzell on

      Same question as Doug. Just curious when the US can expect shipments.

    30. Mark Elster on

      Andy. I take it UK pledges are coming out to people now? Can u check my pledge and come back to me. Thanks

    31. Missing avatar

      Douglas Whittenberg on

      When can the US Backers start expecting shipment??

    32. Alan Johnston on

      Thanks guys - just wanted to make sure as I have a Royal Mail redirect setup since house move

    33. adrian robson on

      My package came Royal Mail

    34. Alan Johnston on

      In the U.K. We're the deliveries Royal Mail or courier?

    35. Wiccabloke on

      Sorry, my mistake. That's not the instruction video. Still worth having a quick watch though.

    36. Missing avatar

      Snidesworth on

      Likewise. Received my order, but no instructions to be found inside or online.

    37. Aron Britchford on

      As below, some help with assembly would be great.

    38. adrian robson on

      received my pledge today, looking good but very complex. Cant seem to find any videos or .pdf instructions on assembly, are these out yet ?

    39. Missing avatar

      martin burke on

      all gone quiet... has the maze of the dead got in first with all of chinas magnets :)

    40. Wiccabloke on

      Any news on the magnets? Really looking forward to building and painting these.

    41. Alan Johnston on

      Hi - just checking are we likely to receive these in the U.K. Before 28th of October? Just I am moving house on that date and the pledge manager is locked down for changes

    42. Mad Gaming Terrain 2-time creator on

      Most orders are ready to go out but we are just waiting for our bulk supply of magnets to turn up.

    43. Mad Gaming Terrain 2-time creator on

      Hey guys, we have just made the first Hab Block assembly video, which we will put up on our Facebook page and You Tube channel in the next few days.

    44. Phil Shearrer

      They are working (around the clock) on a video to show assembly - have not started shipping as of Oct 10.

    45. Missing avatar

      Mark Nowak on

      Any word on when they are shipping? Have they started yet?

    46. Mad Gaming Terrain 2-time creator on

      @ Phil, sorry you will have to attach them yourself :-( you guys have brought far to much for my speedy hands to manage. We will have videos that will show you how we do it although there might be better ways.

    47. Phil Shearrer

      Getting excited - are the magnets included in the panels or will we have to attach them ourselves?

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