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By david bailey
$113 pledged of $20,000 goal

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Ideas for dreamhopping

  I am coming up with more ideas for the site to keep it useful and beneficial to the world.

Idea 1: The site will have a section called Mankind: This section will be used as a place users can submit their dreams that they think can benefit the world. For example a dream that I had the other day with my brother. I had a dream where he had a ATOM separator gun that he used to move houses out of the way of a tornado. The house looked like it exploded when he used it but then moved the gun to where he wanted the atoms to come back together and the house was safe out of harm...Now sure this idea may sound crazy but who knows, in the right mind anything is possible.

Idea 2: The second idea is having a top ten things people dreamed about the night before. I believe this will be very interesting, maybe it shows up what we fear,love and cant wait to see in the future type of things. Since the site will be anonymous, no photos of yourself, no saying of names in dreams if you do not want to, don't worry about being to open with your dreams. 

Maybe I should not post my ideas for fear of someone taking them and using them. I want people to see that this project will have many interesting things to do besides the most important one which is finding out if we are all connected when we sleep. Thanks