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Help bring the first volume of the fantasy webcomic to print! The 144-page book contains the prologue through chapter 5.
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Woo! Finished!

Posted by Megan Lavey-Heaton (Creator)

See those books? Those were the very last of the Kickstarter orders at the post office. They were sent out June 28. We have a couple of straggler packages that need to be sent, but this was the last massive order that was hauled into the lovely USPS office in Enola, Pa.

We only have three books left from the main order to send out, and those are because we're still missing addresses. Here's a couple of housekeeping items:

Why haven't I gotten my book yet?

We've gotten a few books back because the addresses weren't updated. If you haven't gotten your book, be sure to ask. If you are in the United States, all of the books have tracking numbers. I can check on them for you. If you are outside the United States, I can see when a book left the country, but nothing after that. Check and see when I mailed your book out. If you haven't gotten it, and it's been more than a month, I'll dispatch another.

Have all the rewards been sent out?

Yes, all of the main rewards have been sent out. Those with pendants had them included in the envelope. If you have not gotten a particular reward, please contact me. The only thing I have left to send out are the bonus pin-ups for the $25 and up level. I will contact people as soon as Isa gets those to me.

Did you have any funding left over? What will you do with the money?

We had approximately $880 left over after everything was said and done. The bulk of the funds went to the book printing and shipping. We also were able to purchase a block of 10 ISBN numbers, get a table at TCAF, print the book plates and a run of sketchbooks with Isa's art to sell. The remainder of the money is going back into Namesake. We got a really good deal on a professional photo printer for prints, bookmarks and the like. Thanks to that, we're now able to offer some very nice-quality prints in our store and at cons. Some of the funds will be used to re-ship books that didn't make it to their new homes. Some of the funds will be used to pay sales tax to Pennsylvania (we haven't forgotten you, dear state!). I've also signed up Namesake to appear at a local con, Roc-Con PA, and I need to ship a couple boxes of books to Isa in Canada.

Tell us what you've learned from this?

We've learned a lot. We have a ton of fantastic fans out there and have gotten to know some amazing people thanks to Kickstarter. I learned that despite recommendations that the post office can come up with new and inventive ways of destroying packaging. So, we're changing the way we ship the books because of it. However, the folks at the local branch of the USPS were some of our biggest helpers. The very first day I hauled 40 books into the branch and asked what the best way to send international was, the postal worker who wound up handling the majority of the orders had a bunch of suggestions that wound up saving money and time -- especially when it came to filling out customs forms.

I also learned that Dropbox doesn't care for close to 400 people hitting its server for a download all at once!

Would we do anything differently? I want to explore different shipping options next time -- mainly literature mailers instead of bubble envelopes. I have a better awareness of shipping costs as well. I also know how long it takes to get books now and have a better estimation of that.

Will you do another Kickstarter?

Yes! We've completed the pages online that are going into Namesake vol. 2., and we hope to do a Kickstarter for that this winter. Isa and I are also working on several other comics projects that might be funded via Kickstarter depending on the costs, etc.

We want to thank everyone who helped make this possible -- first and foremost, everyone who contributed and made this possible. I also want to thank the awesome workers at the Enola, Pa. USPS office for their advice, the lovely ladies at Optimystical Studios for their superb pendants and being wonder women, Westley at Cross Blue for being just amazing and helping us get the absolute best book we can for the money and our families for being super supportive and contributing to the project themselves (yes, family, I will send out your books soon!), Isa's boyfriend Pascal for the amazing coloring job he did on the books, and my husband Mike for lugging all 32 boxes of books up to our second-floor apartment and hauling a good bit of them back to the car to be mailed out!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Baker on

      I finally got my package! Yay! Unfortunately I had to do a little repair work. The package was ripped at some point and unfortunately it was raining when it arrived in the ail, so a fair bit of waterdamage but nothing a hair dryer and a stack of phone books can't set right. Thanks again and look forward to the next volume.

    2. Missing avatar

      Brett J. Brucklacher on

      Yes, unfortunately mine also came a bit road-worn due to the mailer... I thought perhaps I was the exception, but seem to be in plenty of good company!

      Ah well, live and learn... It certainly won't stop me from backing volume 2 when you and Isa get ready for the fun all over again! ;-)

    3. Ruth Beaty on

      We got our book almost as fast as we got the notice about it! We live in the US--but other coast from you guys!

    4. Doug

      Please do list vol. 2 in Kickstarter!

    5. Missing avatar

      sgllama on

      Sadly, I have to report that my copy has suffered very slightly on the corners as well, because the mailer had opened up. No real damage to worry about, but if the postie had been carrying it in any of the heavy rain we've been having around here then.

      On to happier things - when you do your next Kickstarter(s) don't forget to post about it as an update here, so we all get to hear about it. KS is getting very popular since the beginning of this year (I wonder why?) and I'd hate to miss anything as good as Namesake vol 1.

    6. Andy Goldman on

      Oh yeah, those bubble mailers seem to have a weakness: the top isn't bubble-protected. Mine came 90% opened on the top, luckily no significant damage, tho.