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AU$ 2,306 pledged of AU$ 8,500 goal
AU$ 2,306 pledged of AU$ 8,500 goal

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      I feel there is not enough attention or advertisement of the campaign - we are standing a bit still

    2. Missing avatar

      Tim Roediger on

      Thanks for the kind words @Julien.

    3. Grail Games 15-time creator on

      @Dorte Awesome! Thank you :)

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      I found one local online shop that sells Jeju for a reasonable price

    5. Grail Games 15-time creator on

      Thanks Dorte! Jeju probably could be, but as the copies are in the us you would have to pay a bit for shipping, and import taxes...? Let me know if still interested. :)

    6. Missing avatar


      Just backed this one, looks like a fun little game to play with your colleagues to also get to know them better.
      A bit sad that JEJU island can't be shipped to EU.

    7. Julien on

      Great work Tim, best of luck for the KS!

    8. Missing avatar

      Tim Roediger on

      Hi All, I'm Tim, the designer of the game. Thanks for your support!

      I thought I'd mention that this is a great game for vision impaired players. I have a good friend in my local game group who is blind, and this is one game that works well. All that needs to be modified is add tactile markers to one set of surfboards (such as a diamante sticker) and let the fun begin.

    9. Grail Games 15-time creator on

      NO! There is no such thing. ANd at school?!??!?!?!
      @Simon Thanks so so much for the offer :)

    10. ChrisMorphew on

      @Simon Industrial strength plunger. Works every time!

    11. Simon Brass on

      ....and Medici The Card Game just dropped through my letterbox, what timing! :)

    12. Simon Brass on

      @ChrisMorphew - quick question... any idea how to fix a blocked toilet? Asking for a friend....

      @Grail - I'm assisting Pegasus Spiel next week, but if you ever want a hand over here in the UK with teaching/showing games at any of our UK based events, hit me up...

    13. Grail Games 15-time creator on

      Really appreciate it guys!!!

      @Simon I wish :(

    14. ChrisMorphew on

      This game is a blast to play! Also, it has been my pleasure to reprise my role as playtester/hand model for a second Grail Games playthrough video. Also, if anyone wants to pay me top dollar for my mad hand modelling skills, do not hesitate to let me know.

    15. Simon Brass on

      Me too Julien. Grail gives such a good kickstarter and game experience. Good luck with this one Grail :D

      p.s. Any representation at UK Games Expo?

    16. Julien on

      Best of luck! Grail = instaback... It's like the best subscription service every