What will you see as you travel around 'Straya? Designed by Scott Almes, Boomerang mixes card-drafting with roll-and-write game play.
What will you see as you travel around 'Straya? Designed by Scott Almes, Boomerang mixes card-drafting with roll-and-write game play.
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BOOMERANG - The "come-back-again" card game! の動画サムネイル

BOOMERANG - The "come-back-again" card game!

AU$ 11,986


In Boomerang, the "true blue" card game, players travel round the great south land, trying to see and do as much as possible. But will the cards you want to see come back to you?

Pass your cards and take note of where you have been and what you have seen!

Boomerang could be described as a card drafting game (like 7 Wonders or Sushi Go!), mixed with a roll-and-write game (like Yahtzee, or Qwixx).

Each turn, players select one card from their hand to play, and then pass the rest to the next player to choose from. Will you take what you really want, or a different card, so as to deprive another player of something cool?

At the end of each round, players mark different things off on their score sheets, corresponding to what they earned from the cards they selected.

In Boomerang, players are touring Australia, trying to see and do as much as they can before their holiday ends! By spotting native animals, collecting pieces of Australiana, and doing other holiday activities, players will earn points. Each round players will draft cards, mark off various accomplishments on their score sheets, and at the end of the game, the best traveller wins. You beauty!

The game is fast to learn and smooth to play. It gives players lots of nice choices as they select which cards to draft, without burdening them with heaps of rules.

If you like drafting games, roll-and-write games, or Australia :), then distribute the score sheets and pencils, shuffle the cards, and you're ready to play!

Some examples of cards in the game, showing a sample of the locations and scoring icons you will find.
Some examples of cards in the game, showing a sample of the locations and scoring icons you will find.

➼ To watch a 3-player run-through of the game, please enjoy the following video! All the rules are taught so you can see how the game plays, and well... fun is had!

➼ You can also click on the download button below to read the full (subject to change) rule book:

Every copy of Boomerang will contain...

Plus a rule book, all within a sturdy 2-piece box (150x110x30mm)

  • The cards will be 63x88mm
  • The score sheets will be 130x80mm

But we could get more in there if we hit stretch goals! (See below...)

Should we over-fund, we will be able to use your support to make the game even better in the following ways...!

At this level we will be able to increase the card quality to 310gsm ivory core. Snazzy!

Why not provide players with 4 mini pencils to fill out their score sheets? At this level of funding we will add them to the box! Bonza!

Maaate! 50 more score sheets will mean even more chances to travel round Oz!

...And hopefully we can announce more stretch goals as well :)

And you can read his full review here:


It features a how-to-play write-up as well as an interview with the game's designer, Scott Almes!

And you can read his full review here:


The article features a very in-depth review and how-to-play section, alongside Eric's fantastic photos!

And here's a nice tweet from The Dice Tower's Suzanne...!

You can hear her discussing the game on The Dice Tower, episode 559. During the discussion, she says:

"It was really really enjoyable. All of us were pleasantly surprised by Boomerang... I definitely had a lot of fun with it... I think Boomerang does something different."

All backers who pledge $20AUD or more, can add-on as many copies of Boomerang to their pledge as they would like. Simply hit the "Manage Your Pledge" button and add $18AUD for each extra copy of Boomerang you need.

We will confirm how many copies you are to receive in the backer survey after the close of the campaign.

Q: What about other Grail Games' titles? Can I add these on to my pledge as well?

Currently, quantities of our titles are limited for backers, due to where the games are located, as well as the hindrance and cost of overseas shipping. If you would like Criss Cross, or King's Road, please pledge at those levels. If you would like both, please pledge at the BOOMEROLL & WRITE level, and then add $40AUD to your pledge to cover King's Road.

We also have some copies of Jeju Isand available for US customers. If you would like Jeju as well as Criss Cross or King's Road, please pledge at one of those levels and then add $25AUD to your pledge to cover Jeju Island.

For more info on Criss Cross, please check out the game on our website and boardgamegeek.com. This game is just about to release.

For more info on King's Road, please check out the game on our website and boardgamegeek.com. You can also check out our KS campaign for the game last year.

For more info on Jeju Island, please check out the game on our website and boardgamegeek.com.

Q: Is shipping for this game actually free?!

Well... yes and no. Worldwide shipping is certainly not free! However, we are happy to swallow this cost if it will mean getting this great game into your hands! Your pledge includes shipment to you, no matter where you live.

All games will ship to backers from China. We expect the game to be small and cheap enough to enter most countries without fear of import/customs fees and taxes, but we cannot promise that. (Jeju Island copies will be sent to US customers only, from IN.)

Backers who also pledge to receive copies of our other titles should receive these in July/August.

By supporting Boomerang on Kickstarter, not only are you helping us to produce the game in the first place, but if you back now, you also receive these perks:

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  • NICE! Your support will make the game better! More stretch goals means more components and a better quality.
  • AND! We are also providing copies of some other titles to backers of this campaign at a reduced price as a thank you to you!

We run streamlined KS campaigns where stretch goals are to make the quality of production better, not to add extras that may blow out costs, timelines, and shipping prices. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Scott Almes is the designer of Boomerang. He is a prolific and well-known designer, most especially of titles such as Heroes of Land, Air and Sea, Harbour, and of course, the entire Tiny Epic series! Boomerang is Scott's first collaboration with Grail Games...

Grail Games is a card and board game publishing studio located in Sydney, Australia.

Founded almost four years ago, we have already run 12 successful Kickstarter campaigns. We focus on reprints, and producing English language versions of great games from Asia and Europe.

Grail Games’ aim is to produce board and card games that are: 

  • Family-friendly: We believe that games can strengthen friendships and families. All of our games can be enjoyed by players of a variety of ages. 
  • Fast to teach: our games have clean, straight-forward rules sets to decrease the number of barriers to entry.
  • Replayable: Games blossom when they offer a variety of pathways to explore. All of our games have a high Game Play Depth > Box Size ratio. 

If you would like to find out more, please visit www.grailgames.com.au and/or www.grailgamesshop.com.au

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 Image acknowledgements: retro jar (harperandcharlie.com)


Grail Games has already successfully funded twelve games, all currently available (or about to release) in game stores around the world. Since our first Kickstarter campaign was received EARLY by backers in January 2015, we have continued to send high quality products to backers on time! We have our systems well in place and use a top manufacturer to produce and ship quality games around the world. Grail Games is beginning to forge a track record of delivering fun games with quality components… on time!

However, unforseen circumstances can hold up a project. This can happen at the point of manufacture or during shipment. Grail Games has given a time-frame for delivery of Boomerang that we believe is certainly achievable. If anything does affect the project, backers will be kept in the loop via regular backer updates at every step of the production and shipment process.

Note that the currency conversions in the pledge level blurbs are a guide only. Currency values may fluctuate during the campaign.

Also note: Pledge levels do include all shipping costs, and backers will receive their games before retail stores, but Grail Games cannot guarantee that retailers will not sell Boomerang at a cheaper price than Kickstarter supporters will “pay.”

Finally, Grail Games will happily send replacement copies of any game damaged in shipment to backers, etc., but if backers fail to inform Grail Games of a change in shipping address or similar, backers may be asked to pay extra costs for a replacement copy of the game.




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