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The world's first full fidelity headphones. Designed by doctors and engineers to give you an experience like never before.
The world's first full fidelity headphones. Designed by doctors and engineers to give you an experience like never before.
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Shipping Update!

Posted by Dr. James Fielding (Creator)

Hi everyone!

For this week's update Alex and James are reunited in Brisbane. Alex has brought back the latest manufacturing prototypes from China, so in the video we go over the upcoming timeline and model updates (as well as a couple of exciting life events!).

Everything is looking really good with the latest sample, but we have found some final texturing inconsistencies. This is the very last thing we need to sort out before we can conduct our pre-production run! 

The pre-production run is used to ensure that as the manufacturing is scaled up, the build quality remains up to standard. Unfortunately, this last task before pre-production means we will be unable to ship this month. Our best estimate is that we will have started shipping by the end of November. 

For more details make sure you watch the video, and if you have further questions feel free to reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Or you can head over to our Audeara Community Slack Channel where Alex is always answering technical questions!

James and the A Team.






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    1. Nils on

      Take your time and keep us updated. Updates are the umbilical cord of trustworthiness for us backers.
      I backed many projects in the last years and can say that it is better to wait some more time and to get a good product than to get something which should have taken more time for development.
      Even if it‘s not just a cheap something but a higher priced and real quality product.

    2. Missing avatar


      Dear Audeara,
      Last week you guys should have received another texturing sample, right? Did that really happen? If so, was that sample approved?
      I agree with Dragos, the most amazing thing about this Headphone, and the reason why we backed it, is not its design (even though it is a very good one) but its software. So it would be nice to get some updates focused on that.

    3. Dr. James Fielding Creator on

      Hi Dragos - Isobel here while James is on paternity leave. When James mentioned in the video about the parts not reflecting the light properly, it was a simple way of saying that the texture isn't correct. It's inconsistent and has some defects. We spent a large amount of money getting the tooling done, not to mention our time and our industrial designers' time, and we can't just say near enough is good enough. As James said below, no conspiracy here. We're just trying to deliver a product we're proud of that meets (and hopefully exceeds) your expectations. We're obviously making small changes to the app software and firmware while waiting for the physical components to be completed, but we don't expect them to cause any delays in the future. We'll try give you more details about these things in the next update. In saying that, I'm sorry to hear you're disappointed and am happy to chat further about your concerns - you can email me

    4. Missing avatar

      Dragos on

      You guys... This is getting ridiculous. Dates pushed back so much.. I appreciate the transparency on the updates and appreciate that it's a situation that might be 'out of your hands' but you already had iterations of the earphones that were not on PAR with your expectations, what happened this time around?

      Seems to me there are bigger issues you are confronting with and this is just a pretext to delay the headphones even further. I was really expecting these to be with me by now, if I knew it will take half a year to get a pair, I would've bought a pair of other headphones from the market..

      What's the status of the software behind the phones? How's the sound quality? How's the application development going? Where are all these updates? I want to know how finished is the product in your perspective. Is it only just the exterior/design that's troublesome or there are other things you guys need to fix? I haven't seen a decent update with more information for a while now. All you guys are posting about is delays and more delays...

      Seriously, how hard it is to get a pair of headphones right? It's not a spaceship, I agree with Steve here....

      Totally disappointed. Will probably never do any business with you guys after I get these in my posession. And hopefully they will be what I expect them to be....

    5. Dr. James Fielding Creator on

      I feel your frustration Steve but no conspiracy here. Definitely not using finishing iterations as a cover up for life threatening faults. In its simplest form they're either right or wrong and "only a little wrong" isn't going to cut it. It's being upfront that seems to be the issue. Saying hopefully Christmas would be easy but not correct mate.

    6. Missing avatar

      Steve Brazel on

      Oh come on end of November? these are ear phones not a spaceship! Texture inconsistencies, really, my god unless you had 10 pairs who would know? Or are there bigger problems which could lead to them exploding and blowing peoples heads off? Should have been upfront and said "by a pair for a Christmas pressie and we will try and get them to you in time" .