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The world's first full fidelity headphones. Designed by doctors and engineers to give you an experience like never before.
The world's first full fidelity headphones. Designed by doctors and engineers to give you an experience like never before.
The world's first full fidelity headphones. Designed by doctors and engineers to give you an experience like never before.
1,504 backers pledged AU$ 466,305 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Bill on

      I wish the creator would comment on software and firmware updates in the pipeline.

    2. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      The product seems promising but the logistical execution leaves much to be desired. The lack of a defect/warranty process is frustrating and leaves me with a defective set of headphones and a sour experience dealing with another young company.

      I submitted a support ticket (AS-45) less than a week after receiving the unit back in March with a defective ANC switch. After months of dropped communications, arbitrarily closed support tickets, and failed follow-ups, I have learned the customer has to pay to ship the defective unit back to Australia in order to get a replacement.

      As shipping stuff halfway around the world isn't cheap, I'm choosing to dump the headphones and search for another company with a more mature support process.

    3. lifecycled on

      I love my audeara's.. So many features in one package that work. I am getting complaints of echo with hands free mobile phone from time to time. Also find it odd how they grab the connection back from my iPhone when I deliberately disconnect on phone. Just have to remember to turn them off. My one real dislike... Charging turns off audio ... Why? I can listen to a pair of wired headphones and charge the iPhone at the same time so why?

    4. Firdaush Bhadha on

      Any improvements in the firmware? My headphones are unusable using the hearing calibration features. It just clips and distorts the sound. Having to "turn it down" defeats the purpose for a deaf person.....

    5. Missing avatar

      MilindA on

      UK backer here. Headphones received and set up. All in great working order - great work, guys. Thank you!

    6. Headphone junkie on

      Glad some of you guys are happy. Obviously you did that get the headphones I did. Poor build quality, I.e. try walking with them. Fine if you like constant clicking in your ears. Let's hope you don't need to deal with there customer service. Been trying to get a refund, which they agreed to for months now. I've spoken with a Tony, Alex, Clare, Isobel, and now Meg. Well I say spoken. I mean I've been passed around and seldom responded too. They now have my headphones which arrived last Tuesday. No response as yet. Next they will tell me they have lost them I'm sure. Companies don't just live and die on their products, but also their customer service. Which of course for me has been terrible to date!

    7. dezign ideaz on

      Headphones here and working beautifully. No issues at all with App, Bluetooth, Build Quality.

      Great packaging. Nice case and accessories.

      With a couple of goes at getting my profile done - I can now say that the sound is crisp and clear for me.

      After years of Rock music bartering my ear drums - I feel I can hear again!

    8. Denver Garrison

      Hey guys!
      So far the headphones work wonderfully except for one thing:
      Every time I make a call, and I mean every single time, my headphones disconnect at 5-10 seconds.

      A few suggestions for the next version:
      Make the volume buttons obvious rather than just dots. Make them plus and minus to make it easy to distinguish by touch.
      Also having more bass would be wonderful! Or at least having the ability to adjust the bass (I like more for certain things like music and less for others like books).

      Thanks for getting back to me about the dropped calls.

    9. Missing avatar

      Don betts on

      At the risk of being stereotyped I believe that the live album Lyle Lovett live in Texas is a superb way of testing these wonderful devices. Audiophile quality and a great band including brass and strings. You can hear a pin drop during some of the solos. Give it a go

    10. Dr. James Fielding Creator on

      Thank you for the kind comments below @Don and @Bill! - Isobel

    11. Dr. James Fielding Creator on

      Hi everyone. If you would like tech support or have a question for the team, please get in touch via the website or over Facebook message. It's much easier for us to communicate with you via these platforms and allows us to provide you with the support we want to.

      For those still waiting on Skynet - we hear you, we are chasing them up every day. At the moment we are waiting for Floship to send us a master spreadsheet confirmation that all 168 packages have been cleared, but I do know that some people have started receiving their packages in Europe/UK.

    12. Missing avatar

      Don betts on

      Hey fellow Audeara users, I’d like to put some perspective around this product. Yes the initial shipping was a pain for me, however since arrival about a month ago I have been blown away with my headphones and in fact ordered a transceiver two weeks ago. It also is fantastic. I have completed two profiles (one last week) without any issues, apart from not properly reading the weirdly numbered book initially. It’s a guy thing.
      The sound is extraordinary, especially for an old rock dog like me with 40 years of playing in rock bands without earplugs.
      Whilst there are a number of concerns on the forum, I trust that the majority of the 1500+ backers are happy. Battery and ANC are super
      Keep up the good work guys, can’t wait to see Mark 2 features,however couldn’t see how it could be any better.
      P.S I own 6 headphones including some pretty impressive Shure buds. They don’t compare, and I’m spoilt by the Audeara

    13. Missing avatar

      Joseph Del Toro

      I have been having an issue with the hearing test. I can't hear the beep even when the line goes all the way to the top. What should I be doing?

    14. SaiBork on

      So, quick start manual and bluetooth issues;
      - Device is listed as A01, but sometimes it does list it as Audeara A-01
      - Pairing, phone asks to allow access, I allow. Then headphones say, paired, but phone fails because the PIN provided by the headset is not valid. Even though I dont get asked to put a PIN in on the phone in the first place.
      - After it says paired, according to the manual, the blue power light should now be steady, but it is still flashing and my phone is not connected via bluetooth.
      - After going through the above, it lists the device on my phone as available (not paired) as Audeara A-01, but after a minute or so, it goes back to listing as A01.
      - Opened the app on my Android phone, the search says there is no Audeara headphones found on bluetooth at all

      - Plugged in the wire, app does not recognise the wire plugged in, so cant do hearing test.
      - Tried playing music without doing the hearing test, plays via spotify, sound is not good, very muffled and volume buttons on the headphones dont do a thing.

      -ANC adds a massive buzz, but doesnt actually seem to do any noise cancelation. Maybe it will work when a profile is setup and actually playing something via this, but at the moment it's bad.

      I must say, I am VERY disappointed. Waited for many delays and then you get a product that doesn't work at all.

    15. SaiBork on

      I have ordered a set of two. We received them yesterday evening here in the UK. I charged them today, so I will be able to test mine later when I get home. My partner tested hers just now, but so far she is not happy with them at all. See below for her issues so far.

      - Pairing doesn't work, it says it does on the app but it doesn't - I don't hear anything and a light that shouldn't be flashing on the headphones is still flashing

      - My phone sees it under the wrong name most of the time, and I don't know if that's part of the problem

      - Wired - either the wire they gave is rubbish or the wire always causes a loud hiss. Will have to test with my own wire

      - And if you use it when wired up it buzzes

      - Noise cancellation - what noise cancelling? i can hear it kicking in hut it doesn't block anything

      A note I have from my experience on how they look and feel (as I havent actually tested them yet further than that). I'm surprised the ears turn so the hard side leans on your shoulderbones. A lot of headphones have the softer inside part of the ear turn inward, that way you have the soft part leaning on your bones.

      Hopefully I will be able to sort out her issues and I won't have these issues with my own set as that would be very disappointing for the price paid for these.

    16. Carlos Fabri on

      Finally got my A-01 in UK!!!
      How can I adjust the gain without having to crank up the volume on my DAP? So far, even after five tries with the personalisation app, the sound is still really muffled.

    17. Missing avatar

      Daan van Egmond

      @John Leonard .... on “Somewhat surprised at the 14 page EULA and the requirement for a Facebook or Google account, though, especially with all the hoo-hah over unwarranted data collection at the moment.”

      Remember the European General Data Protection Regulation is coming into effect next month. Now the fines for companies not respecting the principles in there are spectacular ... and it should be easy to use only a reference to this to make them start behaving or back off. Moreover you will have the right to ask for your full profile and what they track on you, with clear consent only. Companies better reassess the data mining and spying...

    18. Missing avatar

      Daan van Egmond

      Any update on the Polish soap?

    19. Missing avatar

      MilindA on

      UK backer here. Four attempts to send the scanned authorisation form (with my signature, my full name, my exact address and driver licence number) have been unsuccessful. I have used the address provided by the SKYNET courier, and another address:

      I have tried sending a photo of the completed form and scanned PDF of the completed form.

      Please advise.

    20. Missing avatar

      John Leonard on

      Got mine in London just now: nice packaging and unit seems well made. Charging up now to test the app. Somewhat surprised at the 14 page EULA and the requirement for a Facebook or Google account, though, especially with all the hoo-hah over unwarranted data collection at the moment.

    21. Headphone junkie on

      #Bill, wow, just goes to show. Id disagree 100%. Still we are all different!

    22. Missing avatar

      serena wilson on

      Hi - have any of these reached the UK yet? My tracking says still stuck in Poland since mid-March, we are now in April.

    23. Bill on

      Nurse = nuras. Damn spellcheck.

    24. Bill on

      The Audearas are not perfect but are better than the Nuras in every category from design, function (both headphones and app), performance, package, price and build quality. I chose the nurse to sell on eBay and are keeping the Audeara though further updates are needed especially firmware and app development. Both projects have seen equal amounts of QA issues.

    25. Headphone junkie on

      Hey all, I must retract some of what I said. Whilst Alex did not get back to me on slack. Support did reply and I missed it. So if that all goes smoothly then I will be happy. I wish the creator luck. But feel we need to wait for a V2

    26. Headphone junkie on

      My god, I really should check auto correct. 'tut necromancer' WTF? should be 'mention' apologies for the other errors!

    27. Headphone junkie on

      I would not worry too much guys, you may be unimpressed when you get the headphones anyway. Mine and many others are faulty. They click constantly with the ANC on, but even a sight touching of the ear cup causes it, that feels cheap. With ANC of the sound signature is terrible as had already been noted in reviews. But I'm now hearing nothing back from anyone. I've had nothing back from Alex for sometime now. If is purchased these from a shop is have taken them back and for a refund. Tut necromancer that word here and they go quiet on you. Compared to my Nuraphones I'm disappointed I must say.

    28. dezign ideaz on

      Following on from your email just now. I can confirm the new email address ...

      also fails.


    29. Dr. James Fielding Creator on

      Hi guys - we feel your frustration and agree it's not acceptable. I've contacted Floship as a matter of urgency to resolve it and will let you know of any developments ASAP - Isobel.

    30. Missing avatar

      MilindA on

      Problem with bouncing email from Skynet Poland - please advise!

      Their email to me (UK backer) advised send scanned completed form (driving licence number) to

      But this address is not accepting mail.

    31. Firdaush Bhadha on

      Did the recent iOS update fix the gain issues?

    32. dezign ideaz on

      Just tried to email a reply with Authorisation form to the two email addresses provided by SkyNet and both bounced!! Seriously what is going on!

    33. Dr. James Fielding Creator on

      Hi everyone - we have just emailed everyone whose parcels are being delivered by Skynet to UK/Europe. - Isobel

    34. dezign ideaz on

      Hi @creator... looks like our headphones are still stuck in Warsaw - same status for the last 11 days “arrived at hub”. What is the latest? Thanks.

    35. Missing avatar

      Huw Friedhoff on

      @Creator - Thanks for the update Isobel. It appears the parcels are starting to move now mine cleared customs and have checked out of Warsaw yesterday.

    36. Missing avatar

      Arnika Sencariuc on

      Hi James

      I purchased two headphones, one for me and my partner, and they were working but there is a rattle in the right headphone earpiece - it sounds like there is a something loose in the earpiece cavity. I can hear the rattle when I’m moving around or I tilt my head. It’s quite distracting. Is there a way to open the headphone earpiece safely to remove this myself ? Or do I need to have the pair replaced ? Appreciate your reply - I love my new headphones but the rattle is so distracting I cant use them unless I stay completely stationary.


    37. Dr. James Fielding Creator on

      Hi everyone! James answered some questions about Skynet delivery last night on Slack. I've copied it below - Isobel.

      "I've been in discussion with the GM of Skynet and it would seem to me that because we interrupted their usual way of doing things, after being told it was sorted out, they then decided to change the process and ask for more money by saying that our current website says the headphones are $499 AUD. All the orders that are being shipped are kickstarter orders and gifts and this proof has been provided to them along with letters and multiple phone calls. It seems like a lot of effort but the difference is quite a substantial sum, especially to a new company like ours. My last correspondence with them indicated that they were happy with this proof but I will await a letter or a bottle of wine or some other method of them saying that all is well before making the mistake of thinking it has been sorted out.

      There is still the requirement of a form being signed by each recipient to say that you are accepting the package and allowing Rusak (agent for Skynet) to import the package for you. This is a government regulation unfortunately.

      Thank you as always for you patience."

    38. Missing avatar


      Still waiting for mine in South America, Brazil.. Tracking stopped working once it reached national territory (different state) and the local post office tells me that the chosen shipping method may take more the 50 business days to reach me (counting from the day it landed in Brazil).
      It sucks to have to wait so long. Chances of it being mishandled by the post office are huge. Just hope I do get them..

    39. Yudi Marton on

      Got it, set it to my profile, f a n t a s t i c .... (in all aspects... )

    40. Missing avatar

      Huw Friedhoff on

      @Nick M - Thanks for the update.

    41. Nick M on

      Just for anyone's interest I sent Skynet an email yesterday and got this back this morning,

      "Your shipment was expected to enter customs clearance the next day after arrival and to be released from customs in the same day.

      Problem is that when we have opened customs clearance Customs Office questioned value of shipments.

      We were waiting for forwarder of shipments to provide us with the documents requested by Customs Office and we have received them yesterday and forwarded it to the customs. Now we are waiting if Customs Office would accept explanations. We think that we should get their answer today. "

      So sounds like its progressing although a little slowly.

    42. Missing avatar

      Huw Friedhoff on

      @Alexander - My parcel has not updated since it was checked into a hub in Poland on the 15th, which appears to be post Customs clearance. I have just emailed them to try and find out what is going on.

    43. Missing avatar

      Marvin S on

      @Elliott Garrett I'm having also the same problem with the bass popping/blownspeakersound at high volume on bass heavy songs.
      It's not a problem with the drivers - I hooked them up to my soundcard via the wire and they are able to deliver a very high output until they eventually start to distort. (way above what the inbuilt amp can deliver)

    44. Alexander Rehm

      I spent the last 2 days calling Skynet in Warsaw, since the UK was unable to contact them themselves (go figure).

      After 40 minute chasing, I was told that:
      - I am still due a VAT payment, which is why it hasn't left
      - After my telling them that that was paid for by the sender (you), they are now adamant that the parcel had left and they don't know why it did not update their tracking code
      - After me asking when that would be updated, I was told it would be once the parcel was located.

      This morning, I finally got the following email:
      Dear Mr Rehm

      We need You to send us filled and signed authorization for customs clearance and payment for tax and duties to proceed with customs with your shipment from Hong Kong.

      Please check attached PDF file.

      Best regards

      @ Creator, I thought you had squared this away?

    45. Missing avatar

      Mark Simmonds on

      I got mine last week and I’ve been using them everyday they are great, with one exception the headphone controls are too small and too close together for me. I have large fingers and I find it very difficult to distinguish between the buttons. If this is fixed in the next version they will be as close to perfect as you can get.

    46. Carlos Fabri on

      Still waiting for my A-01. Backer 627, UK.

    47. Missing avatar


      Hey, I didn't check my email account for the last two weeks and now I'm a bit confused.... Do I have to respond to the email of SkyNet or not to receive my headphones? Thanks

    48. Eleni

      Hello, I've sent a message through the contact form on your site, but haven't received a response yet.
      I love the headphones but the cable I received is defective so I can't use them properly on wired mode :(
      I backed the headphones specifically for the wired mode.

    49. Alexander Rehm

      Still no headphones.... :(

    50. Missing avatar

      Faith C

      Just reread what I typed - my second point was I was listening to music on my iPad (which was in another room) using the headphones. Have since gone for a walk round the house into other rooms with the headphones in bluetooth mode and still no drop out (max distance from my iPad would be about 15m).

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