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The goal of this Kickstarter is to deliver to you an English-localized Steam release of the visual novel "Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~"
The goal of this Kickstarter is to deliver to you an English-localized Steam release of the visual novel "Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~"
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Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ 4:3 Resolution Release

Posted by Dies irae World Emanation Project (Creator)


Hello Everyone,  

We apologize for the long wait between updates. Preparations of the 4:3 resolution compatibility for Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ are finally complete. Below are the steps to apply the new resolution format. We hope you will enjoy!  


4:3 Resolution Patch  

The 4:3 resolution patch will be handled the same as the R18 patch was.  

1. Download the file from the link below:  

4:3 Resolution Patch for Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ Download  

2. After unzipping the download file, copy to your English version Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ folder.  

3. Within the folder you have just copied is the “malie_dsp.exe” file. Run this file to play Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ in 4:3 resolution.  

*Please note that like the R18 patch, you must have cleared either route in the English version Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ or have the two DLC to be able to run the game.

Thank you again everyone for your patience and your support.  




4:3解像度対応の「Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~」についてようやく配布準備が整いましたので、この度、アップデートにてお知らせさせて頂きます。  





1. 以下のリンクより、ダウンロードをお願い致します。  


 2. 解凍して出てきたファイルを、英語版「Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~」があるフォルダにコピーしてください。  

3. コピーしたフォルダ内で「malie_dsp.exe」を起動することで、4:3解像度対応版「Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~」をプレイすることができます。 

 ※注意 起動条件はR18パッチと同じで、英語版「Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~」でいずれかのルートをクリアしているか、DLCを2つ所持していることが起動の条件となります。 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Zulfadzil Zulkifli on

      Link to 4:3 patch still doesn’t work for some reason.

    2. Missing avatar

      Thomas Johnson on

      You can't put the 18+ content as an update, as it's an entire older version of the game with different scenes and less content, not to mention that the saves wouldn't work.

      Putting it as official DLC isn't exactly feasible either, due both to the way Steam works in launching content (unless it targeted a launcher that let you choose which version you wanted to play), and adding explicit 18+ content even as DLC would likely force them to mark the base game as adult-only content, blocking people who didn't have explicit content enabled in their profile settings from seeing the Steam page at all.

    3. Rance-sama on

      Can you guys please patch the +18 content into the main game on steam now that it's completely allowed. Or at the very least put the +18 and the resolution patches as free downloadable DLC on the steam page so we can easily access it without having to backtrack a thousand emails etc. We'd appreciate it.

    4. Missing avatar

      Zulfadzil Zulkifli on

      I’m getting a blank/unloaded page when clicking the download link. Does anybody else have this problem?