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The goal of this Kickstarter is to deliver to you an English-localized Steam release of the visual novel "Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~"
The goal of this Kickstarter is to deliver to you an English-localized Steam release of the visual novel "Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~"
2,577 backers pledged $224,180 to help bring this project to life.

Overseas Shipping Update

Posted by Dies irae World Emanation Project (Creator)


Dear Backers,    

This update concerns the status of overseas shipping. It has been a long time coming and we sincerely apologize for the delay. 

As of Monday, March 19 JST, we have sent the rewards to the shipping company in charge of the overseas rewards delivery. The rewards will arrive in the United States in about 2 to 3 weeks. Once the rewards arrive at the shipper, they will be packed and then shipped to you. 

Because of the continuous delays on our part, this update had also been postponed. With delay after delay, we have earned a growing distrust and have hesitated to keep posting updates citing only further delays that would only make you, our backers, more anxious and further distrustful. For this, we owe everyone an explanation concerning the setbacks. 

First, our inexperience with overseas shipping caused more delays than we expected. Because we usually use domestic (Japanese) logistic companies for our products, we were not prepared for the differences overseas companies will entail. From the language barrier to how the industry culture and norms function, we handled communication with the companies poorly.

Second, we did not do our research on how reward shipments work with overseas logistic companies and did not realize packages required barcodes. Since we are used to Japanese logistics, which do not require barcodes, we have completely taken this procedure for granted, and wrongly assumed it was the same for other companies as well. Because of this, we had to make a barcode for each order, thus further postponing delivery.

And lastly, it was our carelessness. We had multiple instances when our order numbers did not add up, and thus had to order for more manufacturing.

From our inexperience and carelessness, we have caused you an unnecessary amount of trouble. We understand that we sound like we are making excuses; these factors do not excuse us, nor does it let us off the hook for our lack of action, but we want to let you know what has been happening the past few months with this update.

Regarding the rewards, once they are ready to ship from the logistics company, we will send out another update for further details.


Current issues

The delivery of the physical rewards do not mark the end of this project; we still have a lot more to do. The following is our to-do list as we move forward with this project.

Steam ver. Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ 

Because of the mistake we made regarding the 16:9 coding, a bug has been found within the game. We will release an update in mid-March to fix this issue. This update will also fix the problem of not being able to play the game offline. 

HD ver. Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~

We are currently working on this. As mentioned in an earlier update, we will release the HD version the same way we have released the R-18 patch. The HD version is planned to be released on Friday, April 13th. 

Vita ver. Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ 

We are currently working on this as well, however we are running into a few distribution problems so we are currently unable to give an estimated date of delivery. Though we cannot give an estimated time, we should be able to have it ready for distribution by autumn of this year. 



We want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your patience and support. We know we have betrayed your expectations, and we deeply apologize for that. Though we are in the last stretches of the project, we will do a better job communicating with both you and the logistics companies to make things run more smoothly






日本時間の3月19日(月)に、海外での発送を担当する会社にリワードを発送しました。 発送されたリワードは2、3週間かけてアメリカの倉庫に運ばれます。そこで、改めてパッケージングがされ、皆様の元へと配送される予定です。  

ここまで長い時間をかけてしまったことを、本当に謝罪したいです。 私たちが今までアップデート文章を出さなかったのは、幾たびの延期を重ね皆様からの信頼を大きく損ねたうえ、ただ延期と謝罪を述べるだけの内容では、単なる不快なアップデートとなってしまうと考えたからです。 ですので、確実に海外へリワードを発送した今回のみ、アップデートをさせて頂きました。  








■ その他の問題について  

勿論、物理リワードの発送が終わったからといって、私たちが行うべきことは多くあります。 皆様をお待たせしている以下の件についても引き続き対応を行っていきます。  

〇Steam版 Dies rae ~Amantes amentes~  

こちらは、誤字を修正したものに加え、16:9にすることで発生していた演出に関する不具合修正を行ったものを3月中にアップデートする予定です。 また、オフライン起動できないという問題についてもこのアップデートで対応を致します。  

〇Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ HDバージョン  

こちらも現在制作中です。以前も告知させて頂いた通り、R18バージョンと同様の方法で配布をします。 4月13日(金)に公開を予定しております。  

〇Vita版 Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~  



■ 最後に  

ここまで辛抱強く私たちに付き合っていただけることに謝罪と感謝をしたいと思います。多くの信頼を裏切ってしまったことについて、実力の不足を恥じています。 これからも支援頂いた皆様が満足できるよう、できる限りの対応を続けていきたいと思います。

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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel Martins on

      We were waiting for this update.

      Thanks for the explanations about everything, I was beginning to get very worried for a second.

    2. cabfe on

      It takes courage to publicly admit one's mistakes, thank you.
      I guess I'll wait now until the HD version is out, although they look like hi-res but cropped pictures from their website. Is it not possible to have high resolution pictures and full size (even in 4:3)?

    3. Missing avatar

      Linus Gustavsson

      Would have been nice with a real 18+ patch for the HD version. But knowing who is running this kickstarter I'd just get a 4th game to download. After all, if you make 3 games, why make any of them allow the full story to fit.

    4. Est on

      Saying something is better than silence. I rather read notices of delays every couple of weeks than nothing for months.

    5. Ross on

      Thank you for the update I'm glad that we're still getting the physical copies but just a warning for the future no updates is farrrrrrrrr worse than a update with bad news.

    6. MaxelFX on

      I think by HD version you meant
      ? Could you clarify that for us, please?

    7. Natalie Manahan

      I hope the Vita version comes by my birthday. That would be awesome.

    8. Jason Wander on

      Another version of the game for the HD edition? How many of them have to be downloaded now, or us this a kind of "ultimate" edition?