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The goal of this Kickstarter is to deliver to you an English-localized Steam release of the visual novel "Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~"
The goal of this Kickstarter is to deliver to you an English-localized Steam release of the visual novel "Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~"
2,577 backers pledged $224,180 to help bring this project to life.

Steam Codes Sent! And Important Announcements

Posted by Dies irae World Emanation Project (Creator)

Dear Backers,

As we have mentioned in the previous update, the distribution of the download codes was delayed.

But the wait is over! The codes should be distributed to all backers who have answered the Backerkit surveys, so check your email!

The codes are already valid, so backers have slightly earlier access to the game than users on Steam. So please enjoy!

Once you entered the codes, you might notice "For Beta Testing" right next to the game title in your Library on Steam. Let us explain.

We needed to set the keys as "keys for beta access" in order for you backers to enjoy the game before the release on Steam Store. The contents itself is all finished and in shape, so there is nothing "Beta" about what you are getting except for the arbitrary setting on Steam, so stay assured.

The game will also become available on Steam Store from June 2nd 2017(JST).

Also, we have some announcements to make.

About Visual Fan Book

As we have announced in the previous update, the Visual Fan Book will be translated and become available to backers who have pledged $400 and above. With that update, we have received several questions from backers. Today, we want to clarify the situation.

The requirement for receiving the Visual Fan Book was announced as “those who pledged $400 and up”. The exact pledge levels that meet the criterion is as follows:

  • Replica shikishis. (Full set):$400
  • Signed physical edition:$440
  • LDO member tapestries. (Full set):$1000
  • Signed Kickstarter shikishi. : $1400
  • Add name to credits. : $1500
  • Full color shikishi. : $2500

This also means Pre-order backers who have pledged to the following levels are also included:

  • Replica shikishis. (Full set) Pre-order:$400
  • Signed physical edition Pre-order:$440
  • LDO member tapestries. (Full set) Pre-order:$1000

We have also received requests to make the Visual Fan Book available as an add-on. You asked it, so here it is!

First, we will be extending the Pre-Order store closing date for the last time! The closing date will be 16:00, June 12th, 2017 (JST) so this is the last time for you to get it.

During this 11-day extension time, a new add-on will be available. That is, the Visual Fan Book. This will be sold for $70 each.

We will also be adding new Pre-order packages. These are basically selected existing pre-order without digital copies of the game and the OST. They are aimed for those who purchased the game through Steam, but also want pre-order items on Backerkit.

  • $355 Replica shikishis. (Full set) Physical Only Pre-order
  • $395 Signed physical edition Physical Only Pre-order
  • $955 LDO member tapestries. (Full set) Physical Only Pre-order

Important notice for locked down backers

We know that many of you are already locked down on the Backerkit, and therefore cannot edit their orders. If there are backers who are already locked down, and wish to add the Visual Fan Book to your order, we will need to manually unlock your response for you to add the Visual Fan Book. So we kindly ask you to contact us through Backerkit. The Backerkit website has “Need Help?” link on the top right corner. You can contact us through there. We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience this may cause.

Announcements about expected shipping dates

As we have mentioned in the previous update, there are unexpected number of orders for physical rewards. Thank you very much, and sorry again for the delay. The shipping is expected to be around the end of July this year.

As for the digital rewards the games should already be in your hand, provided you have answered your survey. As for the digital OST, the distribution of the reward is expected to be around the end of June.

R-18 Patch

The development of the R-18 patch is taking longer than expected. The texts are already translated, but the texts has to be implemented and debugging is needed before the release. We are expecting it to be released around the end of July. We will be posting exact release date once we know.

VITA Version

A lot of you have asked us about the situation regarding VITA release. Here is the situation. At the moment, the development is taking longer than expected. We cannot give you the exact release date as we cannot determine the time it requires for rating, but it is expected to be released in autumn 2017.

We will be announcing details once we know the exact dates.

We sincerely apologize for the delay and confusion. We hope you will understand. Thank you again for your continuous support.


こんにちは。 この度は、英語版『Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~』のリリースが遅れてしまい誠に申し訳ございませんでした。 こちらは日本時間2017年6月2日に正式にリリース致します。

それに伴いまして、ゲームをSteamでプレイするためのコードを既にBackerkitでのサーベイにご回答頂いている方には送付させていただきました。 Steamでのリリースより早く現時点からプレイ可能です。

コードを入力した後、ライブラリ画面のDies iraeのタイトルの横に「for Beta Testing」の文字が表示されますが、これは支援者の皆様にSteam Storeのリリースよりも早くプレイしていただけるように、コードをβアクセス用に設定したためです。ゲーム自体の開発は終わっており、中身に関してはリリース版となっていますのでご安心下さい。


この度、ストレッチゴールに設定されていた『200Pビジュアルファンブック』の制作が決定しております。 先日のアップデートで『200Pビジュアルファンブック』の制作決定を発表したことで、多数の支援者から質問と要望がありました。


  • Replica shikishis. (Full set):$400
  • Signed physical edition:$440
  • LDO member tapestries. (Full set):$1000
  • Signed Kickstarter shikishi. : $1400
  • Add name to credits. : $1500
  • Full color shikishi. : $2500


  • Replica shikishis. (Full set) Pre-order:$400
  • Signed physical edition Pre-order:$440
  • LDO member tapestries. (Full set) Pre-order:$1000

ビジュアルファンブックの制作が決定したことで、追加での購入を希望する支援者が多数いらっしゃいました。 そのため、特別にBackerkitにおける予約販売の期間を延長させていただきたいと思います。 そして、この特別延長に合わせて新たな「リワード」と「アドオン」を用意致します。

まずアドオンですが、こちらは制作の決まった『200Pのビジュアルファンブック』となります。 販売期間中に70ドルのアドオンとして、単品購入が可能となります。


  • Replica shikishis. (Full set) Pre-order 
    ※フィジカル限定仕様 355ドル Replica shikishis. (Full set) Pre-orderの内容から、デジタルゲームとデジタルサントラを抜いたもの
  • Signed physical edition Pre-order 
    ※フィジカル限定仕様 395ドル Signed physical edition Pre-orderの内容から、デジタルゲームとデジタルサントラを抜いたもの
  • LDO member tapestries. (Full set) Pre-order 
    ※フィジカル限定仕様 955ドル LDO member tapestries. (Full set) Pre-orderの内容から、デジタルゲームとデジタルサントラを抜いたもの

こちらは主にSteamで正式リリースとなったゲーム本編をご購入して頂いた方向けに、一部の高額リワードからデジタル系のリワードを抜いた新しいリワードを設定することに致しました。 これらのリワードについては、一部400ドルに達しておりませんが、『ビジュアルファンブック』を付けさせていただきます。

特別延長につきましては、日本時間2017年6月12日(月)16:00までを予定しております。 今度こそバッカーキットは締め切りますので、これが最後のチャンスとなります。 皆さまこのチャンスを逃さないようにお願いします。


既にお気づきとは思いますが、Backerkitでのサーベイの回答締め切り期間のお知らせ以後、既に多くの方にご回答をいただき、それらの方のサーベイは現在回答を変更することができなくなっています。これらサーベイを既にご回答頂き、Backerkit上で回答がロックされている支援者の皆様の中で、今回発表したビジュアルファンブックをアドオンとして追加したい方につきましては、こちらで別途サーベイのロックを解除する必要がございます。大変お手数ではございますが、Backerkitの右上にあります「Need Help?」のリンクから連絡を取っていただければ対応させていただきます。今回の変更に伴ってご不便とご迷惑をおかけして申し訳ございません。


まず、グッズなどのフィジカルリワードの発送についてですが、予想以上に皆様からの支援がございまして、製造数が予想を上回りフィジカルリワードの製造が遅れております。 そのためフィジカルリワードについては、7月末までずれ込んでしまうことをお詫び申し上げます。

 「オリジナルサウンドトラック ダウンロード版」につきましては、6月末にお送り致します。

VITA版『Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~』

こちらも現在開発が遅れております。 審査等により、明確な日付はご提示できませんが、秋頃を目指して制作を進めております。 詳細な情報がわかり次第随時ご連絡を致します。おまたせして大変申し訳ありません。

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    1. Chris on

      Didn't get code. Much sad.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Same for me, didn't receive my key, but Sunbird's suggestion worked for me as well. Just searched for the payment has been processed email for project, and there was a link for reviewing your information, then there was a section with a button for 'Get your digital downloads', and the codes are there. Thanks for the suggestion Sunbird!

    3. Didier Gentilly on

      I haven't gotten my key yet as well

    4. Sunbird on

      Tip: Don't comment while tired. I skimmed the update, and didn't see where OST's come at end of June. If you haven't gotten an e-mail yet for those that haven't, check the Backer-Kit. What I did was went to an e-mail to the survey from before, then went to digital rewards tab on it. Hope this helps anyone!

    5. Sunbird on

      I never got an e-mail, but I checked Backer-Kit and got my keys. Is the soundtrack also on steam, or is it separate? I got keys for the game, and routes but none for the soundtrack.

    6. Missing avatar

      Alpha-EoN- on

      Haven't gotten my key yet

    7. Missing avatar


      Finally added the Fan Book as an add-on thank goodness.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jeam Vestman on

      Sweet. Got my keys as well now.

    9. Samuraiter on

      @ Matthew: Thank you for the how-to. I have my codes now, and I look forward to digging into the game once I have the time to do so. :-) My congratulations to the localization team for pulling this off!

    10. Quorthon1983 on

      @athleticyoshi I just said something like "I'd like to preorder the visual fanbook, but my survey is already locked down." and they unlocked it within a few hours so I could add it on. I used the "I need help with preorders" option as the subject.

    11. athleticyoshi on

      What should I even be asking for to unlock my backerkit? I used "I would like to make a change to my pledge" but should I have used the "I have a question for the project creator" question? It's cool if I'm an idiot and it doesn't matter either way but I would really hate to miss the opportunity to get the fan book because I don't know exactly what I need to do to add it to my locked backerkit.

    12. Est on

      Sweet! I just got my codes!

      @Jeam We get one copy of the artbook by default, if we want more copies then we can add more for $70 each copy.

      @Nier Try to contact Backerkit support to unlock your backerkit.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jeam Vestman on

      Wait. So I have to add it? Or is it there by default since I am at 440?

    14. Missing avatar

      Nier on

      How do you do it? My Backerkit pre-order page is locked?

    15. Est on

      @Nier I can add the Visual Fan Book on my backerkit without using the pre-order store.

    16. Missing avatar

      Nier on

      Question regarding the Visual Fan Book, is it possible to get it as an Add-On on your Backerkit? Or the ONLY way is through the Backerkit Pre-Order Store?

    17. Missing avatar

      Allan Wang on

      Looks like my survey didn't get locked down since I tried to add the Vita addon and forgot about it. When should we expect them to respond to our request for a code via the Backerkit Contact us page?

    18. Est on

      Well, I hope we get our codes by the time the game is out on steam for everyone else.
      I've also sent a support ticket 4 hours ago, nothing yet.

    19. Shiro

      Thank you for giving me possibility to get the Visual Fan Book ^^

    20. Missing avatar

      Jeam Vestman on

      Huh. Same here. That might be why I haven't gotten the codes yet.

    21. Est on

      I also having the same problem as Jeam right now. I answered the survey when it first open then I opened it again a while ago, then closed it again recently.
      I went to here and saw the codes are currently "pending" and "coming soon.

    22. Matthew

      @Jeam: That sounds like the right page as mine is titled "Dies irae English Localization Project Commences! - Backerkit - Review" and the address is

      So what options or info is being provided to you on that page instead? Only thing I can think of is that maybe you haven't locked your pledge? I don't know if that would actually make a difference though...

    23. Missing avatar

      Jeam Vestman on

      Nope. No such thing appears for me. Did I re-confirm my Survey too late perhaps? The page I am at is called Review.

    24. Matthew

      For anyone who "doesn't have their codes" or has no idea of how to get your codes. You get the codes form Backerkit.

      To access Backerkit: Backerkit should have sent you an email after completing the survey. At the bottom of the email is a link that says "Use this link to return to your survey any time:" Click on that link to be returned to your backerkit pledge confirmation page for the project. Click on the "Get Your Digital Downloads," button to get your codes.

      If you no longer have the email from Backerkit, you can still access it by creating a Backerkit account using the same email as you used for Kickstarter/Backerkit, logging in, and clicking the Review Details button for the project.

      @Jeam: Where exactly are you looking for the button? I'm looking on my order confirmation page right now and the first column has sections for "Shipping Info," "Get Your Digital Downloads," "Pledge Items," and "Add-on Items." The second column has sections for "Status," "Balance," and "Payment." The button is in the "Get Your Digital Downloads" section. If you don't see those sections then you are on the wrong page (and you'll need to provide more info to figure out what you need to so).

    25. Kenneth Laird on

      I don't have the code either.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jeam Vestman on

      Can't find the digital downloads button. Must have screwed up my survey when I was thinking of changing to the 1k pledge instead. Because I am pretty sure I already answered my survey waaay back when it was first sent out. Still no Steam key for some reason.

    27. DawnEndix on

      I guess above posting is somehow misleading at least for some of us backers.
      I didn't get any mail with my game codes yet.
      Only vistiting BackerKit and hitting on 'Get your digital downloads' took me further.

    28. That Guy on

      If you're still having trouble, go to this link:

      You can enter your email there, they will email you a link, go to the link and click on the blue button that says "Get Your Digital Downloads" The keys are inside.

    29. Karanthos on

      Me neither. did recive the E-Mail with the Update but not one with a key. The survey i did answer a long time ago ^^

    30. Jikap on

      I didn't get an e-mail either, but my steam codes arrived anyway in the "Get your digital downloads" button in Backerkit. the keys worked and I'm downloading the game atm.

    31. Jason Wander on

      @J.A. Aczel go to your backerkit account and click on the digital rewards button. steam codes are there.

    32. Missing avatar

      J. A. Aczel on

      What should I do if I didn't receive any codes from BackerKit? It lists my survey as answered and my pledge items as containing "digital game," but I don't have any e-mails from them since filling out the survey.