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The goal of this Kickstarter is to deliver to you an English-localized Steam release of the visual novel "Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~"
The goal of this Kickstarter is to deliver to you an English-localized Steam release of the visual novel "Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~"
2,577 backers pledged $224,180 to help bring this project to life.
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      Nalmar on

      As Champ alluded to, it would make a lot more sense to offer an option like was offered with the Sharin campaign. If the vita goal is reached, offer those who backed in Backerkit at a digital tier the option to pick the vita rather than the pc. I know you want to push pledges, but $35 is better than $0 for a pledge.

    2. Bryce Lindsay on

      Whelp I'm out. It's too bad proper research wasn't done to see what kind of Kickstarters had success with their stretch goals.

      The whole thing surrounding the Vita version is just downright insulting. It almost sounds like you DONT want to do the Vita version at all, and that you are just tacking it on because you said you would.

      Not only do you want $90,000 more than the base goal to develop the Vita version, but it is digital only AND costs $100?

      What incentive is there for a Playstation Vita player to back this at all? I can tell you that 90% of Vita owners that were thinking of backing this are not going to now. Why? Because why throw a ton of money for a digital version of a game that would be $40 on the PSN? Why throw money at a project that isn't even halfway to that stretch goal?

      At this point I'm reducing my pledge from $30 for a digital copy (Which is what a Vita digital copy SHOULD cost) down to $1. Likely most Vita backers will either do the same or cancel.

      I wish you luck with this Kickstarter, and I hope you reconsider these ridiculous goals and tiers. If you consider a Kickstarter only Physical version through Limited Run Games I might increase my pledge again.

    3. Asonn on

      I don't care if you milk me out cause that is what a business is, but you have to softly, gently pull my nipples for my milk, not ripping them off like this

    4. Missing avatar

      Robin on

      I'm actually not interested in any of these stretch goals..

    5. Missing avatar

      Linus Gustavsson

      I don't think you have to worry about quality. Most people focus on quantity. It is more fun to have various items than to have a single really expensive "don't dare to touch or use it" product.

      Focus on just having proper add-ons (the kind that you can get NOW and for ANY tier). When you have that, people stuck at minimal pledges can start to climb up.

    6. Dies irae World Emanation Project Creator on

      Dear Backers,

      We would like to address the stretch goals with the higher price from the Prefundia page. From the inception of the project beginning with the Prefundia page, we misunderstood "add-ons" as being "items available for purchase after stretch goals are met".

      Starting with the Prefundia page, you have been giving us your ideas and pointing us in the right direction. We would like to assure you that your words have not gone unheeded. With the launch of the Kickstarter, changes to the rewards were made. Because of these changes, budget adjustments necessitated the higher stretch goals.

      However, with the higher goals in mind, we truly want to deliver merchandise of the highest quality.

      Regarding the PS Vita version available set at the $100 reward tier:

      The PS Vita version was not included in the initial development schedule. We are extremely thankful for backers' interest in a PS Vita version, however, due to development and download site expenses, we regrettably have to limit the stretch goal to only backers who pledged an amount of $100.00 USD or more.

      We hope you will keep fighting on with us to make the project a success. We are working non-stop to include more of your suggestions, so please look forward to updates coming soon.

    7. Natsukl on

      I'm dont think if this project can even reach the goal if it keep going like this.
      I mean I really want some cool figure and material book like muv luv. But 16 more and it only 65%
      Now you dont need Stretch Goals but more tier, more reward so people will pledge for this

    8. Missing avatar

      Linus Gustavsson

      This is not going well. It is not a really good idea to have art books and such as stretch goals because you need those things in the add-on section from the beginning to make people reach stretch goals. If there are nothing to pledge for, you won't reach goals that add things to pledge for.

    9. Missing avatar

      Dchamp on

      I don't understand the decisions of the project team. They could look at the second kickstarter of Sharin no Kuni project and how successful it ended.
      - most products are also as add-ons (here none)
      - products with girls like tapestrys, posters and so and also as add-ons
      - physical and digital vita version as first stretch goal (here: only digital and only second stretch goal. Physical version should not be dificult with LRG). I'm not a vita backer, but there were many vita backers in the last days.
      - Backers could decide if vita or pc version

      Why can't the project team take the stretch goals from the prefundia page? -> Realistic vita goal, Visual Fan Book Complete as second stretch goal (need to be done as add-on for the backers) and additional game as third stretch goal.

    10. Missing avatar


      This project is going to need a serious boost in exposure for these stretch goals to be reached not to mention that they still haven't shown all of them.(I mean if you double the goal amount you probably still wouldn't unlock them all so how much triple the goal? Quadruple the goal?)

      Hmm… $40,000 for 16 page color booklet or $50,000 for a PS Vita port (only digital form though). I'm pretty sure if you polled this PS Vita port would be more important to people than the booklet (only digital form though).

      If you polled between the booklet and the Fanbook which do you think would win?

      One of those unmarked stretch goals is the Physical PS Vita version I assume, I wonder how much the rest of the Fanbook will cost xD.

      Will these when unlocked be available as add-ons via kickstarter/backerkit?

    11. SlicerRS on

      Ok, listen, I have always, and I mean always have been the ultra positive guy that always has a positive comment about anything, but this... I have to agree with most backers, I'm hugely dissapointed. In last update I expected something about the stretch goals... and nothing. Here I have some news about stretch goals... and they are lame. I have zero interest in any of this. Just do the add on option and get this over with.
      I'm actually consdiering to take back my pledge. I mean, I do want to play this game, but the updated are more upsetting more than exciting to me

    12. Maria Adelaide Borromeo

      I have a question: in which regions will the Vita version be available? I don't have an American account and I don't intend to create one

    13. Asonn on

      This is a huge disappointment. I'm actually feeling inclined to cancel my pledge, because this feels like someone is actually spitting on my face and making fun of me.

    14. Taedirk on

      Right there with Bryan below. No way I'm dropping $400 when all I want is the game and the artbook. This isn't quite the "bleak winter" moment, but it's certainly trying to be.

    15. Missing avatar


      How would this effect the free 18+ patch that backers are supposed to get for backing the Kickstarter?
      PS: I am really excited to play this game! �

    16. Bryan on

      Instead of trying to rip us off, how about you make those strech goal rewards add-ons we can add regardless of what tier. I don't want all those little badges and what not you get at 400 dollar tier just to get the art book. I don't see how you can make this kickstarter even less exciting than before you announced the stretch goals, but you somehow managed to do so.

    17. Missing avatar

      Decay on

      Are these stretch goals a joke? Are you for real? +$40k for a 16 page booklet that should probably be a part of the physical edition normally? What does it normally contain then? At this point I'm expecting just a disc in a clear jeweled case, no insert. I'm downgrading my pledge until we know more.

      Where did Interview with Kaziklu Bey go? Is that just completely off the table now? Why did the art book collection get downgraded to a single art book? Why was the Vita goal moved UP in price, especially when Vita fan support is a big part of VN kickstarter success?

      I've been hopeful up until now, and have supported you guys for these first couple weeks, but this is just absurd. I can't find anything to defend here. What a disappointment.

    18. Bastadon on

      So not only did you keep the insane price for the Vita version, but increased it by $50,000 and made it exclusive to those putting down only $100+?

      Wow. I can't believe I wasted my time supporting this KS. Time to back out -- this is too much of a scam.

    19. Snail on

      Happy to see you're partnering with Mangagamer. Great company.