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$1,684 pledged of $13,000 goal

Weamon Spotlight: Maekan (Volcano)

Maekan is by far the mightiest of the Weamon, and available only through the Kickstarter Campaign. Drawing power from the ultra-rare condition 'Smoke', it also gains boosts when the weather is hot and/or dry. From the time a Maekan is summoned in its Infant Form, through its Adult Form, it is able to contain its magma within its body, calling it forth only when desired. By the time a Maekan reaches Deity status, its powers cannot be so easily contained, and it has built up such a substantial volume of magma, that it constantly flows.

From the time that it is summoned, Maekan Weamon like other infants, can use the moves Nap, and Pummel. Nap which restores a small about of Life Energy, and Pummel, which is the strongest of the starting moves. 

The limits of a Maekan's power however are far removed from their starting attacks. As it matures, it will develop moves such as Searing Stone, Rain of Ashes, Smolder  and Eruption, which will level most opponents to the ground even under adverse conditions. There is no force amongst the Weamon as Mighty as the Maekan, and none as rare. However, only you can Kickstart Weamon, and we need your support to make it happen. Collect the crests and Join the endless battle, only you can master the Weamon!

The Weamon Team


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