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The World's first interchangeable, fully replaceable Ski & Snowboard Goggles, customised by you. Join the Revolution!
The world's first interchangeable, fully replaceable Ski & Snowboard Goggles, customised by you. Join the Revolution!
The world's first interchangeable, fully replaceable Ski & Snowboard Goggles, customised by you. Join the Revolution!
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    1. Donn N. Ouye

      Have not received my goggles yet. Can you check on my order?

    2. kelly Marshall on

      Hey does anyone know how to redeem the 10% off as I don't seem to be able to find the code? Thanks

    3. Missing avatar

      Johann Auspitz on

      quick update after one week snowboarding ;-)
      the googles are great ! very good visibility and quality, easy to switch to another type of lences :)
      Sunglass are cool but seems to be extremely fragile, I got my pair within the case in my backpack and the arm ended up being broken. I did not fall so not too sure to understand what could have lead to this but I recommend everyone to be careful with them

    4. Julien Voge on

      Hey, just wanted to say my Sungod's are fantastic! Thanks a lot

    5. Colby Starkebaum on

      Just wanted to say sungold worked with me until we got it figured out and everything taken care of. Ended up being an issue with my email and nothing on there side. Thanks again for support and can't wait to get my stuff in the mail.

    6. SunGod Creator on

      Hey @Kerim @Guilia Great to hear you've both received them - hope you get to enjoy using them very soon!

    7. Giulia Marin on

      thanks for the support, I have just received my SunGod revolts, the delay was all the Italian post system's fault... anyway, very happy to have them and can't wait to wear them this weekend on the snow! cheers :-D

    8. Kerim Ullman-Önener on

      First, sry @Colby for typing your name wrong!

      Second, @Sungod, everything is in order! I picked up my parcel today and everything looks great! Can't wait for the slopes in early March!! Have a great one

    9. SunGod Creator on

      Hey @Ryutu, great to hear you've received them!

    10. SunGod Creator on

      Hey @Kerim, we upgraded your order to DHL as it was a large shipment, I'm sorry this meant you didn't receive a Despatch Confirmation from us. I'm just waiting to confirm the tracking number for you and I'll get back to you by email as soon as I have it. Looking forward to getting your Revolts to you!

    11. SunGod Creator on

      Hey @Giulia, we certainly haven't abandoned you and we will keep working to make sure everyone receives their Revolts! I've just checked your tracking again, your package arrived in Italy last week. We have seen deliveries to Italy can be slow in the past, so please be patient - the package should be delivered to you this week.

    12. Giulia Marin on

      Hi again,
      I still haven't received either my stuff or a reply from you guys, feeling a bit of abandoned now, it's been days and no answer to my messages/emails... please could you check what is going on with my order, it seems as though I'm the only one who hasn't received anything yet :( thanks.

    13. Kerim Ullman-Önener on

      I feel like Colby Stolkebaum, have not received a single e-mail saying my stuffs been shipped. Could you look in to the status on my shipment? I placed an order together with the original pledge and added some stuff from your store, maybe that's why there's been no news? I also sent you an e-mail last Thursday 1/7 asking the same questions. I'm backer #347 so I should be in the very first pile that you and your team completed. I have nothing in my junk mail section and all of the other e-mails from you via Kickstarter have been received, FYI. Please get back to me! Kerim, Sweden

    14. Ryuta on

      Hi, I recived my REVOLTS!

      Thank you!

    15. Giulia Marin on

      Hi, I had received the email saying my SunGod had been shipped, with a link to a tracking system, they apparently reached Italy two days ago, then this morning I checked the status with the tracking system but it says my item doesn't exist... can you please check what happened and/or where my goggles are? :(
      anyone from Italy having the same issue?

    16. SunGod Creator on

      Hey @Colby, we sent you emails in November, December and yesterday with next steps on how to order your Revolts. Please check the email address linked to your Kickstarter account (st*****7@h*****, including your spam folders in case they got misdirected. If you still cannot find the emails, please email us at and we'll get back to you with details right away!

    17. Colby Starkebaum on

      Still no email or response from you guys on when you will be sending me anything. Would love to hear back from you guys to at least let me know what's going on, I pledged in November so it has been plenty long.

    18. SunGod Creator on

      Hey @Johann @Guillaume and @William That’s awesome news! Great to hear you guys are happy with them and hopefully will have a chance to try them out very soon! Thanks again for your support! We’re working on the switchup page at the moment, and it will be live in the next few days!

    19. SunGod Creator on

      Hey @Delabre and @Robert, we shipped in backer order and you should have received a Despatch Confirmation from us on Monday or Tuesday. Any extra items will be shipped to you together!

    20. SunGod Creator on

      Hey @Dale we’ve sent you an email to resolve this!

    21. SunGod Creator on

      Hey @Billy and @Bo. Sorry to hear you guys have also incurred some import charges. We have put the amount you pledged on Kickstarter on the Commerical Invoice, unfortunately we do have an obligation to do this and it is at the descretion of your individual countries as to the duties payable. Aramex is the delivery company DPD pass your package to, and I'm sorry their communication has been less than ideal. You will need to pay the customs costs upfront, and the tracking stating "Jordan" seems to be a bug on their tracking system (we've seen it on the tracking for a number of North American packages), however your package is waiting at your local countries customs clearance. We agree that the process hasn't been as smooth as we would have hoped, especially given the high courier costs we have incurred to get them to you on a fast and fully trackable service. We've learnt from this and we are now looking into better shipping methods to North America for future orders (although duty will always be payable on values over $200USD).

    22. Missing avatar

      Bo Wen on

      Hey guys! Thanks for shipping my revolts! However I'm in the same situation as Billy and am being asked to pay charges from aramex and am not sure why. I'm happy to pay the import charges when it arrives in Canada but not sure why I'm being asked at this point in the shipment.

      Thanks for all your hard work id really appreciate some help in this situation!

    23. William Amor on

      Received my revolts today and they look excellent! Thank you.

    24. Billy Nasti on


      I received an suspect looking email requesting payment and a link from aramex shipping. I thought this bogus so deleted it as after all you NEVER give out credit card info to email links.)

      However, I've been told that there is a message on my UK phone re: import charges. ( I am currently living in Canada). I checked the dispatch tracker and it shows it's in Jordan customs clearance. Why is it there and am I being asked to pay import charges? I didn't see this indicated when purchasing the items on kickstarter.

      Please advice.



    25. Guillaume serton on

      I got my revolts this morning !! Thanks a lot @sungod.
      You can see some photo here:

      Just need to know how to switch the lenses :(

    26. Missing avatar

      DELABRE on

      I did not receive any email about the shipment. Do you know when backers around 1,400 (I have the number 1,448) will receive news ?
      Thanks and good luck !

    27. Missing avatar

      Robert Bull on

      I wondered when backers between 1,200 and 1,300 would receive their order? I've seen that they are being done in backer order so i'm presuming they will be despatched today? I added an extra lens when designing, will the delay despatch?

    28. Missing avatar

      Johann Auspitz on

      got them this morning, very good communication for the shipment and very happy with the design of the googles.
      Cant wait to test them now :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Thomas M Dale

      I'm not sure how best to communicate with you. My delivery address seems to have been completely garbled & my googles are going to Fairbanks, IN, instead of Fairbanks, AK. The address is ok, just the state & zip code are messed up. Any suggestions?

    30. Guillaume serton on

      Hello @Sungod !
      Thanks for the information that you've been able to put the pink revolt on the same package.

      I can't wait to get them on Tuesday :)
      Thanks a lot for the hard work you had to do during Christmas Holidays.

    31. SunGod Creator on

      Hey @Tim, thanks so much for your comments! Great to hear they reached you in the US so quickly, we're waiting on the snow here in Europe too!

    32. William Amor on

      Hey @SunGod excellent, look forward to seeing them! Thanks.

    33. SunGod Creator on

      Hey @Meredith. We're so stoked to hear you received them in time, have an awesome trip!

    34. SunGod Creator on

      Hey @William and @James, yes we received the second shipment of lenses on 30th December and have shipped another 400 orders (again in Backer order) before the last post collection on 31st December. We hope to ship all the remaining Kickstarter packages on Monday.

    35. SunGod Creator on

      Hey @Guillaume, we combined your two orders so your second pair (with Pink lenses) is in the package we shipped to you on 30th December. From the tracking, it looks like they'll reach you in France on Tuesday!

    36. SunGod Creator on

      Hey @Katie, we are so sorry we didn't get your Revolts to you in time for your trip. We've worked tirelessly to get these to you as soon as possible, but project delivery timelines on Kickstarter are not guaranteed. You were one of the last backers of our project (#1409 of 1431) and we have been fulfilling in Backer order. Your order will be despatched on Monday and we hope you'll enjoy using them on your next trip!

    37. SunGod Creator on

      Hey @Terra, @Kevin, @Hesham and @Myron. I'm sorry to hear you guys have incurred some import charges. We have not put the retail value of the products on your commercial invoice, we've just put the amount you pledged on Kickstarter. When you collect your package you'll see a full breakdown on the commercial invoice attached to your package. With the exception of Terra, all your Kickstarter pledge amounts are in excess of 200USD which is why you may be asked to pay duty.

      We've incurred very high shipping costs to send these large packages to you guys in the US/Canada on an expedited service, sometimes as much as £25 per package. We decided against charging shipping costs on Kickstarter to non-UK backers (unlike the approach almost all other projects seem to take), but I think it's a little unreasonable to expect us to pay duty charges in your specific country.

    38. Missing avatar

      James Staight on

      I am order number 1335. When do you anticipate this order will be filled? Have the second shipment of lenses arrived?

    39. Meredith Atkinson-Wood on

      Just received mine! 4KO Pink lenses, backer number 625 + some classic sunglasses. Just in time for our trip - cheers SunGod.

    40. William Amor on

      Hey did you guys get the rest of the lenses? Also, do you have an ETA for the rest of the dispatches? Cheers

    41. Myron Wong on

      Did anyone hear from them about the state tax issue? I havn't recieved an email back from them.

    42. Guillaume serton on

      Just received 3 hours ago, my despatch email for 1 revolt with Green lenses + Fire and Hi-Vis Lenses.
      Thanks a lot !
      Now i'm waiting the other pair with the Pink lenses. :)

    43. Guillaume serton on

      Nope, i backed for 2 full revolts (Green & Pink) + Hi-Vis & Fire Lenses. Nothing received and no more information since the lastest update. If i'm right i was backer 183.

    44. Meredith Atkinson-Wood on

      Anyone with pink lenses receive theirs yet? Gutted to think I'm not going to have these in time for our trip on the 2nd... probably wouldn't have backed if I had thought they wouldn't be here in time.

    45. Simon Au on

      From Hong Kong, got mine yesterday. It's great living in a low tax country ;)

    46. Missing avatar

      Tim Henderson on

      I just got mine today. Backer number 856. Shipped like the 22nd or 23rd and arrived the 29th (in Michigan). Now we just need the snow to go use them. They look awesome and I can't wait to try them out. First kickstarter I've backed that actually hit their delivery window!

    47. William Amor on

      Hey, guys who received reviewed recently what backing number are you?

    48. Kevin Kerr on

      @Myron it's 10 PM there so I suspect we wont hear anything until tomorrow morning.

    49. Missing avatar

      Katie McGoohan on

      I ordered my revolts so that I could use them on a university ski trip that leaves on January 1st. I haven't received a dispatch notification so I'm assuming they won't arrive in time. Although I appreciate the difficulties you guys have had, I'm extremely disappointed. Is there any way of cancelling my order and getting the money back as I'm having to order a new pair for my trip? Thanks.

    50. Missing avatar

      Trevor Anderson on

      I also just got a call that my package is being held at JFK airport until a $17 duty and extra processing fee is paid.

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