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The most innovative, convenient, travel-friendly, and advanced playpen in the world is now here! See why everyone is calling this the BEST playpen ever made.
The most innovative, convenient, travel-friendly, and advanced playpen in the world is now here! See why everyone is calling this the BEST playpen ever made.
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International Deliveries have started!

Posted by Marie (Creator)

Hey Pop 'N Go backers! 

Our international orders for Canada have crossed the border, landed in the warehouse, and started to go out!! Woohoo!! 

You should be getting a tracking number via email from our fulfillment company (Rush Order), and some of you may have already received yours! 

If you have any issues with your order once it arrives, please email and someone from the Rush Order team will get back to you.

Next up is the remaining International orders for Asia, Australia/NZ, Europe, etc.! We're working on getting these loaded up so we can finally get all orders fulfilled. Thank you everyone for your patience as we work through the monumental challenges of shipping these around the world. 

With love,

Marie & the Pop 'N Go Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      LADY SAVORY on

      I have personally been patient enough - Deliver or refund

    2. Vladimir Pugachev on

      Guys, let’s not live in dreams. We will not get anything

    3. Missing avatar

      Luis Montero on

      Hello Mary my name is Luis Montero I ordered so long ago I can't even remember When but I can remember that my baby was maybe one or two months old and I was planning for a year full of vacations and trips thus I ordered what seemed to be a wonderful gadget for her now she is 17 months old walking talking and running around and I still have not yet received anything from you I know you have also suggested to use them possibly for your pets I have a 190 lb Neapolitan Mastiff that will probably not even begin to fit in this tent needless to say your item has lost all value for me and you have been a complete waste of my time energy and resource I would love to have a complete refund and like to have this matter settled quickly and for your sake quietly and if I need to escalate on I will so4 your own sake please contact me and let me know how you plan to resolve this matter as quickly as possible

    4. Missing avatar

      ratheen shroff on


      I am an international backer, from Asia.

      The Chinese New Year is over now. I hope you have shipped goods to your fulfilment partner.

      Any update from them. What's the status and the expected timeframe now?


    5. Missing avatar

      Thomas Man on

      I was informed the new mattresses are coMing in 30 to 60 days.

    6. Missing avatar

      Matthew Fira on

      My name is Matthew Fira
      My number is +12142366767

      I have not received anything yet and almost been a year since we ordered two hammocks.

      Please let me know when we should receive items and provide tracking number

    7. Amanda Jean

      @peter I was informed mattresses are not a thing anymore when I wrote in about mine not being included (in Canada). Weren’t good enough quality apparently, I don’t remember that update maybe I missed it? Some those of us that pledged mattresses are just out of luck.

    8. Missing avatar

      Peter Varga on

      I'm still waiting for the tent to Europe, for me it's still in time... But please: please pay attention to the accessories... I see Canadian backers claiming to not have received mattress and cover.. I see zero chance to rectify if you mess it up

    9. Missing avatar

      Seb Hightek on

      REFUND it's more than 90 days so refund !!!

    10. Andrii Kogut on

      Marie, please respond to my messages.

      Please send my order to the US address, I am waiting for it endless time