Pop 'N Go - The World's Best Kids Playpen

by Marie

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    1. Andrii Kogut on

      Marie could you please respond me to my request via email/private messages.

      I want to get me reward in the US

    2. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Marie, what is the process for getting a refund from you? I have waited far too long for this already and no longer have a use for the item. I will message you directly also, in the hopes that you respond rapidly.

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      ratheen shroff on

      Hi there

      We are about two weeks into Jan and about 2 weeks left. Just wondering if Asia products have shipped already or are they going to be delayed again?

      People from Canada... Have you got your orders?

      Please focus on this Kickstarter Marie

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      Thomas Man on

      Nothing here in Canada.

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      Rocco DiPucchio on

      Nothing in Canada yet. What a surprise.

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      ratheen shroff on

      Hi it's January 23rd. More than 3 weeks from the update. Still no email from you guys about the international shipping to us backers.

      The holidays are over the material should have reached where they need to be what is the hold up.

      Please understand that we have waited so long, believe that we still support you in this and take us in confidence and inform us about the updates however big or small.

      May be some of us can help?!