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The most innovative, convenient, travel-friendly, and advanced playpen in the world is now here! See why everyone is calling this the BEST playpen ever made.
The most innovative, convenient, travel-friendly, and advanced playpen in the world is now here! See why everyone is calling this the BEST playpen ever made.
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Happy New Year from The California Beach Co.!

Posted by Marie (Creator)

Hi wonderful backers!

Here's a quick update on Canada as well as our other International orders that are shipping out soon. 

For Canadian backers, we have your orders loaded up and ready to head your way! We've locked down our fulfillment company, uploaded all the files from Kickstarter and Indiegogo into their dashboard, and set up all the logistical stuff on the backend. The only thing we're waiting on is our non-resident business license, so we can get everything across the border. 

We were expecting to already have received this, but we suspect that the holidays slowed things up a bit. Our fulfillment company said it's not a very long process so hopefully, by next week we receive that and then orders will head that way! It's about a 5-day trip up to Ontario and then standard 3-7 business day shipping times out to each of you. 

Regarding other International orders, we'll be shipping directly from Hong Kong in January out to Asian countries and Australia & NZ. We're still working on our bulk shipment to Europe, but hope to have this sent out around the same time.

We're so sorry for the long delay. We did some research on other crowdfunded startups than ran into these same challenges and found out that this is actually very common. 

Many companies who launch on Kickstarter as a "startup" and then come off the campaign and deliver immediately to all customers worldwide are actually not startups at all. They're already in business, selling, and have a distribution network and fulfillment set up everywhere. Many have been in business for years. They just launch as a new business or new product on Kickstarter to raise money and awareness. 

The companies who are truly starting from scratch tend to hit numerous roadblocks such as the many we have experienced. Apparently, there are all these crowdfunding "consultants" that can help you avoid these things, but they are extremely expensive and you have to hire them before you even start. 

Just a few of the things we learned on our startup journey, and we appreciate everyone who has supported us and provided encouragement. Once we get fully established and start growing and making profit, our plan is to go back and do something extra special for the people that helped us initially on our crowdfunding campaigns. 

We wish you all a wonderful New Year, from our family to yours!

With love,

Marie & the Pop 'N Go Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      ratheen shroff on

      Hi it's January 23rd. More than 3 weeks from the update. Still no email from you guys about the international shipping to us backers.

      The holidays are over the material should have reached where they need to be what is the hold up.

      Please understand that we have waited so long, believe that we still support you in this and take us in confidence and inform us about the updates however big or small.

      May be some of us can help?!


    2. Missing avatar

      Rocco DiPucchio on

      Nothing in Canada yet. What a surprise.

    3. Missing avatar

      Thomas Man on

      Nothing here in Canada.

    4. Missing avatar

      ratheen shroff on

      Hi there

      We are about two weeks into Jan and about 2 weeks left. Just wondering if Asia products have shipped already or are they going to be delayed again?

      People from Canada... Have you got your orders?

      Please focus on this Kickstarter Marie

    5. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Marie, what is the process for getting a refund from you? I have waited far too long for this already and no longer have a use for the item. I will message you directly also, in the hopes that you respond rapidly.

    6. Andrii Kogut on

      Marie could you please respond me to my request via email/private messages.

      I want to get me reward in the US