Pop 'N Go - The World's Best Kids Playpen

by Marie

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      Guto Mihadj on

      I really would like a refund. I am from Brazil and do not see any information about shipping to my region. I encouraged the Project by "buying" a prototype that I will never receive because of your incapacity.

      It is absurd to have paid for the prototype and shipping and have no really clear information while the product I was to be the "first to have" is already being sold here in Brazil by importers.

      Very unsatisfied.

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      Seb Hightek on

      I want a full refund this product is useless for me now ! Each update : you are working hard and you expect a shipping date, STOP please !
      So make it right don't waste our time !!

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      ratheen shroff on


      IT'S DECEMBER !!! :)

      I am awaiting the dispatch details of my order to be delivered in India.

      Please ship before my son out grows this !!!! :P