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The most innovative, convenient, travel-friendly, and advanced playpen in the world is now here! See why everyone is calling this the BEST playpen ever made.
The most innovative, convenient, travel-friendly, and advanced playpen in the world is now here! See why everyone is calling this the BEST playpen ever made.
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Canadian Orders have Arrived in the US!

Posted by Marie (Creator)

Pop 'N Go International Backers:

Great news! For our awesome Canadian backers, your order has arrived at our warehouse here in the US!! (we could not ship these direct from China as it was almost quadruple the cost). So we'll be loading these up this week and then sending your way!! As we get closer to the date that they'll land in the Canadian fulfillment center, we'll let you know a projected timeline of when they should arrive so you can plan. 

Also, we're working with our fulfillment partner on a way to integrate all of the orders so you get a tracking number when they ship out. We had a challenge with this for US customers and many people got the tracking number after their product had already arrived, so we're trying to stay ahead of it this time with our International backers. 

Additionally, our backers from Australia, New Zealand, and Asian countries are expected to ship out in December!!

We have not confirmed officially yet, but European countries may be shipping around this same time also. We're trying to knock out all orders in one swoop, but as it stands right now, Canada will be first, then Asia & Australia/NZ, then European countries. We're working hard to get all of these delivered and thanks so much for hanging in there with us! 

With love,

Marie & the Pop 'N Go Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      ratheen shroff on


      IT'S DECEMBER !!! :)

      I am awaiting the dispatch details of my order to be delivered in India.

      Please ship before my son out grows this !!!! :P

    2. Missing avatar

      Seb Hightek on

      I want a full refund this product is useless for me now ! Each update : you are working hard and you expect a shipping date, STOP please !
      So make it right don't waste our time !!

    3. Missing avatar

      Guto Mihadj on

      I really would like a refund. I am from Brazil and do not see any information about shipping to my region. I encouraged the Project by "buying" a prototype that I will never receive because of your incapacity.

      It is absurd to have paid for the prototype and shipping and have no really clear information while the product I was to be the "first to have" is already being sold here in Brazil by importers.

      Very unsatisfied.