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The most innovative, convenient, travel-friendly, and advanced playpen in the world is now here! See why everyone is calling this the BEST playpen ever made.
The most innovative, convenient, travel-friendly, and advanced playpen in the world is now here! See why everyone is calling this the BEST playpen ever made.
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Pop 'N Go Update!

Posted by Marie (Creator)

Hey backers! 

I want to start this update by apologizing to anyone who has experienced frustration in this process. We've had so many challenges trying to start up this business and it's so frustrating because we hate seeing people unhappy, especially those that supported us. 

For anyone wondering, this is not my full-time job. I am a full-time mom, with a full-time job, and this was a fun side project that I hoped to eventually grow into a business for my family. 

When we first launched this campaign, there were SO many things that we now wish we knew or sought advice on. We wish we fully understood the challenges with shipping a large item internationally. We wish we would have ordered lots of extra parts up front to help anyone that had issues with the product. We wish we would have partnered with a fulfillment company that actually offered returns and customer service. We wish we would have hired someone to handle customer inquiries. And on and on. 

Unfortunately, we're having to learn many things the hard way. But we want you guys who are having issues to know that we do care. And we are doing the best we can. 

We know it's not enough, and we know we can do better. And we will. We just need a little time. 

For those who got the wrong color or had an issue with your order (this is a very small percentage, but even a small percentage on 4,000 orders is a LOT of work), we are working on numerous things such as a return service, extra inventory and parts, and hiring a customer service person or team to help field messages, calls, and emails. 

For those still waiting for an International order, we are close to partnering with a company that can help fulfill 90% of these orders.

For those wondering why you've sent a message and haven't gotten a response yet, it's because we have hundreds of messages and emails to get through, and each one requires a tremendous amount of time. We have to look your order up on Backerkit to verify your survey went through. Then we have find if you were from Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Then we have to look you up in the Fulfillment dashboard to see what happened with your order. Then we have to check the credit card processing to see if your payment went through. Then, if we can't clearly see the answer, we have to contact the fulfillment company and wait for a response. They usually respond to us and say "we are looking into this." Meanwhile, we have to wait, and by then, 10 other messages have come in. 

I'm only telling you guys this because it seems like a lot of people think or feel that we don't care and we're just ignoring people. The reality is, we do care, we're frustrated too, and we're completely inundated with messages and emails and trying to get to everyone with extremely limited time to work on this.

Please bear with us if you are having an issue. We are not going to leave anyone hanging, and we want to fix your issue and make you happy as bad as you want it done. 

Thanks for your patience and support, and stay tuned for more updates. 

With love, 

Marie & the Pop 'N Go team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Tess Navarro on

      Am VERY frustrated with you! You promised to send the UV cover for the pop n go tent but you've not done so. And it's been more than 6 months ago. What does it take to get a response from you?
      Tess Navarro

    2. Dawn LaFetra on

      I have sent 2 emails that have not been responded to. I understand that things don't always go as planned, but you need to communicate better.

      Your updates don't help when all state orders were said to have been fulfilled and people are still waiting.

    3. Kristin Livan on

      I’ve emailed 3x over 4 months, contacted on fb (which was read) yet no response or update.
      Never was in a rush for this like other people but not having anyone answer makes me realize this was just not the Kickstarter to support.
      I’ll be contacting my cc and Kickstarter.

    4. Amanda Jean

      Any news on this one for international? Canada? Same questions everyone has. The twins went to term and their cousin is growing quickly. We are hoping they won’t outgrow this while we wait. A bit tongue in cheek I know.... but we’re wanting more of an update than to keep waiting.

    5. Missing avatar

      Michelle on

      I'm in the US. Still waiting on my order. Still waiting for my emails to be responded to. I am in the process of moving now and have no idea what to do to update my address...

    6. Justin Wilson on

      I live in the US and haven't received anything. I probably won't ever get to use the product which is a real shame. Here is what I know: my payment posted (4/6/18), my survey was submitted (4/25/18) and confirmed via email and I have yet to receive a product or a personal response. Pro-Tip: Don't do business with a few thousand customers as a side-project. Get some help because dragging it out isn't going to do anyone any favors. I wish you the best.

    7. Andrii Kogut on

      I still didn't get the survey, I am an international backer, but I am ready to receive it thought US address. Nobody responded in my emails.

      The most interesting thing that I am banned on Facebook after asking about replies for my mail.

    8. Missing avatar

      Keane Gurney on

      I would like a refund.

      I still think the products great, shame about your inability to provide the product in the predicted time frame.

      The holiday I wanted it for has been and gone and my child now wouldn't stay in a pen if I tried.

      Please email a response on this matter as that money can now be put to much better use on nursery fees.

      A real shame it's taken too long.

    9. Jason Kneen on

      How do we get a refund. I’m an international backer and have yet to receive my order. It’s going to be fairly useless shortly as I bought this for our two youngest who will shortly approaching the point where they don’t need it.

      You’ve failed to fulfil my order and ship internationally so what’s the process to get a refund please?