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DeskCade: the build it yourself desktop arcade console powered by the Raspberry Pi!
DeskCade: the build it yourself desktop arcade console powered by the Raspberry Pi!
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    1. Shea Silverman 3-time creator on

      Hey Fulvio, thanks for filling out the survey for me! I will get your's out this weekend.

    2. Fulvio Fabiani on

      Some problem for me? I not received nothing... :(

    3. Shea Silverman 3-time creator on

      @Gavin - I ended up with the Flu last weekend and it knocked me on my butt for the better part of a week. Goal is to get everything that is left out this weekend.

    4. Shea Silverman 3-time creator on

      @Gavin This weekend the last of the lot should be going out.

    5. Gavin Peachey

      Hey just wondering if uk bare sets have been dispatched yet

    6. Shea Silverman 3-time creator on

      @Maurits: If you load the desktop environment does the touchscreen start working?

    7. Maurits Van Wijland

      Hi, just finished assembling the picade. Everything works. Great looking arcade.
      Once started I have to configure the keys. But for some reason I can not use the touchscreen. How should one configure the touchscreen? Is there a layout for all the jumper wires available?

    8. JohnnyFive

      Love my new DESKCADE! But I would like to use PiPlay along with touch screen control (ie. pop keyboard in UI), instead of just using Retropie with no touch screen control. Anyone get this working yet? Also, is anyone else experiencing audio hiss noise (and crackling) with Retropie via the 3.5mm audio jack on their RPi 2?

    9. Benjamin Higgins on

      Just received mine in MA, USA! Are there any assembly instructions or a pointer to a new PiPlay version to support the Deskcase built?

    10. Mikael Abrahamsson on

      I've got my PiPlay today in northern Sweden. Thank you!

    11. Shea Silverman 3-time creator on

      @Frank - I think I know the issue and will release a fix soon. Retropie latest image works fine though.

    12. Frank Wiebenga on

      Has anyone got piplay working on this? It seems to default to HDMI

    13. Jesús Cepeda Cid on

      Got mine. Just in time for the 3 Wise Men Celebration here in Spain. I could not ask for a better surprise this Christmas. Thank you!

    14. Daniel Stanzer on

      Received mine today in Germany.
      Thanks !

    15. Missing avatar

      Mark A

      Received my kit yesterday. Thank you!
      I haven't got around to purchasing a raspberry pi official display yet and I just thought I'd check whether there are alternative options that could work for the display? I have an old Nexus 7 gathering dust. I was wondering whether you are aware of any way that could be used as the monitor for the Deskcade? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    16. Dan R on

      Received mine 28 Dec, Seattle.

    17. Salopp on

      @Jacek: I'm using a 7" 800x480 screen (16:9), but by now I think a 8" 1024x768 4:3 screen is a better choice, preferably in portrait orientation (if you plan to use mostly MAME, as I do). Making the DeskCade wider could also make it more comfortable to play because you don't have to rest your palms on the edges.

    18. Salopp on

      Btw I'm in Germany and I used 6mm Pappelsperrholz (cottonwood / poplar ply wood). They sell it at Hornbach and Bauhaus hardware stores.

    19. Jacek on

      Great, thanks! Was considering adding a bit of wood to support a larger screen and possibly a mini arcade marquee... just wanted to make sure it would match!

    20. Shea Silverman 3-time creator on

      @Jacek - 1/4" Sande Plywood. It's a good wood. Has a good feel, is light, can easily be cut by the laser cutter, and has stood up to kids at a gaming convention :)

    21. Jacek on

      What type of wood does the PiPlay DeskCade use?

    22. Shea Silverman 3-time creator on

      @Jacek: You will only need a phillips head screwdriver. The wood panels are joined using t-slots. These are held in place with a nut and bolt.

    23. Jacek on

      What will be necessary to put the kit together? For example, will we be soldering the internal connections or are clips going to be provided? Do we need to purchase wood glue to fuse the panels together?

    24. Salopp on

      Thank you and congratulations!

    25. Shea Silverman 3-time creator on

      @Saloop - My prototype is currently in pieces but I will take a photo of the internals for you

    26. Salopp on

      Thanks. Could you please post a picture that shows the inside where the buttons are mounted?

    27. Shea Silverman 3-time creator on

      @Salopp - The case is designed to use the official Raspberry Pi screen. That's where the mounting holes are. It should be easy enough to drill new mounting holes into the mount if need be.

      And yes, you can use GPIO directly, but I am getting a very good price on the joysticks buttons and encoders boards. Plus you can use the encoder board on other systems if you like.

    28. Salopp on

      Also, isn't it possible to connect the joystick and buttons to the GPIO directly withiut the need for the USB interface (which is another 11€ or so)?

    29. Salopp on

      I'd like to use a cheaper 7" screen (20€ instead of 60€), but it comes with a (small) controller board - is there room for it?

    30. Shea Silverman 3-time creator on

      @TheTrain - I'm thinking about it.

      @JP - Thanks for the backing. The SVGs should be super easy to use on a laser cutter. I'm using 1/4" x 24" x 16" plywood sheets.

    31. TheTrain on

      Any chance we could get a tier for an acrylic case only with no buttons or hardware?

    32. Jean-Paul Wissink on

      I would have loved to buy a kit but the shipping to the Netherlands is just too expensive. I know: not your fault but hopefully the SVG-files will enable me to lasercut it overhere :-)

    33. Shea Silverman 3-time creator on

      @Jason -

      1) Yes, it has support for 12 buttons.
      2) The buttons are standard sanwa style. The top buttons are 30mm, the side buttons are 24mm.
      3)Yes, it will include the mounting screws.

      I am currently testing speaker solutions for the deskcade.

    34. Jason on

      In addition to also hoping for some form of speakers, I was curious if you could answer 3 questions I had.

      1) Does the USB encoder have room to add additional buttons? I could see wanting to add 2-4 more on the sides.

      2) Are the buttons standard arcade size should anyone want to replace or upgrade them?

      3) Lastly, will the $59 version that ships in December include 4 short mounting screws for the official Pi display? I have read the screen does not have a stop or guard to prevent over tightening the screws and damaging the display.

      Thank you for your time Shea. This project is exactly what I have been looking for to put my Pi 2 and official touchscreen in.

    35. Shea Silverman 3-time creator on

      @gavin - So I misread your question and thought you meant a back to cover the Pi. I tested that out and it didn't work well.

      To answer your original question, no I wasn't planning on adding a bezel (I like the black outline of the display.)

    36. Missing avatar

      gavin on

      Nice looking, wondered if any plan to add a bezel on it, to make it look nicer?
      If not I will probably attempt to cut my own one and stick some artwork onto it

    37. Shea Silverman 3-time creator on

      @BleachOne - There will be sound. Sourcing a decent speaker that will fit in the box. The back was designed to stay open to give you access to all the ports.

      The Official Raspberry Pi case wont work because it doesn't have mount points under the case.

    38. BleachOne on

      What about sound? And will there be a back cover or will the Official Pi case work mounted like in pic?

    39. Shea Silverman 3-time creator on

      Hi BleachOne, the power supply is the official Raspberry Pi PSU. It provides 2A of power which can drive both the screen and the Pi at the same time.

    40. BleachOne on

      What power supply will u use to power the complete setup?

    41. Shea Silverman 3-time creator on

      Hey Gavin, the Display is the official Raspberry Pi multi touch display. It's available from most of the places that sell a Raspberry Pi, and has a retail price of $60.

      The SD card image will be posted. For now you can use either the PiPlay sd card image available at, or a RetroPie SD card image.

    42. Gavin Candy on

      Will you be releasing details of the display used etc and a download link for the Sd card image? For backers who are not buying the complete kit?