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Got a quaint mountain town? Got 1,000 chairs? Here's an idea: Make art out of it. That's what we're going to try to do this October 9.
Got a quaint mountain town? Got 1,000 chairs? Here's an idea: Make art out of it. That's what we're going to try to do this October 9.
87 backers pledged $5,180 to help bring this project to life.

The Name Chair

Inscribed on this chair are over 600 names of people who contributed in some way to The Chair Project, INCLUDING OUR KICKSTARTER BACKERS and every volunteer, chair lender, performer, dancer, yogi, actor, musician, puppeteer, business, chair money design student, financial supporter, chair wrangler, project staff, photographer, city employee, reporter, writer, and teacher.  

The chair was included in the October 9, 2011 installation.  At that time, not all names were included and have since been added.  The chair was donated by Sue & John Graham of Manitou Springs and is protected with a thick coat of varnish.

On March 2, 2012, at The Business of Art Center's opening reception for "The Big Chair Project Art Show - What's in a Chair?" celebrating the success of the chair installation, The Name Chair will be presented to The Manitou Springs Heritage Center to preserve and display in perpetuity along with other artifacts from the event.

More info at the links below.

Thank you for supporting this project! 

- Sean O'Meallie


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The Manitou Chair Project paves the way to new opportunities

Dear Supporters,

Due to the successful realization of the Manitou Chair Project, ArtPlace, a national arts funding community has selected The Business of Art Center and Manitou Springs as a finalist to receive funding for our next community-based artwork!

Thanks to all our funders for helping us toward this significant opportunity! 

Here's the link to ArtPlace's PSA -

Kind regards,

- Sean O'Meallie

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Chair Project cited by Denver paper as 5th most important art moment in 2011

This is a nice state level kudo from the arts and culture editor of Denver's Westword newspaper.  Manitou Springs is about 75 miles from Denver.  I invite you to check out the link.

Chair Project Posters now available

Here are thumbnail images of five handsome posters created from the event. These are available for purchase through the website (soon) and this Kickstarter site.

These posters are quality inkjet using lightfast inks on 50# gel-coated paper and feature the work of five of the project's twelve photographers. More work can be seen on the project website.

If you'd be interested in obtaining a poster, let me know with a reply. Prices are below. Sales of these posters support the BAC's public programming and a pool of Manitou Springs based organizations that assist families and individuals in need.

Sizes and prices by photographer:

Billie Allor - h12" x w14" - $16 + shipping

Phil Barnett - h12" x w15" / $16 + shipping

Mary Berger - h18" x w12" / $18 + shipping

Brenda Biondo - h18" x w12" / $18+ shipping

Heather Oelklaus - h12" x w13" / $16 + shipping

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Alert: Mailing Rewards (still need some info)

Alert: I haven't received mailing info from all entitled backers!

Hi Backers,

Most rewards are going out this week or next via USPS.  Art image posters are still being printed, but the other rewards of magnets, stickers, logo posters and t-shirts are now in the shipping room.  

I've confirmed with those backers who have sent their mailing info. If I don't hear back from those remaining, I'll assume the reward isn't the reason you backed the project and I thank you.  Artmaking on a large public scale and relying on hundreds of people is an enormous undertaking and risk.  You supported ambitious artmaking and we were very successful. Thank you for choosing to support this project.  

The Chair Project continues to have an effect in the community and the world. You can view updates on the project website at:

If you are interested in the reward, please let me know by replying to this message or through my personal email: 


- Sean