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Hand made goat cheese from our pastures to your table.
Hand made goat cheese from our pastures to your table.
165 backers pledged $27,698 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

One more goat kid is named!

This little guy is named Jon for Elena Murray, in memory of her son.

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Cheese plant update

The shell is almost complete! We are now beginning on the interior  finishes and cooler boxes.  Kevin thinks completion will be the end of April or early May, Yay!

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Trusses are here!

Hello everyone, So I hope most of my backers have gotten their cheese.  I am still trying to figure out customs for Australia, and one more in Switzerland.  I still have quit a few people that are local who have not picked up their cheese.  So if you are still in need of your cheese please e-mail me and let me know. 

And now for the update on our project:

Here are some photo taken today,  pretty cool!

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We poured the walls of our cheese facility today.  The boom truck was very impressive!

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Omaha Backers, Please come pick up your rewards this Wednesday!

I am planning to be in the Whole foods parking lot in Omaha, with cheese packages this Wednesday between 4-5 PM.  I am trying to save on shipping by having my local backers pick up from me.  I will also be taking PORK and BEEF orders If they are in by Tuesday evening.  We still have Spinach, Carrots, cabbage and root crops available for purchase as well.  If you are unable to make this Wednesday I will repeat this drop-off the following Wednesday.  Please call me on my cell 402-499-7584 if you need more info.  All other cheese gift packages are being sent out this next week! So be ready for them!! 

Happy Holidays everyone and thanks again for your support!

Charuth and Family