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Food's social mission is to develop more food service and food tech businesses by assisting them through education and training.

Food's social mission is to develop more food service and food tech businesses by assisting them through education and training. Read More
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Food is a cutting-edge Chicago social enterprise (L3C) food tech lab/incubator that will help accelerate innovations for food service and food tech businesses. The social mission of Food is to develop more food service and food tech businesses by assisting them through education and training. Our food tech lab/incubator is ideal for traditional food service businesses such as restaurants, bars, cafes, bakeries, and food trucks as well as for modern food tech startups such as mobile/online ordering & delivery, restaurant ordering-payment apps, grocery apps, farm to table apps, recipe-cooking apps, and more. 


Food will assist in addressing the following inefficiencies that entrepreneurs face when starting a new business:

Food Business Startup Villains

  • Lack of Access to Capital 
  • Educational Barriers 
  • Lack of Access to Commercial Kitchens 
  • Lack of Product & Concept Testing 
  • Lack of Tools & Resources 
  • Lack of Subject Matter Expertise 
  • Lack of Technical Assistance 
  •  A Digital Divide 

With the empowerment and trainings offered by Food, food businesses will be able to tackle the villains that are our food system’s inefficiencies:

Food System Villains

  • Obesity 
  • Hunger 
  • Food Deserts/Food Shortages 
  • Food Waste 
  • Fast & Processed Foods 
  • Policy Issues 

-- WHEN?

Food teams will go through an application process to become some of the first food businesses to be admitted. Application requirements will include demonstrating which problems will be solved, what and how many jobs will be created, and the scope of their financial need. The application process will begin May 1 and will continue for one month. The program will kick off in July 2014.


Food will take 5 business teams (maximum 3 persons per team) through an 8-week training program to both implement the commencement of their respective businesses and assist the businesses from ideation to implementation of the food business concepts

Food will leverage the technology community and co-working space at Blue 1647 in assisting its food businesses. Blue 1647 is an entrepreneurship and technology innovation center focused on education (through classes and workshops), workforce development (through internships), business acceleration (through Hybernate), and economic development in technology and 21st century skills. Food has established a partnership with Blue 1647 to start developing and assisting communities of food tech entrepreneurs.



Food needs your help to be able to help launch the first five business teams at the food tech lab/incubator with training programs in the following manner:

Total Project Costs:$8150

  • 1.Leasing @ Blue 1647 to access classroom, conference rooms, co-working space, and internet service

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              -                                                                               -                                                                                -------------$ 2500

  • Commercial kitchen rental for product or concept development

-                                                                             --------------$ 1400

  • Consultant and Instructor fees to provide subject matter experts and consultants to assist food businesses with technical assistance, licensing, food recipes/cooking, and legal    

-                                                                             --------------$ 2000

  • Project Backer Costs (Sticker, Bracelets, Lab Coat) 

                                                                               -------------$ 1250

  • Kickstarter and Amazon (up to 10%) 

                                                                               -------------$ 1000

Student/Team Total Costs:  $1850

  •  Purchase materials and books for training and certifications                                                                                                                                                                            -                        -------------$ 850
  • Purchase of 3 tablets for Internet access, presentations, design, video, and project management   -                                                                         -                                                        ------------$1000


As a result of our trainings at the Food platform, entrepreneurs will be able to

  • ·Test their concepts
  • ·Have access to capital
  • ·Be able to increase employment


Food has partnered and with the following institution to offer the best in class in education and certifications:  

Current Partnerships  

Kauffman Foundation - FastTrac&Founders School

National Restaurant Association - ManageFirst & Servsafe.

Future Partnership  

Steve Blank - Lean Launchpad Educator & Incubator/Accelerator Seminars

and more...


Javier Haro Co-founder/CEO  ::  Visionary, restaurateur, personal chef, food blogger, educator, and serial entrepreneur. 

Juan Saldana Co-founder/CIO*  ::  Designer, inventor, thought leader, serial entrepreneur, foodie, and educator. 


Risks and challenges

Risk or Challenges

1. Scheduling and coordinating monthly workshops, bootcamps, and courses

2. Digital Divide on usage of tablets, smartphone apps, and social media web tools

3. Challenge to make all teams implement their business model beyond their training

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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    1 Week Management Course(1 Module)
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    Zero to Hero at "light speed"(not to be taken literally)

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    Corporate and/or Institution Food Hero Partners.

    Your corporation or institution LOGO will be published on our web page under "THE ORIGINAL FOOD HEROES". You'll receive all of the above Rewards(1-7). PLUS be acknowledged as the presenting sponsors of Food for calendar year 2014 on all collateral both printed, online, social media, press releases, and so forth

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Funding period

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